“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-1

 March 23rd 2013, 18:03 Hrs:

Amrutha was putting back all her files and initiated the system shutdown so as to start off from office. But then she was interrupted by the ring of her intercom. She just pressed the speaker button and said

“Hello! Amrutha speaking”.

“Can u please meet me at my cabin, now?”

uttered the voice from the other side of the intercom. Amrutha left everything there and rushed towards the cabin from where the call was originated. On the way, she just began to think why Mr. Rangaraj would call her at the closing time. He knows very well about her that she would be leaving by this time.

“Good evening sir, I was just packing up to start. Is there anything so important that u called me”?

“Yes Amrutha. I just received a call from the Delhi office; they want us to take over some important assignment. With your expertise and capability in this, I want u to take over this assignment. They would be sending us the details by Monday. So, can I tag that to you and send back a confirmation that you would be leading it?”

“Yes sir, definitely. But, sir as I have already conveyed you that I would be on leave for Monday, I would be joining back on Tuesday and will take heads up on this. Is that fine with you sir?”

“Ok. That’s fine. Just send your confirmation note. I will take up the necessary actions on Monday and you can take it up from me when you return back Tuesday”.

“Okay sir. Thank you” said Amrutha and left the cabin.

 18:17 Hrs: After reaching back to her desk, she started putting back her files and was just ready to leave. But then she remembered about the confirmation note Mr. Rangaraj had asked her to send. When she noticed that she already turned off the system, she decided to do it on her mobile. With the era of 3G based network and smart phones that were common in everyone’s hands, internet connectivity has become very usual. She just opened her mail and sent a confirmation reply to the mail she received from Mr. Rangaraj. At that time, she was completely unaware of how things were going to turn up in her life just because of the single worded mail which she sent.

 18:32 Hrs: Amrutha reached the car parking lot and started driving to her home from her office which was located on greenways road. It was a 17kms distance from her office to her home at Anna Nagar. After driving 10kms, she reached one of the busiest points of Chennai, ‘Guindy’, where people had to wait long time for the traffic to get cleared. She had a look at the outside world from her car window. It was the Kathipara flyover at which she was staring at. Amrutha started thinking why people had to spend long times on road even though crores had been spent to construct South Asia’s one of the largest cloverleaf interchanges that was inaugurated by former chief minister M. Karunanidhi on October 18-2008. But, the actual problem was the CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Lines) works that are being carried out in most of the places in Chennai that was causing the road blocks and heavy traffic jams. As she was aware that she has some time before the signal turns green, she took her mobile and started doing something with it. ‘truuuuuun.. truuuuuuuun’. The car behind her started blowing horn. Then she noticed that the signal was not red and so geared up ahead.

 20:05 Hrs: Amrutha reached home, parked the car in the basement and started walking towards the door. She stepped in the house and locked it from inside. She threw her bag and keys on the table and went up straight to fresh up. While she was washing her face, when she opened her eyes after sprinkling water on her face, she suddenly noticed that it magically turned dark at once. Even though the timing seemed bit weird,

“Offooo, again power cut.”

Amrutha said to herself as power cuts are way too common in Tamil Nadu especially from the last 9 months. She reached near the table to take her mobile thinking that she could use its lighting to find out things in the dark. After searching her handbag completely, she noticed that the mobile was not in there. She began to think for a moment and then figured out that the mobile was left out in the car and so stepped out through the door, locked it and went to the basement to pick up her mobile. While she was few steps away from her car, she noticed that her mobile was ringing and so doubled the steps. She opened the door and took the mobile into her hands and suddenly the mobile got turned off displaying the message ‘Battery dry. Turning off’.

 20:40 Hrs: She was walking back to the house and noticed that there was power in some of the houses nearby. On her way, she saw the watchman passing by. She reached him and explained him the problem. The watchman replied saying that he would look into it and will inform her. After getting into the house, she locked the door and lightened up the candle in the kitchen so as to prepare some coffee. After few minutes, she walked out from the kitchen holding the coffee cup in one hand and the candle in the other hand. When she reached the living room, she felt something strange and began to feel the breath of her own. After few steps, she suddenly felt like something was there on the sofa. She began to slow down her steps, but, still was moving forward so as to find out what was that. As she was getting closer to the sofa, she felt like something just fell on her shoulder. In the fear, she dropped both the cup and the candle from her hands. ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh’.

???How is that single worded mail going to bring changes in her life.

???Why did she feel something strange.

???: Was there really something on the sofa or it was just her imagination.

#The unknown visitor


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