“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-11

March 26th 2013 13:04 Hrs:

When Ranjith uttered Amrutha’s name, Tarun remained silent for a moment. He asked one more question to Ranjith before leaving.

“Sir, when will be the next meet with the States?”

“Next meet is scheduled on Thursday (28th March) 10:30 Hrs.”

“Okay sir. Will dig deeper so that we can be a step ahead. And also sir, we may need to co-ordinate and form a team along with other states staff.”

“Yes Tarun. The same was discussed during the yesterdays meet. We are yet to decide on the team from our state.”

“Okay sir will meet you. Let me know the updates.” – said Tarun and left to his cabin.

“Sure Tarun. Stay focused.”

14:22 Hrs:

As discussed in the morning, Amrutha has gone through the file and did her basic analysis. As she was doing this, Rangaraj called her for the meeting that was scheduled post lunch.

The entire team gathered inside the room and they were waiting for Mr. Rangaraj to step in.

14:34 Hrs:

“Good after noon all. Sorry for the few minutes delay. Let’s get started. First of all, let me explain you the details of this assignment and then Amrutha will proceed briefing her analysis.”

“Yes sir.” – Everyone in the room replied.

“Okay. Here you go. We got this assignment from the Delhi office on Saturday. We immediately sent them a confirmation with the staff details who will be leading this. The base point is that, two incidents happened in the last 11 months. When we drew patterns, the results say that both of them have some connection between them. We have to find out why they were happening and also why the respective departments are not taking any actions on this. ”

As Rangaraj was explaining this, he was stopped by Amrutha.

“Sir, excuse me. I have some much more detailed information on this. Can I proceed?”

“Sure Amrutha. You can.”

When Rangaraj allowed her to continue,

“We got information only about 2 incidents. But, I have found some other incidents which are of a similar kind. Let’s get to the details of the recent incident. This happened in Uttar Pradesh 5 days back. 3 people were dead when they were travelling from one place to another. It happened on the outskirts of the state. Respective authorities say that it is an accident. ”

“How can they conclude?” – One among the team questioned.

“That’s what we need to figure out. They have clear explanation on the incident. I want each one of you to gather any relevant information regarding this incident and also about other incidents as quick as possible so that we can find the similarities and go ahead with detailed information.”

“Yes Mam.” – Everyone in the room replied.

“Okay. Good. Now, let me show you some other incidents which I found. As of now I couldn’t establish any connection. So, let’s not assume anything.”

Amrutha said this and projected something on the screen and started explaining about each of them.

“All of these are various accidents happened in the country in the last 2 years. None of them have any connection. But, I believe there is some bigger secret hidden behind them. Now, let’s get to each of them in detail.”

15:02 Hrs:

Picture I: AH 01, Banchari, Haryana 121106. Oct – 2011

“This happened in Banchari, Haryana on the Aurangabad State Highway 01. The vehicle is moving from Hodal to Aurangabad with 4 people along with the driver. As the vehicle was moving, driver observed a road block and so he stopped the vehicle. He, along with the person sitting in the front got down to clear the blockade. When they both were walking, suddenly they heard a blast sound. Vehicle caught fire leaving the 2 people inside dead.”

Picture II: Udaipur, Rajasthan. Dec – 2011

“The next one happened in a village called Ganeshpura in Udaipur, Rajasthan on the Ashok Nagar Road. Here, the vehicle is moving from Ayad to Ravindra Nagar with 5 people including driver. Driver noticed “Road under maintenance” board and so took a different route. Sources say that, during the transportation, the person sitting next to driver got a call. He got down and after few minutes the driver followed him. A brown colored lorry which is moving at high speed ran into their vehicle and the 3 people who are inside were killed.”

Picture III: Nilbagan, Assam. May – 2012

“Third incident happened in Nilbagan, Assam on the Howraghat road. In this incident, the vehicle is moving from Hojai to Howraghat with just 2 people inside apart from the driver. In this case, the sources say that the driver lost control of the vehicle. He somehow managed to jump out and escape whereas the others were not able to survive. They suffered a horrible crash.”

Picture IV: Karvi Rd, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. November – 2012

“The fourth one happened in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh on the Karvi Road. Here, the vehicle is moving from Karvi to Chitrakoot with 6 people including the driver. As like the 2nd incident, here the driver received a call. He said that the voice was not so clear and so he stepped out of the vehicle. After few mins, the 330KV power line fell on the vehicle leaving all of them sitting inside turning into ash. Driver ran into shock and even today he is undergoing treatment.”

As Amrutha was explaining about all those incidents, the entire staff remained silent and were carefully listening to her.

“Sorry to interrupt mam. I have a question.” – One among the staff questioned.

“Ya sure. Please go ahead.”

“Mam. Is there any time frame match between each incident or is there any equal intervals between each incident?”

“There is no particular time interval or not even a similarity between the locations.”

“Okay mam. Thank you. I guess we need to connect all these dots and establish patterns.”

“Yes. You are right. If we closely observe each of these incidents, there are some unanswered questions. In every case, some or the other way, driver and the other persons were saved. Also every incident is so cleverly framed like an accident.”

16:13 Hrs:

Tarun was completely involved in the details of the file trying to get some information from it. Meanwhile, his mobile disturbs him.


“Hey Tarun. You said we can meet today.”

“Yes. Yes. We should definitely meet. I am so worried that she may know about it very soon.”

“Don’t worry Tarun. I can understand. As discussed, let me do it. Then we can think of something else if it fails.”

“Okay. I am completely leaving it to you as I may be busy with some new task that has come in yesterday.”

“Okay Tarun. Don’t worry. Please concentrate on that. And at what time you will be meeting?”

“It may be late for me at the office. So, let’s make it at 20:00 Hrs.”

“Okay. Will be waiting for you. Bye”

16:25 Hrs:

At Amrutha’s office, everyone is involved in her explanation.

“Team. I have one major info on all these incidents. All these incidents have 2 main things in common.”

Immediately, everyone starts questioning her.

“What are they mam.”

“First thing is that, all these incidents happened in the mid night. And the next one is that each location is very close to a similar kind of buildings.”

???: Who is Tarun meeting

???: What are those similar buildings

???: What are those dots

#The Accidents


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