F5 Day of Realtions


                         It was around 9 in the morning when I woke up. This day is definitely going to be special because today all our relatives will be spending together at one place. When I was thinking about how the day is going to be suddenly I found that all my relatives already reached the place and I was going to be late. I got ready in a rush and reached the place along with few other relatives. It is a house which is very near to the kakinada beach and the breeze can be felt. As soon as I stepped into the house I saw all my relatives sitting together and talking to each other. The entire house was filled up with all my relatives from the tiny to the tough(old age). It was divided like sections. Children’s in one room, youth in one room and the old in another. They have Terra bytes of memories to share with one another. I joined in the children’s section because I love spending time with them. We began to play, fight and finally we had a thought of watching a animation movie in my lappy.

                       It all went till 2 and the bell rang for lunch. The big hall was filled with people waiting for hot, spicy and tasty food. It din’t matter what we are eating and how much we are.. It all mattered that we all at one place. The sweet moments went on till evening and every body started departing to their homes. In the end at exactly 7pm, it was time for me to move to station to catch the train to hyd which was my actual destination place. I reached station at 8:00PM. That was the first time I have been to Kakinada railway station. It was a beautiful small station I hav ever seen. And it was all rush and it appeared to me that the entire train is going to be filled at this station itself. My mom and dad were with me and I got into train. This was the time when both I and my sis were leaving together to hyderabad. I saw my mom’s face and I couldn’t describe it. But she will never shed tears because she knew that if she did so then I will shout on her. Train left the station at 8:38PM.

                  After getting into train and making myself comfortable, I started thinking about the whole day. One thing I could never forget is the last moments when every body started leaving the place. When every body was leaving that place I saw tears in some eyes… Every one is busy with their own lives and in this fast moving world we compete with one another and will always be trying to find a way to make the clock large. And in that busy life, we never have time to spend with our relatives and dear ones. And these kind of meets once in a time are necessary because relations add an essence to our life and living. We may reach to any top position or any long place but, we need them to be with us in our every moment of life. And these kind of days help us to do so. I felt like it was a day where we all refreshed our relations talking with them and sharing with them. In computer terms, it was like we all pressed the F5 key on our relationship page and so I name this article "F5 Day of Relations".

                  Thinking about all these sweet moments, suddenly I turned around my eyes. There I saw a girl sitting opposite to me at the window seat. She was like very irritated of something and was looking very dull. I just had a thought of talking with her and give her company. But I was afraid that in that irritation may be she hits me. I just enjoyed myself watching at her reactions. Mean while a person got into the train at rajahmundry. He looked like very different and his actions also were different. He turned on some old songs in his mobile and enabled his loud speaker. I plugged in my ear phones and got rid of his sound and that girl got more irritated and it appeared like as if she is going to slap him or warn hum. But she remaind silent and she turned on her lappy to avoid that sound. But she searched her bag and found that she forgot her head phones. Her face expressions turned more irritated. She tried all possible ways to avoid it. And after some time i climbed onto my side upper berth. After a short duration, I noticed that even she climbed the other upper berth to get rid of that fellows horrible songs. But she was unlucky, that fellow also climbed the other upper berth. At that point of time, I noticed her face and her expressions made me to laugh a lot. In that joy, I fell asleep in my fast moving train,


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