“Shadow of Truth” -Episode-16

March 28th 2013 14:43 Hrs:

Office of the Joint Commissioner of Police, Chennai.

“Sir. I am under control. What they are talking is about providing extra security to the cold blooded criminals. Which I think is not right decision.” – Tarun spoke out of anger.

“Yes Tarun. I completely understand you. But, do you think we could let this continue? We are here to protect people. Not to let them be killed by someone unknown.”

“Sir. What proofs we have that they are planned accidents. I mean, there are hundreds of people getting killed in road accidents every day. So, before we start protecting those criminals, we need to protect all of them. Our priority here should be those people and our meeting agenda should be about those innocent people not the cold blooded criminals. ” –Tarun was explaining to Ranjith in high voice.

“Tarun. I guess we are moving on the emotional track rather than the professional track. As like all the times, our job here is to follow the orders of superiors and not to go against them. Yes, we are given the power of aligning things that should make the country a better place to live. But that power is always streamlined from top to bottom. If each individual is given a chance to implement things their own way, then there is no point of hierarchy. So, let’s end this here and get back to the meeting post lunch.” – Ranjith has no other way to control Tarun except commanding him.

15:36 Hrs:

Post lunch, everyone assembles back to the Video Conference room and continued the meeting.

“Welcome back, as we don’t have much time to continue discussing on the pros and cons of the decision we made, let us first start with providing security to them in parallel with our collective efforts to identify the people behind these accidents. I request each region head to show their aggressiveness in closing this case with the help of their respective state subordinates under the supervision of your superiors. To be very frank, if you ask me personally, our main focus should not be on this. But, this is also part of our job and we have to make sure that we are not hit by the respective authorities who filed this report.”

Arpit Kumar, who is the center head for this is trying to motivate the team to close this at the earliest and also trying his best to not to demotivate them as most of them are opposing the decision on providing extra security to the criminals.

16:52 Hrs:

Before closing the meet, Arpit said one last sentence.

“I leave it to the region heads on the way they want to handle this case. Probably I could give one suggestion. You guys better meet up once and come to a conclusion to decide on the approach so that the results will be better and faster. The reason behind this is that we need to have some answers with us before the respective authorities come back to us. I am expecting a hit back from them sometime next week. So, we have to be ready to face them.”

“Yes sir. We will do our best in figuring out why things are happening this way. But, please don’t forget that our main focus will be on solving the problems rather than protecting the people who are creating the problems.” – said Mrs. Sruthi Choudhury.

After the meeting ended up, region heads had a separate discussion for about 30 mins. They decided to meet up at the earliest on finalizing the plan.

When it’s all done, Tarun and Ranjith travelled along. On the way, they were discussing on the approach of the case.

17:36 Hrs:

“Tarun. As we don’t have any cases reported of this kind, what are your plans on this?” – Ranjith.

“Yes sir, you are right. In the report that has been filed, there are no cases that fall under southern region. That doesn’t mean we should be relaxed. And it also doesn’t mean that we have to work on it. May be it will be better if I travel to any other region.”

“Yes Tarun. You are right. That’s a brilliant idea. Why don’t you start at the earliest and work on it. From the last few months, most of the cases are reported in the Northern region and so you better travel there as the chances of these kinds of incidents is high in those states.”

“Okay. Sure sir. I will plan for tomorrow evening. In the morning time, I will work on digging the archives so that we may find some clues whether those kinds of incidents have happened.”

“Good Tarun. Proceed with the plan. See you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Okay. Bye Ranjith.”

18:01 Hrs:

Tarun called Amrutha.

“Hello Amrutha. You reached safe?”

“Hi Tarun. Yes, I reached safe and started my work here.”

“So, what about you? How did the day pass on?”

“It went on fine Amu. I am now returning back to home.”

“Amu. Tomorrow morning I am traveling out of state on official purpose.”

“Oh. Thank god. I was actually worried that you will be struggling alone at home. So, when will you return back?”

“I may return on Sunday morning or Sunday evening. What about you.”

“I will be back by Saturday evening Tarun.”

“Okay. Then I will try returning back by that time.”

“Hey Tarun. I will call you back. I am still at work.”

“Okay Amu. Bye. Take care.”

“Bye Tarun.”

Amrutha disconnected the call.

18:13 Hrs:

“Sorry for the delay. I had to take that call. Let’s continue our talk.” – Amrutha.

“Yes Madam. When the accident happened, it was around 22:30 Hrs. Normally we do these kind of transfers in the noon. But, that day our jeep gave trouble and it took late evening to get it repaired. And so we have decided to do in the late night. The reason is that we don’t want to be blocked by the traffic in the evening times. As we are moving, suddenly our driver received phone call. As it was late night, he was tensed and so answered it. As the voice was not clear, he stopped the vehicle and stepped out. Our chief in-charge was on leave and so no one was there next to him. The other staffs were in the vehicle behind. After few minutes, suddenly the high tension power line fell on the jeep. All of us are completely clue less on how that happened.”

“Okay. I went through all those details. I want to know if there is any link between those people and the building near to which the incident happened.”

“Yes Mam. There is a connection. The case that was filed on those people was by one of them who lived in that building.”

“Is that so? Can I have the case file?”

¿¿¿: Crime is related to the people lived in those buildings.



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