“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-18

April 1st 2013 10:58 Hrs:

“Sir, all those 4 buildings in the 4 cases are either women’s hostel, college or girls high school. And the case that was filed on the people who got killed in accidents is by one among the persons who lived in those buildings.”
“What? Can you come again Amrutha?”
“Yes Sir. You heard it right. The following is the scenario.
1. Cases were filed by the people whole lived in those buildings.
2. Cases were not closed even after months of arguments.
3. The people who filed the case are no longer living there.
And this scenario is examined only in 2 cases.”
“Okay Amrutha. Very valuable information. If it’s so then we need to work on tracing the similar cases like these and inform the respective authorities so that they will take appropriate actions.”
“Yes sir. We will trigger that right after this meeting ends up.”
“Good. Let’s proceed.”
Amrutha explains about the information that all the teams had gathered. The discussion happened for about 3 hours. After the meeting, Rangaraj called Amrutha to her cabin.

13:14 Hrs:

“Sir, may I come in?”
“Yes Amrutha. Come in. Take your seat.”
“Amrutha. These are the details of the case which we discussed on Saturday. The incident happened in New Delhi last Friday at around 14:00 Hrs. Sources say that the prisoners are assaulted inside jail by inmates and also one of them tried to hang him-self. Considering this, the court has ordered to move them to a high secured prison. When they were moving them, suddenly the petrol chamber of the van caught fire and exploded killing 4 of them. One of them got admitted in hospital with 75% injuries. But the next day we got news that he dint survive.”
“Sir. This is getting too dangerous. I mean there is some master mind behind these. We have to push hard and make them control these activities. If this continues, then there will be no courts and laws. Everyone will start imposing their own punishment.”
“Yes Amrutha. You are right. I want you to take complete lead on this. But, as you were planning to go on a leave for 3 months, I am still in discussion with the head office regarding this.”
“Sir, I understand the complexity of this. I will rethink on my leave plan and will inform you by tomorrow. Even I don’t want to leave things in the middle and go.”
“Okay Amrutha. Waiting to hear positive note.”
“Sure Sir.”
“Amrutha. I have given you access to the case files. Please go through them.”
“Okay sir. I will take care.”
As she was leaving to her cabin, many thoughts were running in her mind. She was not able to decide on the priorities. Personal life or professional life. She thought of calling Sneha to inform her on this.
“Yes Amrutha. Tell. I was actually waiting for your call.”
“Sneha. I do not understand what to do.”
“What happened Amu?”
“There is a highly sensitive case running here which I am handling at the top level. And so I can’t leave it just like that. And so I want to discuss with you whether we can plan the treatment after few weeks.”
“Amu. It’s all in our hands. Please don’t worry on that.”
“But I don’t want to drag it anymore. At the same time I can’t …”
“Amrutha. Don’t get worried thinking about all those things. Its better you discuss with Tarun on this.”
“Yes Sneha. I will do that. But before that can you please confirm whether there will be any problem if we postpone it by few weeks.”
“Amu. Don’t think on this and start worrying. I will talk to Sr.Doctor regarding this Amu. Just be relaxed.”
“Thanks Sneha. I will call you after sometime.”
“Okay Amu. Take care.”

15:04 Hrs:

When Amrutha disconnected the call, Sneha immediately dialed to Tarun.
The same time Amrutha also tries reaching Tarun. But, Tarun was busy talking to Ranjith on the incident that happened 2 days back.

15:09 Hrs:

“Sir. I studied the report on the case we received in the morning. I also spoke with Prateek Agarwal two hours back. He said he is still at the hospital. I asked him to send the further details.”
“Okay Tarun. I still don’t understand how it happened. This will spread a very –ve opinion on our department. If we cannot protect the prisoners that are in our hands, how can we protect others?”
“Sir. You are right. And I am looking into the details now. Someone else is trying to do our job. And we are not able to trace out.”
“Sure Tarun.”

15:16 Hrs:

Tarun was not answering Sneha’s call. So, she decides to message him.
“Hi Tarun. Call me back immediately when you are free. It’s regarding Amrutha.”

15:17 Hrs:

“Tarun. We have to make sure there will be no such case reported in our region at least. Please send a message to all the states to tighten the security. We should catch the people behind this. We cannot let this killing spree go on.”
“Yes sir. I will do that. Will send them this message to all the stations right now. “
“Okay Tarun. Start working on that. We shall meet later.”
“Sure Sir. Bye”

15:22 Hrs:

After stepping out of the room, Tarun looked at the missed calls and messages.
“Hi Sneha. What happened?”
“Hey Tarun. I was waiting for your call.”
“What happened Sneha? Is anything wrong?”
“Did Amrutha call you?”
“Ya, I have her missed calls too. But then I saw your message and called you.”
“She called me.”
“What’s the matter Sneha? What did she tell?”
“She asked me to contact the Sr. Doctor regarding postponing the treatment in UK for few weeks.”
“What? I mean. Why is that so?”
“She said, she is handling some critical case and cannot leave it in the middle.”
“But, that’s the whole point Sneha. Moving her out of the case is the base behind this. Sneha, can we meet now regarding this?”
“Ya sure Tarun. You can come over to hospital I will be here till 20:00 Hrs.”
“No Sneha. Not in the evening. I am coming right now.”
“Okay Tarun.”

16:03 Hrs:

“Hey Tarun. Come in.”
“What did she tell Sneha? Whatever it may be, we cannot let this happen. We need to move her out of the country to ensure her safety and wellbeing.”
“Tarun. Why are you getting so tensed? Please be seated.”
“Sneha. The case she is handling is so sensitive. We cannot let her continue to work on this.”
“What Tarun? What are you talking? According to what I know, you both never discuss anything about your jobs right. Then how come you know about the case that she is dealing?”
“I cannot tell you all that Sneha. But, it’s not good for her if she deals this. That’s all I can tell you now.”
“What?  What are you talking Tarun? What is happening? Last time when u said you want to move her out of country, I dint ask you much as I knew about u and also her problem. But, now I suspect that there is something beyond that. Tell me what’s happening.”

*** Guess Amrutha’s profession…

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