“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-3

23:55 Hrs: Amrutha didn’t feel much shocking when she saw Tarun that way because; it all explained what he was doing when she happened to look at the entire room. She felt so amazing and surprising when she looked at the entire room decorated so beautifully with colorful balloons all over. It appeared like a rainbow to her eyes.

“Tarun, how did you blew all these balloons so fast without even making little bit of noise” asked Amrutha rolling her eyes to every corner of the room.

Tarun got pumped up a little bit when Amrutha asked that question surprisingly by also adding little bit of question mark in that. He slowly turned his head to the corner of the room. Amrutha also followed the same direction. This made her more shocking than the moment when she turned on the lights. She immediately turned towards Tarun and gave a staring look. Tarun remained silent facing his head down but his eyes still looking at Amrutha. What Tarun was pointing at is an electronic balloon blowing machine. Then Amrutha gave a cut smile. Without falling for those smiles, Tarun looked at watch and the time was almost 23:57, he immediately rushed outside the room asking her to wait for a moment.

March 24th 2013, 00:00 Hrs: Tarun came inside running with some packet in his hand. He immediately lit the candle on the cake which he had already setup and turned off the lights. He grabbed Amrutha near to him and asked her to blow the candles off. Amrutha has no clue of why did Tarun set up all these things. But, she doesn’t want to question him back and so just did as Tarun asked him to do so. When she looked at the cake, she turned out to be more surprised seeing what was written on the cake. A beautiful love symbol shaped butter scotch cake with letters written with chocolate on it. The letters were “5 Yrs. of U in Me”. Tarun then turned on the lights; got hold of Amrutha’s hand and handed over the packet to her saying these lines.

Every year I loved you more … Every year I wanted you more…

5 years of love, 5 year of U and Me…

& 5 years of… U… in… Me…”

Amrutha had no expressions on her face; she became so silent and speechless after hearing those words from Tarun. Her heart was filled with joy and the drop of tears started rolling from the corner of her eyes when she starting looking at what Tarun presented her. It was the album of all their memories of past 5 years. She couldn’t resist herself and out of immense happiness, she hugged Tarun, looked at his eyes and asked

“Tarun, what’s so special today?”

“Amu, 5 years back, this was the day I first met u in my life. Right from that moment, all that I have in my life is just you… and only you…”

Tarun asked Amrutha to step out of the bed room and remain seated in the living room. He followed her out by carrying the cake in his hand. Tarun went into the kitchen, put some pieces of cake in a plate and kept the leftovers in the fridge. When he reached near Amrutha, he noticed that she is so dull and was crying out so bad with tears rolling out continuously and that the face turned red. He immediately put those things on the table and sat next to her.

“Amu, what happened dear? Why are you so dull and what’s making you cry so deep?”

Amrutha was not responding at all to Tarun’s words and was still crying out.

“Amu, this day is so special to me and luckily it is Sunday and so I thought I could spend the whole day with u. But now, you are making me worried. Please dear, tell me what happened. Look at me Amu.”

Amrutha slowly turned towards Tarun while he was trying to wipe out her tears. She held his hand and said.

“Tarun, we would have been much happier today, if it didn’t happen that way 2 years back.”

“Amu, please stop thinking about that. We didn’t wish to happen that way. It just happened and we cannot control how things happen in life. I want to celebrate this day and not to sit cry for what happened way back.”

Tarun was trying all his ways to bring Amrutha back to normal. But, he figured out that nothing was working out well. Then all of a sudden, he said

“Amu, shall we go for a drive now?”

Amrutha likes long drive especially during the mid-nights where she need not be worried about the traffic block outs. As she was not completely coming out from that mood, Tarun somehow convinced her for the drive.

Even though it was not easy for Tarun to make her ready for the drive, he somehow managed to do so.

Tarun drove the car from the basement and took it on to the road. After Amrutha stepped in, he asked her where she wants him to take her.

“Let’s take the ECR road Tarun.” Amrutha replied with a low voice.

They reached ECR road in about 30mins as there is no much of traffic. ECR road which is an acronym of East Coast Road is one of those most important roads of Tamil Nadu which connects Chennai with Cuddalore through Pondicherry. It is well known for its scenic beauty with the view of Bay of Bengal all along the way.

Amrutha was looking at those scenic beauties from the window. Tarun had both his eyes on the road. He tried starting a conversation with her. But, he noticed that Amrutha was not in this world and got lost somewhere in her thoughts. After few moments, Amrutha slowly turned towards Tarun and

“Tarun, I am not able to get out that. And so I have decided to meet up Sneha tomorrow. I even applied for holiday tomorrow. She said she would be free at around 11.30 in the morning.”

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Tarun suddenly applied the brakes.

Tarunnnnnnnnnn” – Amrutha screamed.

???: Why might be the reason behind Amrutha’s tears.
???: What happened 2 years back.
???: Why did he stop the car all of a sudden.

#5 yrs of U… in Me


2 thoughts on ““Shadow of Truth” – Episode-3

  1. may be he might have some experience with the same place..with some moments…yah..excitement..s der for me too….waiting for next post MR BOND

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