“Shadow of Truth”- Episode-28

April 01st 2013 18:12 Hrs:

(Present. Where Tarun is telling the flash back to Sneha)

“Sneha. Look. I am sorry for hiding the truth for 2 years. But then I want you to be with Amrutha as a support to her and so dint tell you the truth. If you also know the truth, then you cannot be free with her. Always the truth will follow you like a shadow keeping you disturbed which I am facing from 2 years.”

“Tarun. I am really sorry for not understanding you. I never knew that there will be this much of story behind Amrutha. As I was always with her, I thought I know everything. Even Aravind never told me about this at any time. “

“Yes Sneha. Aravind knows all these things. But then we both decided to not to tell this to any one and so he had to keep this as secret even from you.”

“I understand Tarun. If you have told me before then I may not be normal with Amrutha as that truth keeps playing in my mind whenever I see her or whenever she talks about that.”

“Yes Sneha. It keeps haunting me. In the initial days I was even not able to face Amrutha and look into her eyes as I feel I have done a big mistake by fooling her with our dead baby. But then I don’t have any other chance. At that point the only thing that was in my mind is to save Amrutha no matter what it takes.”

“Tarun. But then one day you have to tell Amrutha about what happened. I don’t think we can hide this forever.”

“Yes. You are right. We cannot hide this for long time. But, I am trying all ways to keep this away from her. Whenever she talks about children, I try to divert her. If she is still continuing then I am shutting her down by behaving that I am angry on her. It’s really a tough thing to face her when she talks about children.”

While Tarun and Sneha were talking about what happened to Amrutha and their baby 2 years back in bangalore, one of the nurse at the hospital comes running to Sneha.

18:29 Hrs:

“Madam. Madam. Madam.”

“What happened Riti.”

“Madam. Madam.”

“Riti. Calm down. Tell me what happened.”

“Madam. There was a new case reported just now. It’s horrible Mam. I am not able to see with my eyes.”

“What case Riti. Tell me clear.”

“Mam. A girl who was beaten so hard is bought to our hospital now. She was taken to the ICU. Doctor Mitra wants you to be there right now.”

“I am not clear Riti. What happened. Come, let’s go. Tarun you wait here. I will come back”

“No Sneha. Let me also come with you.”

“Okay come. Riti. Tell me what happened. What case.”

“Madam. It’s a r**e case madam. The girl was beaten so hard and she is now hanging between life and death.”

“What? R**e case. Did any police person come along?” – Tarun

“Yes Sir. There are some police persons who came along with the ambulance.”

Tarun started walking fast to know about it. He reached the ICU and tried to get inside to see the girl. But then he was stopped by a nurse outside saying he cannot get inside.

“Let him go inside. He is from the Police department.” –Sneha

Tarun went inside and saw the girl who was hurt so hard and was almost at dying stage. He started becoming angry.

“Tarun. Calm down. Wait outside.”

“I am sorry Sneha. I will step outside. I will go and talk to the police on what happened.”

Tarun went out of the ICU and met the police men who brought the girl to the hospital.

18:47 Hrs:

“Good Evening Sir.” – Police men started saluting to Tarun when they saw him coming towards them.

“Good Evening. What happened?” – Tarun

“Sir. We got a call at around 17:30 that someone saw a girl lying on the ground who is badly hurt and blood all over her. We immediately reached the place and bought her to the hospital.”

“Did you identify the girl?”

“No Sir. We dint think of that at that moment. We rushed her here seeing her condition.”

“Okay good. Check her belongings and try to run an identity her.”

“Yes sir. Sure.”

“Okay. Update me on her condition every now and then. I am going to the head quarters to meet Ranjith.”

“Okay Sir.”

Tarun let the place and headed towards Head Quarters at full speed.

18:56 Hrs:

Tarun called Ranjith immediately when he started from hospital.

“Hello Sir.”

“Yes Tarun. Where are you?”

“Sir. I was at the hospital to meet my friend and then suddenly I saw a girl being bought here for treatment.”

“Yes Tarun. I came to know that few minutes back.”

“Sir. I am coming to Head Quarters to meet you.”

“Come Tarun. Actually I was about to call you.”

“Me? Why Sir?”

“You come here. We will discuss.”

“Okay sir. I am coming. Will be there in 30 mins.”

19:34 Hrs:

“Tarun. Come in.”


“Sit down Tarun.”

“Sir. I want to talk to you regarding these cases.”

“Tarun. Before you start, I want to discuss on the case which is running right now.”

“What Sir?”

“Tarun. There is an emergency meeting scheduled tomorrow between our department at all regions and the other department.”

“Sir. I never understand one thing. Here people are being killed brutally by those people and we are taking hours and days to work on the accidents that happened to them. Isn’t this sounding weird?”

“Tarun. I understand this from your standpoint. But then we don’t have a choice. We have to be part of this as this is filed on us.”

“Sir. I came here to ask you for a special permission to sweep these kinds of cases and provide security in the city.”

“Tarun. Let’s see what happens tomorrow and then we will definitely focus on this.”

“Sir. Why is this sudden meeting without a prior notice.”

“Tarun. They claim that they have a strong evidence on who is behind these accidents.”

“Evidence?” – Tarun

¿¿¿: What is that Evidence



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