“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-6

November 26th 2008 22:19 Hrs:

The door Tarun opened is Sir JJ Hospitals emergency ward where several people were being treated by the staff. A female, who saw her husband in a critical condition, screamed in pain.

Amrutha started getting more tensed when she saw the surroundings, were various people were weeping for the lives of their dear ones. She was so tensed that she was not able to control herself and was pulling Tarun, asking him the whereabouts of Rupa and his parents.

“Amrutha. Wait here.”

Tarun asked Amrutha to wait outside the room and went inside to meet one of the doctors there and talked something. The Dotor then escorted Tarun to a room. When Tarun reached inside, he saw something in that room that scared him. He came outside immediately. When Amrutha noticed Tarun coming out, she ran towards him and started asking him again.

“What happened Tarun, why are we here, where is Rupa, aunt and uncle.” Amrutha started crying.

Tarun had no answers for all those questions. He remained silent for few seconds. Amrutha was repeating the same questions. Suddenly. Tarun hugged Amrutha so tight and started crying like a child. Amrutha now began to worry more. She couldn’t figure out how to react to Tarun’s actions. Even she started crying out but continued asking him.

“They are no more.” Tarun replied loud with pain and anger.
“Tarun, please….No…No….No….Don’t tell me that”.
“Yes Amrutha, they are no more. It was a drastic accident and we cannot even identify them.”

Amrutha was shocked upon hearing the reply from Tarun.

She pushed him away, walked few steps back and fell down in the chair. She was crying out so loud with heavy pain in her heart. She was not able to digest the fact that they are gone and she can never see them.

“Amrutha….Amrutha…..” Tarun was trying to console her.

Amrutha was completely lost and was not even looking at Tarun. Her face turned so red and her eyes became completely dry.

Tarun was not able to control her. He sat beside her and was holding her. Amrutha was not reacting at all. After few seconds, Amrutha stood up and asked him.

“Tarun, I want to see them. Please take me to them.”
“Amrutha…No….You can’t see them…..”
“No Tarun. I want to see them… Please take me.”
“No Amrutha….No…….You cannot.”

Amrutha started walking inside the room so fast. Tarun ran behind her trying to stop her.

But, Amrutha began to continue her walk.

“Amrutha…stop…..there is nothing to see.”

Amrutha stopped, turned back and asked

“What! What are you saying? What do you mean there is nothing left? Answer Tarun.”
“Yes, there is nothing left. It was a heavy composition used in the blast that teared them into pieces.”
“What are you saying….? How did this happen. Tarun… talk……How did this happen.”
Tarun looked into Amrutha’s eyes and started explaining her how it happened.

18:15Hrs: (Few hours back)

“Dad, Where are you…?”
“Beta, we reached station.”
“Oh. Okay Dad, Wait for 10 minutes. Cab will reach there.”
“Okay Beta. We will reach the quarters.”
“I will pick up Amrutha. She told she will be running late as it was her last day of training.”
Tarun disconnected the call.


Rupa and her parents got down at CST and got into the cab which Tarun had booked for them.

“Rupa Beti. Come back here, dad will sit in the front.”
“Nahi Mom. I want to see Mumbai.”

As Tarun already informed the address to the cab driver, he started driving that way.

“Mom, you didn’t forget anything right?”
“Ha Beti, I didn’t forget anything. I got all things for Amrutha.”
“Dad, when Amrutha bhabi will come. I want to see her.”

18:42 Hrs:

“Ha Beti, bhayya called and said that he will pick her up and will reach quarters.”

“Hey…..we are meeting Amrutha bhabi……..”

Rupa was so excited to meet Amrutha and so were Tarun parents.

18:50 Hrs:


A massive blast happened suddenly. The car that Tarun parents were travelling got blasted and turned into pieces. It was a high composition of RDX and self destruction timer that was used in the blast.

23:27 Hrs:

As he knew that it was a shocking news to both of them, he was worried about Amrutha’s reaction and so was holding her while he was explaining what happened to his parents and Rupa.

“Tarun… I want to see them.” said Amrutha and started walking towards the mortuary division.

The security stopped her from entering the room. Amrutha pushed him away and entered inside. She even denied Tarun.

When she opened the door, she was shocked to see many dead bodies inside. While she was trying to walk further, Tarun stopped her and dragged her out.

Amrutha, it was a massacre where tens of people died. Whole Mumbai was attacked. You cannot see them. They are hurt so bad that you can’t even recognize any of them.

Amrutha turned silent and was not responding at all. When Tarun noticed that she ran into shock, he was trying to calm her down. Amrutha fainted and started falling on the ground. Tarun immediately took her in his arms. Observing this, security person called for a help. A nurse came running with a stretcher and took her inside the emergency ward. A Doctor, who was already inside treating other patients examined her. Tarun was watching out from the window. Amrutha was behaving so weird. She was trying to push the doctor and the nurse away. They are finding it hard to control her. They were in no position of controlling her. When the doctor figured out that the situation is getting out of control, they gave her anesthesia to calm her down. After examining her for some time, Tarun was called inside.

Doctor explained about Amrutha’s situation. As the discussion was happening between doctor and Tarun,

“News just got in that the attackers got control of Nariman house, Chatrapathi Shivaji terminal and Hotel Taj. Hundreds of people were trapped inside the buildings. Police and Special Forces spread over the entire city with a high alert across the country. Special commandos of INDIA, the NSG’s were called in to control the situation.” CNN IBN.

???: What happens to Amrutha.
???: What did doctor say to Tarun.
???: What happens next in their LIFE.

#Mumbai Massacre


7 thoughts on ““Shadow of Truth” – Episode-6

  1. Hey..Bond..Nice..but y inbetween u killed Tarun parents in this story…For sometime “Amu” would enjoyed the presence of “Tarun” parents, will be nice..right? But…Terrible death their parents faced.

  2. badshah vadu ninnu copy kottada,nuvvu badshah ni copy kottava.anyways story is going good..antha ayaka publissh cheyuu.konta konipistha andarithooo 🙂

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