“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-19

April 01st 2013 16:27 Hrs:

“What?  What are you talking Tarun? What is happening? Last time when u said you want to move her out of country, I dint ask you much as I knew about u and also her problem. But, now I suspect that there is something beyond that. Tell me what’s happening.”

“Sneha, I almost lost her twice. I cannot let that happen again. I don’t want to take any more chances. If she continuous dealing and digging deeper in this case, then it would become a serious problem to her.”

“Tarun. I don’t understand anything. I know about Amrutha’s situation. But I don’t know what is that case and how do you think going to affect her. And also how do you know about the case she is handling. I think they will be highly confidential.”

“Yes. They are confidential. But the case she is handling is of our departments. So, I will know each and everything that’s going on.”

“Tarun. I still don’t understand anything. How can you be so confident that the case she is handling can lead her to problems?”

“Sneha. All you know is about the thing that happened 2 yrs back. But, there is something beyond that which only I and Aravind knew about it.”

“What? Aravind? What are you talking Tarun?”

“Yes Sneha. First time I met Aravind is on the day of Mumbai Attacks.”

November 26th 2008 23:40 Hrs:

That was the day where Mumbai was attacked by some unknown terrorists killing several people and injuring many more. And that was the attack in which I also lost almost everything. My parents and my lovely sister became the victims of the car bombing attack. On the day, I took Amrutha to hospital. That was the first time she was about to meet them. But then she had no chance to see them at all. After I explained her about what happened, she ran to the mortuary room to see them. But she ran into shock seeing the dead bodies there. We couldn’t even able to identify them properly.

Dr. Ramkumar, who is the in charge that night, tried controlling Amrutha. But she was behaving completely weird and was trying to avoid everyone. She is completely in an uncontrolled state. They had no choice but to give her anesthesia to calm her down.

Doctor called me inside to talk regarding her.

23:58 Hrs:

“Hi Doctor. How is she now? What happened to her?” – I asked the doctor many questions as I am totally worried about her.

“Hi. I am Dr. Ramkumar. Please sit down.”

“Thank you doctor. Please tell me how is she now.”

“What is her name? Are you her husband?”

“She is Amrutha. And I am Tarun. She is my would-be and we were getting married in couple of months. But then it all happened this way.”

“Tarun. Relax. I can understand your situation. But then now you have to pay more attention on her.”

“What happened Doctor?”

“She is in a deep shock and we were not able to control her.”

“I called Dr. Aravind who is the psychology specialist. He will be here any minute. Once he examines Amrutha, then we can have much more detailed information about her situation.”

“Doctor. Can I see her once now?”

“Ya sure. Go ahead. But don’t disturb her. When Aravind arrives, we will be there.”

“Okay Doctor. Thank you.”

I went into the room where Amrutha was there. She is in deep sleep as she was given anesthesia to control her. I was just watching her sitting next to her. Mean while, two doctors came in. It was Dr. Ramkumar and some other person next to him.

“Tarun. This is Aravind. He will be examining Amrutha.”

“Tarun. Can you wait outside for some time?” – Aravind

Dr. Aravind and Dr. Ram Kumar were inside for about an hour talking something seeing the reports and Amrutha. I was waiting outside watching them through the door.

Trin… Trin…


“Hello Tarun. How is the situation there.”

“Sir. I was about to call you. I cannot explain things now. Please tell me what is the situation there? Do you need me? If so I am ready to be there any minute.”

“No Tarun. You be there. The Center has called in for NSG’s (National Security Guards). They will be here any minute. We also called in ATO and RAW.”

“Okay sir.”

“Okay Tarun. Will call you later.”

After almost an hour, Aravind came out of the room.

November 26th 2008 02:18 Hrs:

“Doctor. What happened to her? Is she alright now?” – I asked Dr. Aravind eagerly as I was worried about her situation.

“Tarun. Can we talk in our room?” – Aravind said to me and took me to his room.

“Doctor. Is it anything serious?”

“Tarun. Please relax. Let me explain you the situation first.”

“Okay Doctor.”

“Did she behave this way earlier?”

“No Doctor. Actually we met only 8 months back. And were about to get married.”

“Okay. Do you know about her past life?”

“No Doctor. She is an orphan. She grew up in Belgaum District in Karnataka. Completed her education at Karnataka Law Society.”

“Okay. Apart from all these things, do you know any particular incidents that took place in her life?”

“No Doctor. Not exactly. And…Doctor, you can explain me in detail. I can take it.”

“Okay Tarun. See, she is a very sensitive and emotional girl by nature I guess. And the problem she has is related to that.”

“Yes, she is emotional girl. But, how the problem is related to that Doctor?”

“Actually, these types of symptoms are seen in BPD patients. But, I cannot tell you 100% whether it’s the same case with her. I need to run some analysis on her before I confirm this.”


“Sorry, BPD is Borderline Personality Disorder which is also called emotionally unstable personality disorder which is a personality disorder characterized by unusual variability and depth of moods. People of this type are emotionally weak or we can say they are highly sensitive. The way they behave in those times is highly unpredictable. Self-harming is one of the core diagnostic criteria. And the most important thing is that, in these kinds of patients this can take place with or without their intent. People with BPD can be very sensitive to the way others treat them, feeling intense joy and gratitude at perceived expressions of kindness, and intense sadness or anger at perceived criticism.”

Observing the changes in me on hearing this, Aravind understood that I am getting more worried about her and then he started explaining me in general terms.

“Tarun. To be simple, this psychological problem occurs when something happens to the people she love most. Then they turn emotional to such a high extent that she loses control and her brain starts functioning in an abnormal way. And please don’t start worrying as nothing is confirmed until and unless I perform analysis. So, please be relaxed. And as you were saying you dint see this kind of behavior in the last 8 months, I guess this is not a major in her. Now, we are witnessing it because what happened today. So, there is nothing more to worry on that.”

¿¿¿: Borderline Personality Disorder



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