“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-9

March 25th 2013 14:20 Hrs:

Sneha disconnected Tarun’s call and welcomed Amrutha with a smile.

Poor Amrutha doesn’t know that Sneha is hiding a truth with her smile and also even her husband knows the truth.

“Hello Sneha. How are you?”
“I am fine Amrutha. How about you?”
“If I am fine why will I come to hospital.” Said Amrutha and was laughing.
“What? So, you have come to hospital as a patient? Not as a my friend.” Asked Sneha.

Amrutha replied back with a smile.

“So, Sneha. What are my reports saying?” Amrutha asked with a question mark in her face.

Sneha remained silent for few seconds and then answered for Amrutha’s question.

“Amrutha. Everything is fine. Don’t worry about that. I just now spoke with senior doctor. He told he will examine them and will suggest us some options.”

Sneha was trying to hide the reports from Amrutha as she was speaking. When she noticed that Amrutha is not listening to her and ran into some thoughts.

“Sneha.” Amrutha called her with little pain in her voice.
“Yes Amrutha.”
“Sneha. I somehow feel that I am the one who is responsible for that. But, I am still not able to recollect what has happened.”

Sneha was worried about Amrutha now.

“Amu. No dear. It’s not at all your fault. Sometimes it happens and we cannot have control over it.” –

Said Sneha by placing her hands on her shoulders and consoling her.

“Amrutha. Shall we go out for lunch?”
“Ya sure Sneha. Tarun said he would be coming here. He called me and suddenly disconnected.”
“Oh. Okay. We shall call him and ask if he can join.”

Sneha took her mobile and called Tarun. While Tarun’s mobile was ringing,

“Mam.” A nurse came in for Sneha.
“Mam. There is an emergency case in ward no 3. Can you please attend it?”
“Sure. Just hold on.”

After few seconds,

“Amrutha. Talk to Tarun and see if he could join. I will be back in short time.”

Said Sneha and left the place after few seconds by handing over the phone to Amrutha

“Ya Sneha.” – Tarun answered the call.
“Amrutha. Is that you?”
“Yes Tarun. Sneha just came in. she is asking me to join her for lunch. Will it be possible for you to join us now?”
“Now? Hmm. Okay Amrutha. Will be there in 20 mins.”

After the call, she waited in Sneha’s room looking around it.

15:00 Hrs:

Tarun reached hospital and from there, three of them went out for lunch.

On the way, they started discussing about their lives.

“So, Tarun. How is life going on.” Asked Sneha.
“He has become so busy. Continuous trips from last 18 months. Don’t know where all he is roaming.” Amrutha replied looking at Tarun.
“Amu. Your answer has some deeper questions hidden in them. You wanted to ask me something?” asked Tarun with a smile.
“Hey enough both of you. I just asked generally. You don’t need to start an argument for that.” – said Sneha.
“You know how the world is turning out now. And so I had to roam all the places as part of my profession.” replied Tarun justifying his trips.
“So, what about you Sneha.” – Tarun.
“Nothing much Tarun. But, I wanted to tell you about one interesting case. Last time when I went to Bangalore, I have come across 2 patients. It was a mysterious case. Two people faced horrible death. My heart stopped for about 2 mins when I saw them.”
“Oh. very strange?” said Tarun.

“Yes Tarun. It was very strange. No one was able to understand how it happened. Everyone is framing their own stories on that. But, there was one thing common about those 2 patients.”

As Sneha was explaining, Tarun was listening very keen. Amrutha has no interest on the discussion and so

“Tarun. I think it’s better if you put your concentration on road.”
“Sneha. Please stop talking about that. Tell me about Aravind. How is he? When is he returning back to India?”
“Ya. He is fine Amrutha. He said he would be back in the mid of April.”
“Oh. Fine. When he returns back, let’s all go for a trip. It has been quite long we have been somewhere.”
“Yes Amrutha. Even I felt the same.”

17:00 Hrs:

After lunch, Tarun went back to office and Amrutha reached home.

17:30 Hrs:

Tarun reached office and resumed his work.

“Sir, Ranjith sir is calling you to his cabin.” – said the attender.
“Okay. Tell him I will be there in 2 mins.” – replied Tarun.
“Okay sir.”

17:33 Hrs:

“Ranjith. You called me? What’s the matter?”
“Come in Tarun. Close the door and be seated. I want to continue the discussion we started in the morning.”
“Sure Ranjith.”
“Tarun. What’s your opinion on what we have discussed in the morning session? Do you really think we can resolve this? I mean. We have no clue at all of how and why things are happening like that and what they want are results. How can we do that?” – Ranjith asked Tarun very seriously.
“Ranjith. I have not gone into the details much deeper. After the meeting I went out and so couldn’t go through the file.”
“Okay Tarun. Let’s meet tomorrow on this.”
“Sure Ranjith. Will do the basic analysis tonight” –said Tarun and left the room.

20:49 Hrs:

Tarun reached home, got freshened up and they both started having their dinner.

“Yes Amu.”
“I feel like Sneha is trying to hide something from me.”
“What? Why will she do like that Amu?”
“No Tarun. Today at hospital, when the nurse called her to attend an emergency case, she took time to lock the reports in the locker. Why should she lock them up?”
“Reports are important and so maybe she locked them up.”
“I don’t think so Tarun.”
“Amu. We know Sneha from last 4 years and she is not only our family doctor. But also our friend. I don’t think she will hide things from us.”

21:11 Hrs:

“And… Tarun. I knew that even you know what’s in those reports.”

Amrutha said these lines to Tarun with a serious look on her face.

“What? What are you talking Amu. I dint even see the reports or talked about them. How can you say like that?”
“Did she call you in the afternoon?” asked Amrutha.
“No. It’s you who called me from her mobile.”
“No Tarun. Please don’t lie. When she gave her mobile to call you, I saw an outgoing call to your number few mins before that.”

Tarun remained silent. He has no answers for Amrutha’s question.

???: What’s in the report.
???: Why is Ranjith so serious about the discussion and the file.
???: Will Tarun reveal the secret to Amrutha.

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4 thoughts on ““Shadow of Truth” – Episode-9

  1. I loved the storyline, characters and all da suspense!! The best part is the way u narrate.. My only request is plz dont make us wait long.. An episode a day wud be better!!

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