“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-7

November 27th 2008 01:04 Hrs:

Discussion between doctor and Tarun went on for about an hour. After completing talks with the doctor, Tarun came out of the room and was searching for Amrutha in the emergency ward. A nurse, who is the in-charge there, noticed Tarun.

“Are you searching for someone?” – Nurse asked Tarun.
“Yes, my wife Amrutha was here in this bed an hour back. The doctor who is inside treated her.”
“Oh. Okay. She was shifted to Room No 412 in 4th floor.”
“Okay. How is she now?”
“Sorry sir. As you can see, it’s a horrible night here, I am not aware of her situation. There is a nurse over there, you can talk to her.”
“Thank you.”

The surroundings explained him everything and so he dint ask any more questions to the nurse.

Tarun reached Room No 412. He saw that there is a nurse inside the room.

Tarun slowly opened the door. When the nurse heard the noise, she came to him and,

“Who are you sir?” – Nurse questioned.
“She is my would-be.”
“Sir, if you don’t mind, can you please wait outside for few minutes.”
After few minutes, nurse came out.
“Sir, you can now go inside. But, make sure that you don’t disturb the patient. She would be coming to conscious in 30 minutes.”
“Okay. How is she now?”
“She is fine sir. She ran into shock.”

When nurse left, Tarun went inside and sat near Amrutha, watching her.

March 24th 2013 06:11 Hrs: (Back to present)

While Amrutha and Tarun were remembering about their past sitting on sand and watching the waves, suddenly Tarun starts looking at Amrutha.

“What happened Tarun? Why are not moving your eyes off me?”
“Amu, I thought I almost lost even you on that day.”
“How can I leave you Tarun??” saying this, Amrutha lay down on his shoulder, holding his hands.

“Poooooooom… Poooooom…..”
Tarun heard a heavy horn sound and immediately turned back. He observed that the car was parked at the middle of the road and was blocking the traffic.

They both decided to return back home as the sun started spreading its rays turning the place so hot.

On the way back, they both had talks about how to spend rest of the day. Tarun wants to dedicate the day to Amrutha; Tarun simply nodded his head saying YES for whatever Amrutha preferred. Finally, they planned their evening with a movie and then for dinner.

16:02 Hrs:

They reached one of the beautifully designed Shopping mall and multiplex in Chennai. “The CITI CENTER INOX” at 1000 lights by around 16:00 Hrs.The movie they have been to is based on Chetan Bhagath’s famous novel “Three Mistakes of My Life”.

During the movie, Tarun received a call. He first ignored it. As it was continuously disturbing him, he attended the call steeping out of the hall saying Amrutha.

18:02 Hrs:

“I will be back in 2 minutes Amu”.

Amrutha waited for about 15 minutes. As Tarun was not returning, she started calling him.

“The customer you are calling is in another call. Please be on the line or call again later.” Sweet recorded voice of operator.
She tried for 3 times and when there was no response, she went out searching for him.

“Yes, I will be there for sure by 9.00 in the morning. I will take that up, don’t worry. The only problem is how we can hide that. I heard that they were continuously monitoring every node. If it’s so, we cannot continue further.” Tarun was seriously talking with someone on the phone.

“But sir, there has to be an end somewhere.” – Caller on the other side.
“No, you don’t understand these things. When I decide, I don’t stop and I don’t care even if it has to do something with the top.” – Tarun
Amrutha saw Tarun at the corner of the corridor was walking towards him. After few steps,
“Tarun.” Amrutha called him.

Tarun heard her voice and turned back. He doesn’t want Amrutha to know about the conversation and so he changed the topic saying

“Ok sir, sure. Will attend the meeting for sure. Yes sir. Thank you sir. Goodnight.”
“Hey Amrutha why did you come outside? I was about to return.”
“Tarun…” Amrutha was about to ask about the call.

Before Amrutha started asking, he stopped her and took her inside the hall saying that they would miss the show.

19:11 Hrs:

After the movie, they headed for dinner and on the way back to home, Amrutha noticed that Tarun was not okay and seemed tensed and worried for something.

“Tarun, what happened? Why are you looking tensed?”
“What? What Amrutha? No… I am not tensed. I am just tired as it was continuous travelling and driving.”
“Shall I take the wheel?”
“No Amu, that’s fine. I will continue.”
“Tarun, who is it on the call in the theatre?”
Tarun is now more tensed. He did not know what to reply.
“Ya.Ya. Amrutha. It’s from the office. We have some important meeting at 10.30 tomorrow morning. They don’t want me to miss that up.

And I was trying to tell them that I may not be joining as we both need to go to see Sneha”.

“That’s fine Tarun. I can take it up with Sneha. You go and attend your meeting.”
“No Amu. I don’t want to leave you alone.”
“Okay Tarun. Let’s not argue again on the same thing. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.”
Tarun’s behavior was changed. He looks worried about something. Is it because of the phone call he received? Or he doesn’t want Amrutha to meet Sneha alone?

23:24 Hrs:

Having many thoughts running in his mind, Tarun couldn’t even sleep that night. He has two things pumping up in his mind.

???: Who is in call with Tarun.
???: Why Tarun dont want Amrutha to meet Sneha alone.
???: What is the truth behind.

#Mistakes of LIFE

Author’s column:

Episode Efforts

Script Time: 4 hrs    No of reviews: 7

Review time: 3 hrs    No of reviewers: 3


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  1. Hey…how many twists gng to take in their life??????When they will be happy……..Oh my God!!!when u r gng to release next episode?

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