“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-22

Recap of Story:

The story goes round in major cities of India between Tarun and Amrutha who are husband and wife. Tarun is a Police Officer whereas Amrutha is also working women whose designation not yet disclosed. They both unknowingly work on the same series of murder cases that happened in different parts of India. All the victims of murder cases are criminals who were believed to being killed while they are being transferred from one jail to another.

Amrutha has a psychological problem which Tarun gets to know only when his parents faces brutal death during in car bombing on the day of Mumbai attacks. Sneha, is a doctor and is a friend of Tarun’s.

Tarun is trying to send Amrutha out of country with the help of Sneha as he doesn’t want Amrutha to work in the current case as he is afraid that it may affect her health because of the psychological problem she has.

Sneha who also started helping Tarun, now goes against him and demands him to explain the exact reason behind that. Tarun then starts explaining the story that happened in Bangalore 3 years back. Tarun and Amrutha gets settled in Bangalore. One day he gets to know that Amrutha is pregnant.

(Please read the previous epi’s for the complete story)


August 15th 2010 13:14 Hrs:

“wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. That’s the best news I ever heard.” – Tarun said these words looking at Amrutha.
“Enough of exchanging looks. First I need treat.” – Sneha.
“Sure Sneha. This is a biggest moment to celebrate.” – Tarun.
“Yeah Come. Let’s go.”
“Hey Sneha. Call Rachana also.” – Amrutha.
“Yeah. Perfect Amrutha. Let me try reaching her.”

13:40 Hrs:

Tring… Tring… Tring…

“Hello Sneha.” – Rachana

“Hi Rachana. Where are you?”
“I am in office Sneha.”
“Office? Today also?”
“We have a Go-Live this week dear. Tell me whats up?”
“I am in Bangalore.”
“Bangalore? You dint even tell me that you are coming.”
“I just came like that Rachana.”
“Okay. Are you at Amrutha’s house?”
“Yes Rachana. There is big news here.”
“What’s that Sneha.”
“Amrutha is pregnant.”
“Wow. So many surprises on this special day.”
“Yeah. We planned for lunch and so called you so that you can join us.”
“Ayyo. Really sorry Sneha. Cant step out from office till these things get finished.”
“Oh Okay Rachana. Try to finish them early and join us at any time today. Okay?”
“Ya sure Sneha. Will try to complete at the earliest.”
“Bye Rachana.”

Sneha disconnected the call and explained the conversation to Amrutha. After that, they three stepped out and started for lunch.

14:32 Hrs:

They reached the Barbeque Nation at Koramangala. All three of them were exchanging talks and enjoying the moment. While they were busy having fun, Sneha gets a call. She suddenly turns silent after seeing the call. Realizing it, Tarun asks.

“What Sneha. What happened? Why did you become silent all of a sudden?”

Sneha still remains silent without uttering a word.

“Sneha. What happened dear.” – Amrutha asks her by holding her hand.
“Tarun. Amrutha. I need to tell you one important thing.”
“What’s that Sneha?” – Both of them questioned.
“I am sorry for hiding this all these months. But now it’s time for me to tell this to you before you both know.”
“Tell Sneha.”
“I am in love with a guy and planning to marry him.”
“Wow. That’s good news. Why dint you tell us till now. Who is that guy?”
“You both know him.”
“What? We know him ah? Who is that Sneha? Don’t make us tensed.”
“What?” – Both Tarun and Amrutha were shocked and looked at each other.
“From when Sneha. All these months we had no clue at all. Aravind also dint tell about this.”
“I only told him not to tell until we get clarity and finalize it.”
“That’s really good news Sneha. Aravind is a good guy. I am very happy for both of you.” – Tarun
“Thank you so much for understanding.” – Sneha
“Where is Aravind now? Two months back when I spoke, he is at Mumbai only.” – Tarun
“Now he is at Delhi. He applied for Specialization in Neuropsychology in the University of Melbourne. He is busy with VISA and other formalities. Once he is done with that he told he will get 3 months of free time. Next month we are planning to talk with mom and dad.”
“Wow Sneha. Things are going so fast and you are telling us at the last minute.”
“Nothing like that Tarun. I just want to make sure things are smooth and then tell everyone.”
“Ya. You are right Sneha. That’s fine. So one more reason for us to celebrate.” – Tarun said these words and smiled at Sneha.

Amrutha also smiled looking at Sneha and holding her hand.

“Sneha. Everything goes fine. Don’t worry. Aravind is really a best choice for you. And we are there to take care of things. Be happy dear.”

December 12th 2010 16:14 Hrs:

Even though it’s a Sunday evening, Tarun was busy at office working on planning for the New Year celebrations security as it is a very important thing for days like that. He gets call from Sneha.

“Hello Sneha. Where are you?”
“Tarun. Me, Amrutha, Rachana and Aravind are going for shopping. Can you join us?”
“No Sneha. I cannot join now. We have briefings till late night and also we have mock drill and so cannot join. Very sorry Sneha.”
“Hey. That’s fine Tarun. Carry on. We will drop Amrutha at home after the shopping.”
“Okay. Take care of Amrutha. Don’t make her walk at all.”
“Sure Tarun. I will take care. Don’t worry.”
“Okay Sneha. Bye.”

22:30 Hrs:

Sneha disconnected the call and four of them went for shopping at the Forum Mall near Koramangala.

Their shopping went on till 10:30PM. And after that, they dropped Amrutha at home and then started their drive to drop Rachana.

23:11 Hrs:
Electronics City, Bangalore

Sneha and Aravind dropped Rachana at her house and just started the car.

Rachana walked till the door. She searched her bag for the keys. Then she realized that she forgot the keys in the car. She immediately ran out to check for them. By that time, the car crossed the street. She immediately started calling to Sneha’s mobile.

“Hello Rachana.”

“Hey Sneha. Keys are in your bag.”
“Oh. Sorry Rachana. Wait 5 mins. We are returning back.”
During the call itself, Sneha is signaling Aravind to reverse the car.
“What happened Sneha?” – Aravind asked Sneha seeing her getting worried.
“Keys are with me Aravind. She is waiting. Turn the car back.” – replied Sneha.
“Oh Okay.” – Said Aravind and reversed the car to reach Rachana’s house.

23:27 Hrs:

Sneha and Aravind returned to Rachana’s home. Sneha got down the car and started searching for her.

After a minute, seeing that Sneha was not able to find Rachchan, Aravind also got down.

“What happened dear? Where is she?”
“I told her to wait here Aravind. She is not there. Don’t know where she left.”
“Don’t get worried dear. May be she went into some neighbor’s house.”
“No Aravind. She doesn’t know anyone here. She shifted here very recently as it will be near to her office.”
“Call her mobile dear. Be cool.”
“This is not a safe place Aravind. I already told her. But as she has to stay late nights in office due to heavy works, she shifted here.”
“Let’s call to her mobile Sneha.”
“Yes. I am dialing.”

Aravind hears the mobile tone somewhere nearby.

“Hey Sneha. I am hearing the ring somewhere here.”

They both started searching in the direction they were hearing the ring of the mobile.

After few steps, Aravind gets shocked seeing mobile and her belongings lying on the road few meters away from her house.

¿¿¿: What happens to Rachana

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