“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-10

March 25th 2013 21:17 Hrs:

“There is nothing like that Amu. Why will we hide something from you?” replied Tarun.
“Then why did she call you?”
“When you said that Sneha is not there at hospital, I got tensed as you were alone and so called her. But, she dint pick up the call. So, she called me and at that time I couldn’t attend her call. That’s what happened Amu.”
“Yes dear. Don’t worry too much about that. She said that she would hand over the reports to senior doctor. Let’s wait for that.” -said Tarun and started coughing so as to deviate her from the discussion.

22:29 Hrs:

Amrutha finished her kitchen works and came inside the bedroom.

“Tarun. Dint sleep yet? What were you doing?”
“Nothing much Amrutha. I was just going through a file regarding the meeting that happened in the morning.”
“Okay. I am going to bed.”
“Okay Amu. It will take some more time for me. Need to finish this off.”
“Okay Tarun. Good Night” – said Amrutha and went to bed.
“Good night dear.”

23:01 Hrs:

When he confirmed that Amrutha fell asleep, Tarun came out of the room and dialed a number.

“Hello. Why did you call at this late night?” – The other person on the call.
“I want to talk to you something important.” – Said Tarun.
“What? What’s so important?”
“I don’t think we can do this anymore? We cannot hide this anymore.”
“What? Why are you getting worried now? You used to make me feel strong and now you are getting tensed?”
“Don’t know why? But, I somehow feel that the time has come for us to end this or else we will be jeopardy”
“Okay. Okay. Now you don’t worry and make me worry. We shall meet tomorrow and will talk on this. Okay?”
“Okay okay. I had to leave. She may get up.”
“Okay. Bye. Good night”

Tarun disconnected the call.

March 26th 2013 06:11 Hrs:

Tarun woke up and came near the hall.

“Amu. Good Morning”
“Good morning Tarun. Woke up so early? Why so?” – asked Amrutha reading the newspaper very busy.
“What were you reading early morning so interestingly?” – replied Tarun without answering her question.
“Come, see here.”
“What? What’s there?”
“See this. I feel this something similar to what Sneha was telling yesterday in the car.”
“What? Where? Let me see”
“See. Somewhere in Uttar Pradesh.”

Tarun took paper from her and started reading the news.

“How can someone kill people that brutally? So horrible that they cannot be identified.”

Tarun was not reacting to her talks. He was busy in reading the paper.

As Tarun was not responding, Amrutha looked for 2 mins and then went away from there to prepare breakfast and get ready for office

08:21 Hrs:

“Tarun. Can you come early in the evening or shall I go by the other car?”
“Amu. I can’t say exactly. Its better you take the other car.”
“Okay Tarun. I am leaving then. Breakfast is on the table and lunch is also ready. While going, pack it and go.” –said Amrutha and started to office.

10:11 Hrs:

“Good Morning Mam.” – An employee wished Amrutha.

“Good Morning. Is Rangaraj in?” – asked Amrutha.
“Yes Mam. He was in by 09:30.”
“Okay. I will be at my cabin. Call me if he arranges a meeting. He said some important assignment has come last week.”
“Sure Mam.”

Amrutha reached her cabin and started doing her work.

10:29 Hrs:

“Mam. Rangaraj sir is calling.”
“Okay. Will go” – replied Amrutha.

10:31 Hrs:

“Good Morning sir.”
“Hi Amrutha. Good Morning. Come in. How did you spend your weekend?”
“Ya fine sir. It went on well.”
“Okay. How is Tarun.”
“He is fine sir. Saturday he returned back from the camp.”
“Okay. Good. Amrutha, I still wonder how you people got together. I mean, your professions are opposite in nature. But, still you are together.”
“Professions have nothing to do with relations sir. And also we don’t talk or discuss anything related to office works at home.”
“That’s a very good thing. Okay. Shall we start?”
“Sure sir. I was waiting for it.”
“Amrutha. As I said, last week we got important information from the head office. And here is the related file.”

Amrutha took the file and started reading it.

After 2 mins,

“Sir, today morning I have seen a similar thing in the newspaper.” – said Amrutha.
“Yes Amrutha. Even I have gone through that. That is what the head office wanted us to figure out on how these things are happening and who is behind these activities.”
“Okay sir. Will first clearly examine the details and then we can have a detailed session in the afternoon.”
“Sure Amrutha. Carry on. We shall meet in the noon.”

Amrutha left to her cabin and was reading the file carefully.

11:07 Hrs:

“May I come in sir?” – asked Tarun standing at the door.
“Come in Tarun.” – said Ranjith wishing Tarun good morning.
“Sir, I have gone through the file. Shall we discuss now on that?”
“Sure Tarun. I am actually waiting for you.”
“Sir, if you clearly observe, there are 2 similar issues as of now. Did you observe that?”
“Yes Tarun. I too did an analysis on that. If you go deeper, there are many common things between them.”
“Sir, But, I dint see any similarities between them.”
“No Tarun. Observer closely, this is the first issue here and the second is here. The marks are almost similar in both. And also the timings are very similar.”
“Sir, but, both are at two different locations which are no way related to each other. And also we were not able to identify anything in both. So, I think we cannot come to a conclusion without getting further details. And also what I feel is that, we should try addressing them individually and then going further, we should think of mapping the similarities.”

Ranjith was thinking for some time and then he replied to Tarun’s statement.

“Hmm. what you said is also right Tarun. We shall first talk to both of them and then see how we can collate them.”
“Yes sir. That would be a perfect approach.”
“Okay Tarun. Can you initiate them?”
“Yes Tarun. Start working on them. We shall include others on the go.”
“Okay Sir, as you say.”

Said Tarun and was leaving the room. When he was about to leave, he stopped and.

“Sir. If you don’t mind, may I know from which office this was filed?”
“I actually don’t know the complete details Tarun. But, I heard that Delhi office has routed this through Chennai division.”
“What? Chennai division? But, these two are from two different states which are no way related to Chennai and how come they route it through Chennai division?”
“That’s what even I was not able to understand Tarun. We received this late hour on Saturday.”
“Okay sir. Do you know who is in-charge of this in the Chennai division?”
“I don’t know the complete details Tarun. Let me check it out.” – said Ranjith and went to his system to check out the further detail on the origin of the file.

After 2 mins, Ranjith found the information.

“A lady was handling this. The confirmation signature says that her name is Amrutha.”
“What? Sir? Can you come again?”
“A lady named Amrutha is handling this.” – replied Ranjith.

Tarun was shocked upon hearing the name.

???: Was Tarun talking to Sneha in the call.
???: What is the discussion about between Tarun and Ranjith.
???: How is Amrutha related.

#Secret Files


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