“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-2


21:01 Hrs: ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh’

a male voice started screaming. Even though Amrutha was in fear till then, she felt relaxed for a moment when she heard that voice. But, that din’t last too long. She quickly realized that the hot coffee fell on the person’s leg when she dropped the coffee mug from her hand and that was the reason the person is screaming.

“achchooooo, I am really sorry Tarun.” said Amrutha.

“No, Amu, I should be sorry for this. I was the one who is trying to frighten u and it turned out this way” said Tarun.

Amrutha then lit the candle again and looked at Tarun’s leg to see if it was hurt due to the hot coffee. When she confirmed that it was all fine, she stood up and said to Tarun to move backward as she felt that the broken pieces of coffee cup may hurt him.

“When did you come inside, I dint even hear you unlocking the door? ” Amrutha asked Tarun.

“I reached at around 20:25. When I got down the cab, I met some of our colony students rallying with candles in their hand. They were all spreading the awareness on “EARTH HOUR”. They requested me to support them in their cause and so I turned off the mains while reaching up. I called you twice before turning them off so as to confirm whether you are in home or not. But, you dint pick up the call” explained Tarun.

“What??? you turned of the power, I even started blaming the TNEB when the power went off. Any way, you did the right thing. I even forgot about the ‘EARTH HOUR’. ” stated Amrutha.

“Yeah. I felt that we need to extend our supporting hands to our colony children who at a very young age, trying to bring awareness in all of us”. Tarun started praising those children.

Tarun: “Amrutha, can we have candle light dinner?”
Amrutha: “What?… Now?… Where?…”
Tarun: “Here, at our own dining table.”
Amrutha: “Thats a brilliant thought Tarun.”
Tarun: “Actually, that was not my thought. That was the initiative which the children were using to grab the attention of more people.”
Amrutha: “Good. But there was just a little problem.”
Tarun: “Whats that?”
“Nothing, its just that the dinner was not yet ready thats it” said Amrutha and started laughing out loud.
“Why soo?” asked Tarun.
“I had to run late from the office as I was called in the last minute regarding some assignment” said Amrutha.
“Oooo. What was that?” asked Tarun.
“Do we need to discuss on this?” Amrutha gave a staring look at Tarun saying these words.
“No No No. not at all.” Tarun replied.

It was actually their mutual understanding that the office discussions should not be carried out once they step in to the house.

21:17 Hrs: While the conversation was happening between Tarun and Amrutha, suddenly the lights turned on. Tarun felt little surprising that how did the lights turn on as only he knows that he turned off the main. Noticing it on Tarun’s face, Amrutha explained him that she had met the watchmen and asked him to check on the power issue. Amrutha cleaned the area where the coffee fell down and the started shifting Tarun’s luggage which he had kept on the sofa to their bed room. As she was moving the baggage,

“By the way, Tarun, while I was on the way to home, I checked the train running status. It was given like your train is running 3hrs late and how come you reached home ahead of that ” Amrutha questioned Tarun.

Tarun, all of a sudden remained speechless when Amrutha asked that question. He started getting tensed little bit as he don’t know what to answer her. But, Amrutha was not able to notice those expressions on Taruns’s face as she was busy moving luggage. He replied her by saying that he was aware that the train would be running late and so returned by another connecting train. When Amrutha moved the luggage from the hall,

“Tarun, shall I unpack your luggage?” asked Amrutha
“No Amu, I will do that” replied Tarun
“Okay, shall I put your clothes in washing machine?” asked Amrutha
“No dear, will do that” replied Tarun
“What? No No for everything. Is there anything that you are hiding from me?” asked Amrutha.
“No Amu, I don’t mean that way, I am feeling damn hungry. You just start preparing food and I will do that unpacking” said Tarun.

Amrutha felt that convincing and started preparations for dinner.

Tarun felt relaxed as he was able to convince her and stop doing those things. He went so hurried into the bed room and started unpacking the luggage. He peeped out from the door and when he noticed that Amrutha was not around; he put something from his suitcase into the cupboard and locked it. He also removed some bills and tickets from his wallet and threw them into the trash can.

22:28 Hrs: Amrutha was done with the dinner preparation and called Tarun for having dinner. They had some casual talks about Tarun’s trip and how the last 3 days went on. Tarun was explaining some funny things and Amrutha was unable to resist laughing out loud. It was after 3 days that they were having their dinner together as Tarun was out of town. Immediately after having dinner, Tarun said he was going to sleep as he was so tired because of journey. Amrutha made some cleanings, made sure all the doors were locked and then went to bed.

23:46 Hrs: After some 30 to 40 mins of sleep, Amrutha suddenly woke up and noticed that Tarun was not next to her. She thought that he might have been to washroom and so closed her eyes. After few minutes, when she saw that Tarun was still not back to bed, she got up from the bed and started searching for him. The washroom lights were not turned on. She then slowly moved to the hall and she couldn’t find him even there. Then she walked in to the kitchen thinking that he might have gone there to have some water. But, she didn’t find him. Now, she slowly moved to the other bed room and opened the door very slow. She noticed a stool in the center of the room and even felt like someone was standing on that. She slowly moved her hands towards the switch board so as to turn on the lights. When the lights got turned on, she was shocked to see Tarun on the stool under the fan.

???: Why did Tarun got tensed.
???: What was Tarun trying to hide from Amrutha.
???: What was Tarun doing in the midnight.

#Earth Hour


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