A year after College

It was over a year I am done with my college. My semesters, events, exams, presentations, projects… every thing has been eneded up a year before. I was just thinking myself what I have done this one full year. The transition from the role of a student where we pay and learn to an employee where we get paid to learn. It was a very very special journey. And I call it “The Transition Period”.

It was an year back. We were just done with our final semester exams at the college. It was the last day for us at our college. Which was the day we should accept the truth that it was no more OUR college. It  is just A college. Each one of us thinking , talking, discussing about many things with each other. But, the only important thing that was circulating in all our minds is.. :WHATS NEXT” which always results in a blank answer for the people from a college like that. And the next most important thing is that how are we going to maintain our relations in the coming days.

As the days passing on, each of us begun to plan in some or the other ways for the next phase of life. Some do the usual job hunting, some go with higher studies, some are left blank in their minds. And some just follow their fellow persons. I really dont know whether it is haunting for a job or hunting for a job. I already had an experience of loosing one interview very very closely just beacuse I couldn’t lie to the HR. I always had some specifications when it comes to choosing a company and also the job.

After a few trails , I was into Google-GIS. Big company, excellent facilities, okay salary. But, I just tasted that only for 3 weeks. The job was not even 1% matching to what I am. And so the trials began to gear up again which resulted me in a MNC @ chennai. Cognizant Technology Solutions. Shortly CTS which they never want us to be called it in that way.

I had 5 months of training @ the academy with my fellow beings , two months of holidays after the training and now finally assigned to a project. In this whole year, time was soo fast some times and soo delaying at times. But, now on this day when I am just beginning to think about them, I realize a lot of change in me, my surroundings and my personal life.

College days were all about a whole lot of people around us making it colorful everyday. We talk to each other for hours, we tease , we share, we eat, we listen, we do, we deny, we hesitate, we hate. But at the end of the day we still text each other jsut even after steeping into college bus. We make parties, we call each other, we help each other, we like, we care and we love each other. Some say you are the best. And they just believe it blindly not being aware of the fact that things change once we step out of that room .. the class room.

People who used to be with us all time, we need to wait for days, months , years to see them again. People who calls us very often , who text us very often are never gonna be the same. The word best reamins the same, but the name , the person changes. I dont know whether its really the circumstances that change the person or the person himself changes. What ever it may be, the one who fills ur inbox in college days will be the one who is never going to visit ur inbox for months. The person who never misses to see u even just for one period in the college is the one who is never gonna look at u for months. People change, relatons fade and LIFE changes.

 Life transits from the days were  parents will be with us helping us in each and every thing we need and also the pocket moneys at times. But now when the time has come for us to earn money, we stay away from them and will be just sending only money and nothing else. I always used to have a belief that at each stage of life, we add a lot of people in our relations list and step on to next phase who wipe our tears and share our smiles. But… now I have experienced that its not that way. Its the memories of them we carry to the next phase making tears and wiping away our smiles making them to MISS them for ever and ever.

After a one year journey from the last day of college, life teaches us things that we never heard and the things that we should never forget. Definition of life is not in the books, its in the life we live.

Life has no meaning when we dont have a bunch of people who will be with us at times of need.

This is to all those people who left every thing behind and walking blindly towards career goals. Stop, Think, Look Back… You have wonderul things that you have ignored in the way you are walking in you life.

Mr. Venky Bond


9 thoughts on “A year after College

  1. i really liked it dear….a good relation ship cant fade just like that … if some one is not in contact with u that it does not mean that they forget u buddy … all the best dear …

  2. nice post bro.. Missing those beautiful days.. I accept and understand the fact that we are not having time for ourselves.. oops! we made it that way.. We feel we are soooo busy for contacting friends like we used to, in college days.. Deadlines, meetings, proposals, issues n all that shit made our lives BUGGY. At the end of the day we are not realizing the fact that life’s depleting day by day. Hope we all should come out of the strong rooms we are into.. lets stay connected. It takes a minute to send out a text to all buddies saying ‘hi’, which makes us feel that i have sooooooo many friends..

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