“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-23

Recap of Story:

The story goes round in major cities of India between Tarun and Amrutha who are husband and wife. Tarun is a Police Officer whereas Amrutha is also working women whose designation not yet disclosed. They both unknowingly work on the same series of murder cases that happened in different parts of India. All the victims of murder cases are criminals who were believed to being killed while they are being transferred from one jail to another.

Amrutha has a psychological problem which Tarun gets to know only when his parents faces brutal death during in car bombing on the day of Mumbai attacks. Sneha, is a doctor and is a friend of Tarun’s.

Tarun is trying to send Amrutha out of country with the help of Sneha as he doesn’t want Amrutha to work in the current case as he is afraid that it may affect her health because of the psychological problem she has.

Sneha who also started helping Tarun, now goes against him and demands him to explain the exact reason behind that. Tarun then starts explaining the story that happened in Bangalore 3 years back. Tarun and Amrutha gets settled in Bangalore. One day he gets to know that Amrutha is pregnant.

They all celebrates the moment and in the middle Sneha tells about her love with Aravind. Tarun and Amrutha feels bit surprised but then feels happy for that. Few months later, Aravind arrives at Bangalore to meet Sneha. Amrutha, Sneha, Rachana(Sneha’s friend) and Aravind goes for shopping and then after dropping Amrutha, drops Rachana at her home.

Rachana realizes that the key is with Sneha and so she calls her. Sneha and Aravind drives back to give her the key. But then after reaching they couldn’t see Rachana anywhere. Sneha calls to her mobile and then Aravind finds that the mobile and her belongings are lying on the road few blocks away.

(Please read the previous epi’s for the complete story)

December 12th 2010 23:29 Hrs:

Aravind hears the mobile tone somewhere nearby.

“Hey Sneha. I am hearing the ring somewhere here.”

They both started searching in the direction they were hearing the ring of the mobile.

After few steps, Aravind gets shocked seeing mobile and her belongings lying on the road few blocks away from her house.

Noticing this, Sneha comes running towards Aravind.

“Aravind. What are these? Why are they lying here? What might have happened to her?”

Sneha’s started getting tensed about Rachana. She searched the nearby places. But, couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Sneha. Sneha. Come here.” – Aravind.

Seeing Sneha getting worried, Aravind starts calling her back.

“Sneha, come back here. We have something here.”

She immediately runs back to Aravind when she heard those words from him.

“What is it Aravind? Did you find anything?”

“Look at this place, there are many foot prints and a car tire prints.”

As Aravind was explaining his analysis on the situation, Sneha takes her mobile and starts dialing a number.

“Hey. Whom are you calling?”

“I am calling Tarun. He is the best help for us now in this situation.”

“Okay. Okay. Call”

23:35 Hrs:

That day, even though it’s a weekend, Tarun was busy that day at the office due to security plan.

“Hello Sneha. Got into train?”

“Tarun… Tarun…”

“Hey Sneha. What happened?”

“Tarun. Tarun. Rachana is missing.”

“What? What are you talking Sneha. I do not understand”

Sneha is so tensed that she is not getting words to explain the situation to Tarun. Aravind, who is looking in the corners nearby for some clues, came to Sneha, took the mobile and explained the situation to Tarun.

“Aravind. Just stay there. I will contact the nearest team and will send them there. Where are you exactly?”

“Hold on Tarun.”

Aravind was searching the nearby places to find out a location point landmark to share with Tarun so that he can trace it easy and send his team over there.

“Tarun. We are at Narayana Reddy Layout, 1st Main Road. We have an ICICI Bank ATM nearby Tarun.”

“Okay. Okay. Just stay there Aravind. I am calling my team nearby. They will reach there any minute. And also I am starting immediately. Don’t go anywhere.”

23:40 Hrs:

“Control room. Come in. Control Come in. Over”

“Control room responding.”

“Hello. Tarun here.”

“Yes Sir. Tell me Sir.”

“I want you to patch me through to the nearby unit of Narayana Reddy Layout, Electronic City.”

“Sure Sir one minute.”

“Hello. Patch me to my WT. Not to my mobile.”

“Okay sir. Sure”

“Tarun Sir. Patched Unit-7 to your WT.”


23:43 Hrs:

“Hello. Unit-7. Respond. Over”

“Unit 7 here. Over”

“This is Tarun here. We have an emergency situation at 1st cross Main road, Narayana Reddy Layout. The land mark is ICICI Bank ATM. Over”

“Moving sir.”

“I am on my way. I will reach there in next 10 mins. There is a male and female aged about 25 to 28 years there. Reach them.”

“Okay Sir. Over”

“Stay in this FQ with me.”

“Okay Sir.”

