“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-24

December 12th 2010 07:09 Hrs:

Tarun was trying to control his anger and pain. But as Sneha was continuously questioning him, he replied her in high voice and anger.

“How can I tell you that we failed to provide proper security to the city and because of that she is gang r****d by 5 bastards. We were not even able to catch them except one. I feel ashamed of myself and my department. The situation she is in is because of us. She is badly hurt by those guys.” – Tarun.

Sneha lost control of herself on hearing those words from Tarun. She started weeping out loud and was running to see Rachana. Aravind was trying to control her.

07:16 Hrs:

“Sneha, stop. She is undergoing treatment. And you cannot see her now.”

“No Tarun. I want to see her now. Please let me see her.”

“Sneha. Please listen to me. You cannot see her in this situation.”

Tarun and Aravind were trying hard to control Sneha and stop her from seeing Rachana. As this was happening, a bunch of media people were trying to rush inside to question Tarun.

07:20 Hrs:

“Sir, Sir, What happened Sir? How did this happen?” – Media

“Sir. What is the situation of the girl now?” – Media

“Sir. What is the department doing?” – Media

“Did you catch any of those criminals? What is the action the department is going to take?” – Media

As the media people were trying to rush in and posting questions to Tarun, the other people in the department were trying to control them by not allowing them to enter into the hospital.

Noticing this, Tarun came out to reach the media and answer their questions.

07:20 Hrs:

“Hold on. Please. One by one.” – Tarun.

“How did this happen sir?” – Media

“She, along with her friends went out for shopping and their friends dropped her at her house at around 22:40 Hrs. When she reached the door, she found out that the key was with her friend. Then she called them to come back and handover the key. By the time their friends reached back, a gang of 5 people saw her waiting outside at that late night and grabbed her into the car. She tried to defend them. And in that process her bag and phone fall down to the ground.

When their friends came back, they noticed that she was not there. They tried reaching her through mobile. Then they heard the sound nearby and then found out her belongings lying on the ground.

They immediately reached out to us. All our teams started searching for her by some traces. We alerted all the check points at the city outskirts. After 4 hours of search, we found her 23kms away from the border of the city at a damaged building near the rail track. When the gang noticed that the police were coming to them. They escaped from there. However, we were able to catch one among them. And now we are interrogating him and will soon trace out the other 4. We will not leave any of them and will bring them to justice.

The girl was badly hurt by them. She is now in ICU undergoing treatment. Once she is fine, we will get to know more details. ” –

Tarun explained the whole scenario to the media.

“Sir. Do you agree that night patrolling team and also the whole department failed in this case?” – Media.

“Listen. These kinds of situations don’t happen by giving an alert before. And yes. We failed in this case. And will make sure these kinds of situations will not happen again.” – Tarun.

“Sir. How is the girl now? What is her situation?”

“She is undergoing treatment in the ICU. Will get to hear from the doctors very soon. That’s all for now. We will keep you updated. Thank you. Thank you.” – said Tarun and went inside.

07:33 Hrs:

“According to the words from Special Officer Tarun, the girl was gang r***d by 5 people at the outskirts of the city. The girl was badly hurt and was undergoing treatment. Here it clearly explains the failure of the police department in providing security to the women in city. And also these kinds of harassments on women are increasing day by day in the city turning out the city as unsafe to women. Police needs to take serious action on these criminals immediately instead of revolving round the courts for years.” – Reporter Shalini with Cameraman Pratap, CNNINN Bangalore.

07:45 Hrs:

“Aravind. Amrutha is alone at home the whole night. I will go to her and will be back in an hour. Okay” – Tarun

“Sure Tarun. Go ahead. We will be here.” – Aravind

“Sneha. Please control yourself. I can understand the situation. But, we need to be a support to Rachana in this situation. And if we are like this. Then imagine her situation.” – Tarun

“Okay Tarun. Please go and see Amrutha. I will be here. I can be some help to the doctors if at all they need me.” – Sneha

“Ya. That’s good. Okay Sneha. Will be back in an hour.” – Tarun

08:24 Hrs:

Tarun reached home and stepped inside with the key he has with him. Amrutha was sleeping and Tarun took his dress to fresh up. On hearing the sound, Amrutha woke up.

“Tarun. When did you come home?”

“Just now dear. We had drill whole night and so it became late.”

“This is not late. This is called next day.” – Amrutha said and smiled at Tarun.

Tarun is showing no reactions and trying to hide himself from Amrutha as he don’t want to give any clue to Amrutha about the situation.

“Tarun. You missed a lot of fun yesterday night. Rachana and Aravind were teasing Sneha a lot. Aravind is so funny guy and he loves Sneha a lot. Rachana is a very naughty girl. We had a good time yesterday. I thought you will be joining us.”

“Mmm. Good Amrutha. I had lot of work yesterday and so was unable to join.”

“Okay Tarun. That’s fine. Where are you rushing now? You will be going back again?”

“Yes Amrutha. Need to go back. Lot of pending works.”

“ Take some rest dear.”

“Amrutha. Are you taking the pills on time?”

“Yes Tarun. Don’t worry. I am taking care of your baby very fine.”

10:02 Hrs:

Tarun went back to hospital. Rachana’s situation is still worse. In the late evening at 19:30 Hrs, he went to his office to complete some formalities and from there, he went to his home to see Amrutha.

23:02 Hrs:

Tring… Tring…

“Hello. Tarun here.”

“Tarun. This is Aravind.”

“Ya Aravind. Tell. What happened?”

“You need to come over here right now.”

“What happened Aravind? Is everything fine?”

“Please come fast Tarun.”

23:42 Hrs:

Tarun reached hospital. It was so crowded with the media and other people from the department. Aravind was waiting for him at the entrance.

“Aravind. What happened?” – Tarun

“Sir. How did this happen sir? Your department failed again?” – Media

“Is this because of your carelessness or the hospital people?” – Media

“Who should be blamed for this Sir?” – Media

“Hold on. Wait. I will answer all your questions. Wait”

Tarun and Aravind were walking inside.

“Aravind. What happened?”

“Tarun. Rachana is dead.”


“Yes Tarun. She removed oxygen mask herself. Doctors were in rounds and asked no one of us to disturb her and so we were waiting outside. And suddenly we heard the beep sound. By the time we went inside, she was dead.”

¿¿¿: Is it suicide or murder

#Value of Values


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