“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-26

December 13th 2010 07:42 Hrs:

After searching all the rooms, Tarun stepped into his room and was shocked to see Amrutha.

“Amruthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” – Tarun

On hearing Tarun’s voice, Aravind went running inside.

“Oh My God!” – Aravind

Tarun and Aravind were shocked to see Amrutha lying on the ground with the whole room shattered like anything.

Tarun quickly called for an Ambulance service. They both lifted Amrutha and made her lie down on the bed.

08:11 Hrs:

Tarun was searching for the file and started gathering all the papers that were lying on the floor. After few mins, they heard the Ambulance siren; Aravind went out and guided the people to the room where Amrutha was lying down.

They moved Amrutha into the Ambulance whereas Tarun was still searching for the missing papers in the files. Ambulance people were just about to start and then Tarun came out running after he found out all the missing papers of the file.

Tarun was about to lock the door and leave to hospital with Amrutha.

“Tarun. Wait.”

“What happened Aravind? We have to go.”

“Yes. I know. You just go with the Ambulance. I will join in few minutes.”

“What? What happened?”

“Tarun. Just go. I have found out something. I will directly come to the hospital. Just tell me the address once you reach there.”

“Okay Aravind. I am leaving. I will be at the hospital. Don’t tell anything to Sneha yet. I will call someone from my department to collect the file.”

“Okay Tarun. Hurry up.”

Aravind has found out something when they were about to leave from the room. After Tarun left, he searched each and every room and especially in which Amrutha was lying down.

08:40 Hrs:

Tring… Tring… Tring…

“Tarun. Where are you? Did you reach hospital?”

“Ya Aravind. We just reached. Did you start from the house?”

“I am just starting Tarun. I will go to Sneha. She is alone there.”

“Okay. That’s a good thing. Go there and finish those things. I will call you later.”

09:10 Hrs:

Aravind reached the place where Sneha and Rachana’s parents were there for the funeral of Rachana.

“Where is Tarun?”

“He is there with Amrutha and will join us after sometime.”
“Okay. Is everything fine?”

“Ya fine.”

Aravind was trying to hide it from Sneha as she was already in heavy pain with the loss of Rachana.

Sneha noticed that Aravind is thinking of something deep.

“Aravind. What happened? You are thinking of something very deep and not responding to me properly.”

“Is everything fine there?”

“Fine Sneha. Everything is okay.”

“No Aravind. You are trying to hide something from me. I could figure it out from your actions.”

“There is nothing like that Sneha. No sleep from last 2 days and so just feeling tired that’s it. Don’t worry dear. Stay with Aunt and Uncle. They need our support now.”

“Okay Aravind.”

10:12 Hrs:

Sneha is with Rachana’s parents trying to make them comfortable. It was not easy for her to console her as Rachana is their only daughter. They were also not aware that Rachana committed suicide by removing oxygen mask.

Aravind is looking after the arrangements there and then suddenly he gets call from Tarun.

“Hello Tarun. How is the situation there?”


“Hello. Tarun. Are you okay? What happened?”
“The baby is dead Aravind.”

“What? Tarun? What are you talking? How is Amrutha now?”

“She is behaving very odd Aravind. Its better if you can come over here.”

“Tarun. I will be right there.”
“What will you tell to Sneha?”

“I will manage her somehow Tarun. You don’t worry. I will be there at the hospital in the next 30 mins.”

“Okay Aravind. Thank you so much.”

10:27 Hrs:


“Yes Aravind.”

“Tarun called me. He has to go for a press meet at his office right now and so he called me to collect the file.”

“Okay. Come back soon Aravind.”

“Sure Sneha.”

Aravind drove so fast to reach the hospital as he was tensed about Amrutha and Tarun.

11:13 Hrs:

Aravind reached hospital and enquired about Amrutha at the reception.

“Hi. Can I know in which room number patient named Amrutha is admitted?”

“Gynec ward, Room No 217 Sir.”

“Thank You.”

11:17 Hrs:


“Aravind. Where is Amrutha? Who is looking after her? I want to meet the doctor right now.”

“She is in the ICU. Doctor is inside.”

“Okay. You stay here. Let me go inside and talk to the doctor.”

“Is there anything serious?”

“No Tarun. Nothing to worry. Just let me go and meet the doctor.”

11:19 Hrs:

“Doc. Can I come in?”

“Please wait out. Do not disturb the patient now. She is behaving weird. We are trying to calm her down with more dose of Anesthesia.”

“No No No No Doctor.”


“Doctor listen. I am Doctor Aravind, Psychiatrist. Amrutha has a problem and I am treating her. You have to let me in. I have some information regarding what happened to her today.”

“Oh. Okay. Sorry. Please come in.”

“Thanks doctor.”

11:23 Hrs:

“Doctor. Please don’t give her more dose of anesthesia.”


“Can I get the basic test results of her?”

“They will be out at any minute from the lab.”

“Okay. Can you allow me to talk to her alone?”
“Okay Doctor. I will be out.”

11:27 Hrs:

Aravind tried controlling Amrutha with his words and tried to make conversation with her. But she was not responding to his questions. She is continuously asking the same question.

“Where is my baby?”

“Amrutha. Listen. Baby is not healthy and so they had to keep her in incubator. Please relax. She is fine.”

“I want to see my baby now. Please allow me to go and see my baby.”

“Amrutha listen. Trust me. Baby is safe. Doctors are looking after her. Just talk to me.”

“No. I want to see my baby now.”

“Amrutha. Amrutha. Listen. Tell me what happened in the morning. How did you fall down on the ground.”




Aravind had almost two hours of discussion with Amrutha. After all the talks, finally Amrutha went into a deep sleep. Aravind stepped out of the room and the doctor and Tarun were waiting outside.

13:17 Hrs:

“Doctor Aravind. Amrutha’s reports are out.”

“Okay. Let’s go and talk inside. I have a lot to discuss.”

“Okay Doctor.”

“And, Can I talk to any senior doctor here?”

“Okay Aravind. We shall meet in the cabin.”

“Thank you. Please call up Tarun also.”


“Yes. That’s okay. He knows about Amrutha’s problem. And I have to tell this to him.”

“Okay Aravind. Give me 5 mins. I will arrange it up in the cabin next to ICU.”

13:29 Hrs:

Tarun, Aravind and the senior doctor met in the cabin and were talking about Amrutha. Aravind is explaining about Amrutha’s situation.

13:42 Hrs:

“Aravind. The report says that the child was dead because she consumed a mixed variety of medicines.”

“What?” – Tarun.

“Tarun. Wait. You remember the situation in Mumbai right? The same thing repeated here.”

“But, Aravind. Why is it so?”

“Because she saw the pics of Rachana from your file and also read the whole report.”

“Oh my God. It was completely my mistake. So, you mean to say, she ran into the same psychological problem and out of control she drank a mixed variety of medicines?”


“It’s not just only that. There is a bigger picture.”

“What is that Aravind?”

“She dint try to kill herself.”


“She tried to kill the baby inside her.”


¿¿¿: Why did she try to kill her baby



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