23:43 Hrs:

Tarun was driving at the maximum speed to reach Aravind and Sneha. After dispatching the unit, he is in line with them to make sure things don’t go wrong further.

“Hello Aravind.”

“Ya Tarun.”

“Just stay there. My team will reach there any minute. Explain them the situation. I am on my way and will reach in next few minutes.”

“Okay Tarun. Will do that.”

“Aravind. Is Sneha fine?”

“I am trying to control her Tarun. I guess after you come she will be alright a bit.”

“Okay. Okay. Just 5 mins. I will be there.”

23:49 Hrs:

Tarun reached the place and by that time, his team started examining the place and the situation.

Seeing Tarun, Sneha came running towards him and started crying.

“Sneha. Sneha. Listen. Stop crying. Nothing will happen. We will trace her out. Don’t worry.”

“It all happened in five minutes Tarun. And I am the one to be blamed. I forgot to give her the keys.”

“Sneha. Wait. Let me work with my team. And stop thinking in –ve sense. Nothing will go wrong.”

23:51 Hrs:


“Yes. What’s the situation?”

“Sir. These are lying in this place 3 meters away from the house. And also there are multiple footsteps over there. We guess there could be at least 4 to 5 people involved.”

“Okay. Did you alert the teams around the check points?”

“Yes Sir. We did that. Alerted all the teams around the city and instructed them to inspect each and every vehicle passing by.”

Tarun started examining the place. He looked at each and every corner searching for some clues.

December 12th 2010 00:02 Hrs:

“Aravind. You and Sneha stay here. Two of our men will be here guarding outside.”

“Sneha. Don’t call Amrutha and don’t tell her anything about this. I told her that I will be running late in the mock drill.”

“Okay Tarun. Please call us as and when you have some updates on Rachana.”

“Don’t worry Sneha. We will do the best.”

00:11 Hrs:

“Sir… Sir…” – one of the team members came running to Tarun holding something with him.

“Sir. I have found this duppatta in the next turn.”

“Sneha. Is this Rachana’s?” –Tarun was getting it confirmed from Sneha.

“Ya Tarun. It’s hers”

“Okay. Go inside. Be safe”

00:14 Hrs:

Tarun and his team moved to the street where they have found the duppatta and observed the area more clearly.

00:19 Hrs:

“There are some rough tire prints here. I guess the vehicle moved at high speed and so at the turn the tire marks are clearer. Let’s go this way. Let’s try tracing this direction.”

“Team. Two of you stay here and the rest lets split up in different directions. Call the control room and ask for an additional team who needs to be dispatched to the right end exit corner of the city. Also tell them to set up FQ-Channel at 3 for all of us.”

Tarun is mobilizing all the teams to various directions of the city and also to the exit corners of the city.

“Kidnappings have become very frequent in the city from the past two years. Especially women of age between 20 to 30. Bangalore, which is the fastest growing city due to vast spread of IT companies, is other way becoming dangerous for women.”

00:48 Hrs:

“FQ-Channel-3 team come-in. FQ-Channel-3 team come-in.”

“Tarun. Here.”

“Sir. We have got info from the people around here that a vehicle with around 5 to 6 people in it crossed this CP at high speed 45 mins ago.”

“Okay. Follow the track.”

“Yes sir.”

“Stay in this channel and keep updating me. We are moving there.”

06:33 Hrs:

(After 6 hours)

“Aravind. Please call me when after u see this text. And please move away from Sneha.”

06:35 Hrs:

“Hello Tarun. Tell me.”

“Sneha is not next to you right?”

“No Tarun. She is not there. What happened Tarun? Anything serious?”

“I don’t understand how to tell this.”

“What happened Tarun? Please tell. We are tensed whole night.”

“We found her.”

“Oh. Okay. How is she? What happened?”

“She is badly hurt by 5 people. We caught one and trying to trace others.”

“What? What are you talking Tarun. How is she now?”

“I am not able to explain Aravind. Now taking her to the hospital. You and Sneha come there. Our guards will escort you to the hospital.”

07:07 Hrs:

Aravind and Sneha reached the hospital. Sneha is in heavy pain and was crying badly.

“Tarun. Where is Rachana? What happened to her?” – Sneha.

“She is under treatment Sneha. Wait here.”

“What happened to her Tarun. Please tell me. How is she now? Treatment for what?”

Sneha is continuously asking the same questions to Tarun. Aravind is trying to control her.

07:09 Hrs:

Tarun was trying to control his anger and pain. But as Sneha was continuously questioning him. He replied her in high voice and anger.

“How can I tell you that we failed to prove proper security to the city and because of that she is gang r****d by 5 bastards. We were not even able to catch them except one. I feel ashamed of myself and my department. The situation she is in is because of us. She is badly hurt by those guys.”

¿¿¿: Being a women

#Women & Security


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