“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-5

As the days went on, Tarun and Amrutha started liking each other very much. Even though their professions resembled North Pole and South Pole in nature, their interests and opinions paved the way for the love and bonding between them. Every day, Amrutha used to reach the shore after finishing her training. Tarun is now no longer walking in the beach alone. Cool breezes and sea waves of Chaupati used to witness their love daily in the evenings.

Tarun decided to explain about Amrutha to his parents. He thought he could call and explain them. But, he had a second thought that it would be much better if he can go and talk to them directly. The very next minutes, he called Amrutha and said her about what he had thought. Amrutha jumped out of joy when she heard Tarun’s words. And at the same time, she was also worried about how they would react to it.

October 10th 2008 18:00 Hrs:

“Tarun, even though I was grown up all alone from my childhood, I never felt this lonely. But now when you are leaving, I feel like I am completely alone in this world.”
“Amrutha, I will be back in 3 days and I am very sure that mom and dad will agree. It would have been much better if you could join me.”
“Even I felt the same Tarun. But, as you know, we were not allowed to take leaves in our training period. And also; after I come there if your parents won’t agree then I can’t take that pain at all.”
“No Amu, there will be no situation like that.”

“Ting, Ting, Ting… Yaatrikan krupaya dhyaan dheejiye. Gaadi sankhya 12431,
Mumbai se Nayi Delhi jaane waali Rajdhani Express, thoodesi dher me theen number platform se
rawana hone keliye thayaar he.”


The signal turned green leaving redness in Amrutha eyes. Even Tarun doesn’t like to leave Amrutha alone. But, he knew that for them to be together forever, he had to leave to home.

Seeing Amrutha that way, even Tarun eyes were filled with drop of tears. Probably that was the first time in life he ever had tears in his eyes.

Train started moving while Amrutha was still holding Tarun’s hand. Tarun had to forcefully leave her hand even though his heart was pulling him back.

The first 2 days were so different for Amrutha and Tarun. Even though Tarun was not there, Amrutha continued to visit the shore daily in the evening. They were physically apart in distance but used to engage all the time through calls. The call which Amrutha received on the 3rd day was so special and surprising.

“Amu….I Love you…” Tarun screamed these words as soon as she answered the call. “Mom and dad agreed for our marriage and my mom wants to talk to you “saying this, Tarun gave to his mom.

“Amrutha Beti, Tarun told everything about you. At first, when he said he was interested to get marry we were shocked as whenever we talk to him about marriage, he used to refuse. But, now he himself told us about you and his will to marry you.”

Amrutha felt so blessed upon hearing those words from Tarun’s mom.

Tarun returned Mumbai. Now, whole Mumbai witnessed their love. There was no place where they haven’t been to.

Amrutha used to talk frequently with Tarun’s parents. Especially with his sister Rupa. Rupa used to tell Amrutha about Tarun’s childhood memories.

November 14th 2008 08:00 Hrs:

Trnnnnn… Trnn…. Trnn……
“Hello Amrutha. I woke up and getting ready, I will be there in 20 mins.”
“Don’t be late Tarun. I don’t want you to miss even by a minute.”
“Sure Amrutha. And.. at least can you tell now.”
“Tarun… I will wait for u at the hostel entrance. Bye bye.” Amrutha smiled and disconnected the call.

They both reached Dr. E. Moses Road by 09:13 Hrs. It was a very special surprise to Tarun. Amrutha took him to ‘Vatsalya Foundation’ Orphanage to attend the children’s day special celebrations.

When the entire program was completed, they both started spending time with the kids. Tarun, who loves to spend time with kids, was completely involved in play with them. Amrutha couldn’t take off her eyes from Tarun.

“Tarun, why do you love kids so much? I have never seen you this way with anyone else except with them.” Amrutha asked Tarun.
“Amrutha, the world is nowhere human now. It’s all polluted. People forget the basic fact that they are humans. Each of them tries to create their identity in form of religion, caste, crime, money or power. The world lost smile on its face. According to me, children are the only one in this world with pure and innocent smile on their faces. They have no worries of tomorrow except their little happiness of today. I forget myself completely seeing those cute smiles.” Saying this, he hugged one of the kids beside him.
“Tarun, are you sure you don’t like any other smile in this world except the smile of kids?” Amrutha asked with a false anger on her face.

Tarun, who understood her intentions behind that question, replied back with a smile.

Meanwhile, Amrutha received a text from Rupa “Hi Bhabi. I have a surprise for you. Mom, dad and I are coming to Mumbai in two weeks.”
Amrutha was so happy that she is going to meet Tarun’s parents. The end date of training added more joy to her happiness.

Finally the day has come when Tarun’s parents were reaching Mumbai.

Tarun said that he will be picking up Amrutha at her training center.

“Hello Tarun.”
“Yes Amu… I will be there at around 17:30 Hrs.”
“Tarun, I was told now that, as today is my last day of training, it may take 2 more hours to complete the releasing process.”
“Don’t worry Amu, I will pick you up at 19.00 and we both can go directly to station cancelling our evening walk.”
Amrutha completed all her releasing formalities and was waiting for Tarun.

She called him many times but Tarun didn’t attend her calls. She kept waiting for him at the same place.

20:00 Hrs: “The subscriber you are calling is busy.”She continued calling to his mobile.
21.11 Hrs: Amrutha started getting panic.

Tarun reached Amrutha’s place. Seeing the car, she rushed to him and started questioning “Why are you this late Tarun?”

“Get in Amrutha.” Said Tarun without explaining the reason why he was late.
Amrutha got in the car. She was in full excitement to meet Tarun’s parents.
“What happened Tarun, why are you driving so fast?”
Tarun remained silent.
“As it was too late to station he might be worried and so speeding up.” Amrutha said to herself.
After quite some time, Amrutha noticed that it was not the route to station.
“Tarun, where are we going? Are you taking a different route to station? It is already late to pick up mom and dad.”

Tarun didn’t even look at her. He continued driving with same speed. When he reached a place, he suddenly stopped the car.
Amrutha got down and was shocked seeing the place where Tarun took her.
“Tarun, what happened? Why did we come here? We were supposed to be at station.”
Tarun had not answered even a single question. He started walking inside so fast and Amrutha followed him.
“Tarun…Tarun….where are you going? What we are doing here?” Amrutha asked Tarun with hell lot of tension.
The environment made her more panic. Finally, Tarun reached a room and opened the door.
“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…….” A female voice screamed too loud.

???: Where did Tarun take Amrutha.
???: Why Tarun was not answering to Amrutha’s questions.
???: What’s in that room.

#Innocent smiles.


7 thoughts on ““Shadow of Truth” – Episode-5

  1. Either “Might be their parents dead” or “their parents made some arrangements to give suspense to her.”.. ..Venky..Here i have a question for you..I hope der is strong reason of entering date along with time and year..in story…can i expect reason now?

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