“Shadow of Truth” – Epidose-4

March 24th 2013, 03:13 Hrs: “Enough Amrutha! How many times should I tell you to stop talking about that? I have planned this day to be memorable and what you were doing is, ruining it by thinking and talking about something that happened in the past.”

Saying these words to Amrutha, he left out of the car and walked few steps away.

Tarun’s words added fuel to fire. But, they also injected a thought in her mind.

“What he said is true. I cannot go back and change what happened in the past. But, why am I spoiling the day with those thoughts.”

Amrutha said to herself and walked towards Tarun. She held his hands, looked into his eyes and said

“Tarun… I Love You… and… I am also so sorry for what I have done.”
“Amrutha, I don’t mean you have done something wrong by talking about the past. All I wanted to tell you is that ‘Our present life should never get affected with the disturbances of the past and the fear of future’.”
Amrutha was silent for few moments and then smiled at him.
“Wow! Now madam is smiling. And… madam, can I know the reason behind that beautiful smile.”
“Tarun, let’s take a walk on the shore.”
“What? In this dark hour of 03:30 Hrs.” – Tarun
“Come on Tarun! It was the same sea shore where we met first.” – Amrutha
“Not we. You met me first by getting down from the running bus.” – Tarun
“But, it was you who proposed me first.”

Arguing with one another, they both walked towards the beach and reached the shore.

“Tarun, as like the waves go back to the sea from the shore, how nice it would be if we can go back to the old days where we both met for the first time.”

March 24th 2008 17:32 Hrs:

While the hot sun was saying good bye for the day, cool breezes took their way welcoming the gloaming part of the day. It was the Girgaum Chaupati beach which is commonly known as Chaupati, is one of the most famous public beaches adjoining Marine Drive in the Girgaum area of Mumbai, India.

As like any other day, Tarun reached there for evening walk along with the famous Mahanagar evening news paper.

The Bombay High Court today declared construction on 120 acres of land in the city illegal which could affect the lives and livelihood of at least 1.5 lakh families. The construction carried out in Mulund, Borivli and Bhandup areas were done on forest land, the court said.

Tarun was busy reading the news about illegal construction case which was the hot news in Bombay those days.

“Sir… Sir…” – a female voice started calling.

Tarun heard it, but he thought it was not meant to him and so he continued getting into the details of the news.

All of a sudden, a woman appeared right in front of him pointing finger towards him and saying

He couldn’t understand it for few seconds, and then he figured out that she meant to ask whether he is Tarun or not.
“Yes. I am Tarun.” Tarun replied with a blank face.
“I have been searching for you for the past 2 weeks.”
“What? Searching for me? Why?” Some more questions were added to Tarun’s face now.
“But why?”
“On Women’s day, I read about your blog post on ‘Women and We” that was published as an article in ‘THE HINDU’ newspaper. It was a truly inspiring and thought provoking article. In this society where women were being tortured by men in many ways, how could you understand about women this deep?”
“You don’t need to be women to understand women. But, probably you might need to think like them and I did that.”
“Wow. Inspiring words again. Do you mind if I join you for the walk?”
“Sure. But…”
“I mean, I never walked with a woman, that too not with a woman without a name.”
“Oh Sorry. I am Amrutha.”

They both smiled at each other and started their walk. For the first time, Tarun had a company in his walk and that too a woman. At that moment, he had no clue that it will be the same woman who would be walking with him throughout the life.

During the walk, they conversed about their whereabouts, their livelihoods and so on. After some distance, Amrutha started asking questions about Tarun’s article.

“Sir, as you specified in your article, do you think instant justice is possible in INDIA? In this large democratic country with various customs and religions, can our government really implement that?” Amrutha asked.

“By the word Instant justice, what I meant is not very instantly. It should be done in short time, at least before the victims die. These rules and regulations were formed decades back. Now, the world is moving at higher speed. If we still stick on with those old rules, they become a way for the criminals to do their crime and walk out without any affect. The justices we give for a crime may not stop immediately stop another crime from being happening. But, they should at least stop the same person from doing another crime. ”

In that way, they both continued their conversation discussing about the various issues of the society especially women centric.
“Sir, I have to leave now. It’s getting late for me. Time just went on talking and walking with you. I would definitely meet you again soon.”
“Sure. Please carry on. And… thanks for the walk.”
“I should thank you for joining me. After reading your article, I thought you are a serious person. But, you were funny too, with your high sense of humor.”
Saying this to Tarun, Amrutha left the place waving her hands.

Amrutha left Tarun with a different kind of feel that day. He couldn’t believe that he had a walk with a woman whom he met for the first time in his life. It was all together a different kind of evening for Tarun.

20th April 2008 15:14 Hrs:
After almost a month, Tarun and Amrutha met for the 2nd time.

Tarun was on his way to the Wankhede Stadium for the Indian Premier League – 5th match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. On his way, he saw Amrutha. He immediately stopped the car and reached near her.
“Hi Amrutha.”
“Hello sir. What a surprise!”
“I was driving by and saw you on the way. By the way, what were you doing here?
“Sir, I am here volunteering for one of the initiatives of SNEHA that focuses on Girl Child safety.”
“It’s really interesting Amrutha. I am glad to meet a woman that is so responsible for the society.”
“But, sir it was people like you who keep inspiring us with your motivating words enabling us to drive forward.”
“Too kind of u Amrutha.” replied Tarun.

Amrutha explained about the initiative and also about her interest in volunteering for these kinds of activities.
This time it was Tarun’s turn to forget the time. When he realized that it’s time for him to leave, he said bye to Amrutha and left the place.

As he was moving away, he turned back and was surprised to see Amrutha still looking at him.

Even he started looking at Amrutha exchanging looks and smiles. Even though it’s time for him to leave, he felt like something was dragging him back.

The beautiful smile on her face and those lovely looks of her eyes has done some magic on Tarun. From then on, he started creating reasons to meet Amrutha now and then.

???: What happened 2 years back.
???: Is there really some magic in girls smile and looks
???: What happens next in their LIFE.

#Magic of Love

>>>Next episode will be posted on 3rd April 2013.


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  1. ha.ha..ha….:P …hey venky.its gud….i think u need to write only when u felt something…so what makes u to feel to write story.?can i know reason behind this

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