“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-27

December 13th 2010 13:59 Hrs:

“It’s not just only that. There is a bigger picture.”

“What is that Aravind?”

“She dint try to kill herself.”


“She tried to kill the baby inside her.”


Tarun was shocked on hearing this. He has no words to speak when Aravind was explaining about what happened that day morning with Amrutha.

14:11 Hrs:

“Doctor Aravind. What are you speaking? I mean. How can a mother kill her own baby?”

“Yes. Even I am not able to believe this. I have to run more analysis on this by running more sessions on her and try to figure out why exactly she did like this.”

“Aravind. I thought after we moved to Bangalore, she is recovering. But then now again?”

“Tarun. I can’t just use the casual line and say Everything is fine. Yes, I know it’s a big loss and that to when it comes this way, Yes it will be shocking thing. But we have to figure out why and how this happened. I guess there will be a strong reason behind this. Let me sit with her for few more times. Then we can get the exact update.”

“Okay Aravind. What is her condition right now?”

“She is fine now. And the best part is she won’t remember anything that happened.”

“Aravind. So, what should I answer if she asks about the baby.”

“I am thinking the same in my mind from last 2 hours.”

“Doctor. How is her physical health condition now. Can you examine her now and tell us so that we can decided what to tell her about the baby and what happened.” – Aravind.

“Yes Doctor. That would be helpful for me to answer her questions.” –Aravind

“Aravind. How stable is she now mentally. I mean, when she wakes up and asks me about the baby. Can I tell her that the baby is no more to us?”

“Tarun. As I told u, in these kind of cases, the patients forget completely what happened and what they did in those kind of situations and so don’t worry about her situation. She is al fine now.”

“But still I am not able to establish a link on why did she do it like this.”

“Tarun. We will figure that out. Don’t worry. First let’s get her back to normal stage and let her know about the baby.”

“What should we tell her about the baby?” – Tarun

“Doctor. I know this is a tough questions to ask. But, we don’t have any other choice. What kind of scenario should I tell her now about the baby so that she don’t run into shock again.”

“Tarun and Aravind. Yes, it is a real tough question for me to answer. Actually speaking, I am running blank now.”

“Doctor. Please try to figure out an answer for this. As you said, she may woke up any minute. And at that time, I need to be there next to her with an answer for all her questions.”

“Tarun. I can understand your situation. Just give me a couple of minutes so that I will figure out what can be done now.”

“Okay Doctor. Thank you so much.”

“Tarun. I will leave now. She will start getting more questions in her mind if I am here. I will go and be with Sneha. Will meet you in the evening.”

“Okay Aravind. I completely forgot about Sneha. Please go and be with her. I will call you once Amrutha wakes up.”

“Okay Tarun. Take care. Anything emergency call me, I will come immediately.”

“Okay Tarun. Take care of Sneha. Tell her that I am struck in the legal formalities at head quarters.”

“Sure Tarun.”

Aravind left from there leaving Tarun in a tough time. Tarun is facing a real tough situation as he is not understanding how all this happened and what he should tell to Amrutha regarding the baby.

14:43 Hrs:

Tarun is waiting outside when the nurse is examining Amrutha on her physical strength and health condition to confirm how stable she is to know the truth.

15:08 Hrs:

“Sir. She may come into consciousness in next 5 minutes. You may now go inside.”

Tarun went inside and got seated next to Amrutha’s bed and looking at her with the same thought running in his mind regarding what he should tell her about the baby.”

15:11 Hrs:

After just 2 minutes, he heard the sound of door. When he looked at it, he saw the doctor making signs to call him outside.

Tarun was making signs back saying that Amrutha may get up any minute.

Doctor was still continuously making signs requesting him to come out.

15:12 Hrs:

“What happened Doctor?”

“Tarun. I know what I am doing is not right. But I don’t have any other choice left with me.”

“What Doctor? Tell me clear. I am not able to understand?”

“Tarun. Let us put the baby inside incubator and tell her that the baby is not grown completely and so had to keep her in the incubator for observation.”

“Doctor. But?”

“Yes Tarun. I understand that we are trying to fool her with the dead baby. But now I am thinking more like a woman and more like a mother rather than like a doctor. We don’t have any other choice with us right now other than this.”

“Doctor. I am not understanding how to react.”

“Tarun. We don’t have a choice. We need to get this ready by the time she comes conscious.”

“Okay Doctor. As you say.”

“Okay. I will get this done as quickly as possible. If she comes conscious make her believe that the baby is not physically grown and so she was kept in incubator and there are only very few chances for the baby to survive.”

“Dcotor. But, what to tell her about why we had to go for a surgery in the middle of 8th month.”

“Tarun. Tell her that she fell down and so had to go for surgery and there was no other option to save the baby and the mother.”

“Okay Doctor.”

“Okay Tarun. Go and be with her I will make arrangements.”


“Tarun. I can understand your situation. What we are doing is right. To save Amrutha, we don’t have better choice than this. Just go inside.”

“Okay Doctor. Thank you so much for all the help.”

“It’s my duty to take care of my patients.”

Tarun left from there and started walking toward the room in which Amrutha was there.


“Yes Doctor.”

“Be strong.”

“Okay Doctor.”

15:24 Hrs:

Tarun came inside the room and sat next to Amrutha. After few minutes, Amrutha gained consciousness.

“Tarun. Why are we here?” What happened to me?”

“Amrutha.. Amrutha..”

Amrutha was looking around the surroundings and started questioning Tarun. She then suddenly looked at herself and was shocked to see that there is no baby inside her.

“Tarun. Where is the baby? What happened to me? Why are we here?”

“Amrutha relax. Amrutha listen. Listen to me.”

“Tell me where is my baby.”

“Amrutha listen. Calm down. Let me explain you what happened.”

As Amrutha is losing control, Tarun caught her hands and was trying to calm her down.

“Amrutha. Listen. Baby is undergoing treatment. She is placed in incubator.”

“What? Why? How did this happen.”

“Amrutha. You fell down to the ground. I rushed you here and the doctors said they had to do surgery and take the baby out to save her. But then the baby was not physically strong and so they kept her in observation.”

“I want to see my baby Tarun. Take me to my baby.”

“Amrutha listen. You should not move now. They will bring the baby here. Don’t worry. Just calm down.”

Amrutha tried to get up from the bed. But then her surgery stitches started giving pain when she was trying to get up.

“Amrutha. Just relax. They will bring the baby here once they confirm she is safe.”

April 01st 2013 18:12 Hrs:

(Present. Where Tarun is telling the flash back to Sneha)

“Tarun. So, that day you showed me in the incubator is a dead baby?”

“Yes Sneha. I don’t have any other choice that time.”

And then after 2 days, we told Amrutha that the baby is dead.

“Tarun. Why you dint tell all this to me before?”

“Sneha. Look. I am sorry for hiding the truth. But then I want you to be with Amrutha as a support to her and so dint tell you the truth. If you also know the truth, then you cannot be free with her. Always the truth will follow you like a shadow keeping you disturbed which I am facing from 2 years.”

¿¿¿: Shadow of Truth Follows…



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