“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-17

March 28th 2013 18:29 Hrs:

“Yes Mam. There is a connection. The case that was filed on those people was by one of them who lived in that building.”
“Is that so? Can I have the case file?”
“Yes Mam. But the case file is archived in the head office. You need to talk to Sruthi madam before we give you access to that.”
“Can I get her number?”
“Yes madam. I will give you. But she told that she has some important meeting today and asked us not to disturb her the whole day.”
“Okay. Just give her number. I will go to head office tomorrow and will look into that. Thank you. Before I leave can I have a copy of all those statements?”
“Sure Madam.”
“Thank you.” – Said Amrutha and left the station.

March 29th 2013 10:15 Hrs:

Police Commissioner Office, Old Katra, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211002.
“Good Morning Madam.”
“Yes. Good Morning. A women named Amrutha will be coming at around 11:00 Hrs. Send her to my cabin directly. Okay. ” – Mrs. Sruthi Choudhury, ASP.
“Okay Madam. Sure.”
“And also bring the CASE File of ID ZX025IN9 to my cabin.”
“Okay Madam.”

11:17 Hrs:

“Hi Sruthi.”
“Please be seated.”
“Thank you.”
“Here is the case file which you have asked for.”
“Okay. Can you give me some time before we start discussing? I just want to go through this once.”
“Sure Madam.”
“That’s fine. You can call me Amrutha.”
“Fine Amrutha.”

11:45 Hrs:

Amrutha went into the details of the case to get a complete idea on it. After some time,
“Sruthi. Can we discuss now?”
“Yes Amrutha. Tell me.”
“The case file tells that the people who filed case against those prisoners lived in the building which is near to where the incident happened. Can you detail me on that and also where they are now?”
“Exactly 9 months back, a case was reported at Karvi area and our department personnel have arrested 5 people. The hearings at court went on for 2 months. But, finally there was no progress because of lack of evidence. During November, the local police station received orders to move them to Chitrakoot on the day the incident happened killing all 5 of them.”
“Hmm. I went into the details. Do you have any people in mind who could be the planners behind this? I mean… Let me come to the point straight. Is there any chance that we could suspect the people who filed the case?”
“We dint start our enquiry in that angle. Actually we were still not sure whether it’s a planned one or not.”
“You are right. But our analysis on these kinds of incidents that happened in the last 2 years says that there is a 65% probability that they all are planned.”
“Yes Amrutha. We went through the report that was filed.”
“Okay. Let us come back to the point. Can we talk to the people who filed the case? May be we could get some clues.”
“They are not living there anymore. They left the place last October.”
“Oh. Is that so? Did we maintain any records of their new residence?”
“No Amrutha. We don’t have any records. They vacated the place without even informing to their neighbors.”
“What? You mean. We don’t have any traces on them?”

12:17 Hrs:

“Amrutha. As you are women. Can I talk to you off the records?”
“Ya Sruthi. Please.”
“As the case is a sensitive one, we dint drag it further. And also as you know that, in our country, people who are affected by the crime of that kind are more blamed by the society than the people who did that.”
“You are right Sruthi. I can understand that. Two years back, I worked in that department where I have witnessed many cases. Okay. I don’t want to dig the past. Regarding the case, please work on getting the information about them. May be it could make us land at right place.”
“Sure Amrutha. Will look into that. Is there anything else?”
“Nothing more as of now. Thank you so much for this.”
“It’s our duty.”
“I will be travelling back to Chennai tomorrow evening. If at all there is anything else I will give you a call tomorrow. Is that okay Sruthi?”
“Definitely Amrutha.”
“Okay then. I will leave now. Thank you so much for the support Sruthi. And nice meeting you.”
“Nice meeting you too Amrutha. Bye.”
“Bye Sruthi.”
Amrutha returned back to Chitrakoot. On her way, she calls all other teams to know the progress on the investigation of other cases. She collates all the information and works on preparing the report.

March 30th 2013 06:39 Hrs:

“Hi Tarun. Good Morning.”
“Hey Amu. Good Morning dear.”
“Hey Tarun. My work here is almost done. I will be returning to Chennai by the evening flight. What about you?”
“I will be starting by the Sunday early morning flight Amu.”
“Oh. Okay Tarun.”
“Hey Amu. I will call you later.”
“Okay Tarun. Bye. Take care.”
Amrutha disconnects Tarun’s call.

10:39 Hrs:

Amrutha is busy preparing the report. And suddenly she receives a phone call.
“Hi Sir. Good Morning.”
“Good Morning Amrutha.”
“Sir. I was about to call you on the progress of the case.”
“Amrutha. Did you happen to go through the news today morning?”
“No Sir. Anything serious?”
“Yes Amrutha. I guess we have got one more into the stack. There is a similar incident that happened last night and it is widely spread across the media.”
“Oh. I will go through that right now. Sir, my work here is almost done. I am returning back to Chennai today evening. I collated all the information from the teams. And there are some clues regarding those similar buildings. Sir, you can finalize the meeting for Monday morning.”
“Okay Amrutha. I will do that. Meanwhile I will work on gathering more information on this case.”
“Okay Sir.”
“Okay Amrutha. Bye. See you on Monday at office.”

April 1st 2013 09:17 Hrs:
(Monday morning at Amrutha’s Office)

Amrutha reached office and directly went into the meeting room where all her teams are waiting for her and Rangaraj.
“Hi All. Good Morning.” – Mr. Rangaraj.
“A very good morning sir.”
“We will get started team. Amrutha. Can you start with the collated report?”
“Sure Sir. The teams had done a great job in collecting the information from the accident sites.”
Amrutha explains about the information that has been gathered by all the teams and also about the collated report which she worked on.
“Sir, as we have discussed last week, the buildings at which the incidents happened are having a connection with the incident.”
“What? Is that so? Did you get any strong clues on that?”
“Yes sir. But, in two cases the connection is much stronger. Last time when we discussed, we don’t have any information on the connection between the locations and the people who are dead. And that’s reason we decided to not to send wrong signals to the world with our assumptions. But now we have complete information.”
“Oh. What is that?”
“Sir, all those 4 buildings in the 4 cases are either women’s hostel, college or girls high school. And the case that was filed on the people who got killed in accidents is by one among the persons who lived in those buildings.”

¿¿¿: Those similar buildings are related to women or girls.

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