“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-13

March 26th 2013 21:21 Hrs:

Amrutha is busy in the kitchen preparing dinner for three of them. Whereas Tarun and Sneha were at the lawn talking something in low voice.

“Tarun. I prepared some fake reports to cover the truth from her.”
“Thanks Sneha. I got worried when she started questioning me that you were hiding something from her.”
“Don’t worry Tarun. That’s the reason you called me here. So, you don’t need to worry, I will take care of that.”
“You are my only hope Sneha. And by the way what did you tell her regarding the test results?”
“We haven’t spoken about that yet. Need to do that now and convince her.”
“Hmmm. That’s good Sneha. Hope she accepts.”

As they both were talking, Amrutha spoke from the kitchen room.

“Mr. Tarun and Madam Sneha the two thick friends, can you hold on your secret talks and come here to the dining table for dinner?”
“Yeah. Coming.” – replied both of them smiling at each other for Amrutha’s words.

When Amrutha saw them coming towards the dining table,

“Wow. You both came on the first call itself. Great.”
“Stop teasing Amu.”

21:45 Hrs:

“So, what are my results saying Sneha?” – Asked Amrutha.
“They are all fine dear. I spoke to the senior doctor; he said it can be easily done with treatment.”
“What treatment? How many days it will take?”- Replied Tarun.
“Wait Tarun. Let her finish.” – Amrutha
“It’s a very minor treatment. But the duration is longer as we may have gaps between each sitting. And so it may take maximum 90 days for the entire treatment and course.”
“90 days?” – Tarun replied like he was shocked.
“Yes Tarun.” – Sneha
“Sneha. After that everything will be fine right?” – Amrutha questioned Sneha.
“Yes Amrutha. It will all be fine and there will not be any more problem.”
“Then I am ready Sneha. I don’t want to drag this anymore. It has already been almost 5 years and I don’t want to be like this anymore.”
“Okay Amrutha. But, there is one little problem here.”
“What? What problem Sneha” – Tarun and Amrutha both of them asked the same question to Sneha.
“Treatment is currently not available in INDIA. And so we have to travel to UK and be there for 3 months.”
“What? UK? 3 Months? No…” – Tarun replied with so much anger.
“Tarun. Wait. Sneha, there is no other place in INDIA?”
“No Amrutha. From today morning I was in this work trying to track all major cities in INDIA whether this treatment is available. But was unable to find.”
“Then we have to go there as fast as we can and start this treatment Sneha.”
“What are you talking Amrutha. Its UK and that too for 3 whole months.”
“Tarun. There is no other choice left for us and I don’t want to lose options that came forward.”
“But, Amu.”
“No more thoughts on this Tarun. We are going for this. That’s it”
“Hey Amrutha. Don’t take immediate decisions. Both of you think deep and then come to a conclusion.”
“Yes Sneha. You are right. I don’t think we should just decide like that.”
“Tarun. How many more years you want us to be like this?”
“Amrutha. It’s not like I am not feeling for that. Even I feel for that every time. But, what I am saying is that lets not decide so quickly. Let us think for some days on this.”
“I don’t know Tarun. Every day that is passing me by is questioning me and I don’t want to keep them unanswered anymore.”
“Okay Amrutha. I understand that. Think about our jobs for these 3 months. Do you think we both will get leave for 3 months?”
“We should manage all those Tarun. I can get leave easily under the medical criteria. And we are flying that’s it. No more delays on this.”- Amrutha stated with anger.
“Amrutha. Be cool Amrutha. We will get through this. Don’t worry, I am there with you.”
“Sneha. Please make her understand. Managing leaves for 3 continuous months is highly impossible and that too some highly sensitive things started recently and I cannot leave them just like that.”
“Tarun. Even the same at my office. But for me, nothing is more important than this.”
“Amrutha and Tarun. Please stop arguing. Let me tell you one thing. I have a plan for this.”
“What is that Sneha.”
“Tarun. If it’s a problem for you to stay for 3 months, I can fly with her and be with her. Also if I am there, it will be better helpful for her.”
“What are you talking Sneha? Will it not be a problem for you? I guess you both are gone mad.”
“No Tarun. Listen. There is no problem for me. I can go there and learn advanced treatments.”
“What about Aravind? You said he is coming to INDIA in the April mid.”
“We can even manage that. I will ask him to come to UK and we will stay there. He said anyway he would be only for 1 week.”
“It all looks convincing Sneha. But, some where I feel little confusing.”
“There is no confusion Tarun. You both decide one last time and we can plan the dates.”
“Yes Tarun. Please agree. Please. Try to understand me Tarun” – Amrutha was trying to convince him.
“Okay Amrutha. Let me talk at my office once and then see if I could join you.”
“Yes Tarun. Even I should confirm once with my boss. Because at our office also some sensitive things are happening and we received a new assignment where I accepted. It just started growing and don’t know whether he will accept my leave in the middle of the crisis.”
“Okay Amrutha. Let us discuss about it and then come to a final conclusion.”
“Okay. Are you done with you argument? Now can one of you serve me? I am feeling so hungry?” – Sneha
“Oh. Sorry Sneha. Really sorry.” – Said Amrutha and served dinner.

22:56 Hrs:

After the dinner, Sneha was about to leave.

“Amrutha. I will start. It’s already too late.”
“Why don’t you stay back for tonight?” – Said Amrutha.
“No. Let me go, I can’t continue hearing your discussions.” –Sneha smiled at Tarun and Amrutha.

“Hey. I was just kidding don’t take it seriously. I have to start early to hospital tomorrow and so I better leave now.” – said Sneha and started walking out.
“Amrutha. I will drop her till the car.” – said Tarun.
“Okay Amrutha. Bye. See you soon. Let me know the details once you both decide. Need to plan the next things.” – Sneha.

22:59 Hrs:

Sneha got into the car and was about to leave.

“Tarun. I almost believed that it’s real when you were arguing with Amrutha.”
“I knew about her Sneha. If I say directly she will doubt on us and so had to play the reverse game to make her agree for the treatment in UK.And
I don’t know what I am doing Sneha. I don’t understand whether what I am doing is right or wrong. I am lying to Amrutha and that face I am not able to digest.”
“Tarun. Please stop thinking like that. All that you are doing is for her.”
“That’s the only fact which is driving me and making me do all these. And Sneha, Thank you so much for supporting me and standing by me.”
“Tarun. It’s all nothing when compared with what you did for me and also what you were doing. I almost lost myself when that incident happened. And you were the only one who stood with me and gave me energy and hope for living.”
“That’s okay Sneha. Don’t talk about that now. That was my responsibility and so I did my duty that’s it. Okay you leave. She will get a doubt if we talk for more time.”
“And by the way Tarun, why do you want me to take Amrutha out of country?”

???: Why did Sneha prepare fake reports
???: Why Tarun wants Amrutha to fly to UK
???: What happened to Sneha

#Fake Report


3 thoughts on ““Shadow of Truth” – Episode-13

  1. what sir???
    what a story??
    every thing is suspense??
    I read the entire story at a time……………
    when is the next episode??????

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