Just the start… “UNLUCKY DARK NIGHT”

                                  It was a hot noon turning out to a cool evening when I suddenly realized that it was a beautiful chance to meet all my sisters and my friend. I rescheduled to start for the last train at night and went to attend my sister dev’s birthday party. It was a sudden surprise to all of them except the birthday girl because she is aware that I would be coming. I saw their faces glowing with joy like candles when I entered inside. It made me soo happy. All my sisters started coming towards me out of joy and excitement saying “Hiiii Annayyyaaaa”… along with my friend Remmy. After my entry, the party was divided into two. One is me and my sisters and the other is my sisters friends. It was a very short time that was left with me to spend with them, but it was a very special and sweet moment to meet all of them just before I leave vizag. The more exciting was when my sisters started looking around to find a girl who matches with me the best. After an hour full of fun and joy, we stepped out saying “BYE” to each other and all of them wishing me “Happy journey and All the best to my life”. I dint feel sad that I am leaving them and even they dint feel sad because we are always to with one another virtually close to hearts. It filled my heart with never ending happiness. 

                                   I started rushing towards home. After all my pack ups, I reached station with the help of my friend. There, we started discussions regarding “Life of a women after Marriage” and also a bit of comparison between the old and new generations. After he left the place, I just sat there alone but my mind is full of thoughts about the two places. One is the place from where I am starting and the other is about the place where I need to reach. My mind began to think about all those things in such a worst manner that I dint even notice the train coming and leaving away. Then I began to compromise my self that “Its okay. U can board the next train”. But, even that dint work as one of my sis told that the train timings were revised and that train already left an hour back. 

                                   Now my mind stopped working. After few minutes, I came out and reached a bus stop to catch a bus. After waiting for a short period of time, I was lucky to get into a bus. It was 10:40PM exactly. This bus actually wont go to the place where I need to reach and so the driver warned me to be awake and remind him to stop at the place where I need to get down. But, once again the story repeated. I missed the stop and I got down at a remote place. 

                                   I stepped out of the bus, it was all dark around me. No houses, no lights and no sight of human around. I dont even know where I got down. It was exactly 2.30 in the early morning. I was basically more interested in dark nights where the environment will be calm and pleasant. And so, I began to walk in that cold dark filled road… I tried to stop every vehicle coming in that way. But, nothing turned my side. I am just walking ahead and suddenly a car stopped beside me and the man asked me “Sir, Are u going to vizag. If so, u can come with us”. I started smiling for that words. But he was unable to notice my smile in that darkness. Then I said him that I was coming from vizag and missed the stop. He then agreed to drop me at my place. Even this time I missed the stop. Then he dropped me at some place and from there I again started walking. It was around 3:00 AM and a couple of cops questioned me about my where-about’s. 

                                  Then I started my walk again. This time I was able to see some houses and a huge temple under a tree just adjacent to the road. It suddenly reminded me some scenes from the horror movies I watched recently. The most common scene we see in a horror movie is when a person walks on a road at dark night and he feels like something coming back of him and when he suddenly looks backwards either no one will be there or some strange creature appears. But nothing happened to me like that. I began to laugh for some reason which I couldn’t find even till now. Every step I moved forward began to rise my hope of reaching my destination soon. I dont know what made me happy. But  I began to walk on that cold dark roads with pleasure listening to a pop rock. It was all good until some fellow stopped his auto suddenly and asked me where I need to go. This time I was lucky because that fellow is going to his home which is just few houses away from my relatives house. But that luck was not with me for long time.I reached the house and started knocking the doors.. The time was exactly 4.05AM. I knocked the doors till 4.20 but no response at all. Then I began to sharpen my mind for an idea. This time my mind is with me and it gave me an idea. I just pulled fuse of the power supply which is above the outside door. Then they woke up and opened the door. This time I began to smile at a larger frequency  for my idea  and also because I finally reached my town. After getting fresh up, I just began to reel back my entire trip and just thought of the title “UNLUCKY DARK NIGHT”. It started with a very happy moments and also it ended happily. But the journey between these two  happinesses is bit unlucky, bit dark, bit strange. Then I just realized that every story has a happy ending and if its not ending happily then its sure that the journey is still not over. 


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