“Shadow of Truth” -Episode-29

April 01st 2013 19:57 Hrs:

“Tarun. Let’s see what happens tomorrow and then we will definitely focus on this.”

“Sir. Why is this sudden meeting without a prior notice.”

“Tarun. They claim that they have a strong evidence on who is behind these accidents.”

“Evidence?” – Tarun

“Yes Tarun. Head Office has scheduled this emergency meeting so as to close this as early as possible before they come and report another case.”

“Okay sir. We will do that. I will meet you tomorrow.”

“Okay Tarun. Meet you tomorrow.”

“Yes sir.”

21:04 Hrs:

Tarun came back to hospital to know about the situation of the girl who was admitted in the hospital. He noticed that the hospital is all silent. He walked towards one of the person of his department and asked about the girl.

“What happened?”

“Tarun sir. We couldn’t save her.”


“She is dead sir.”

“Oooh no.”

Tarun remained silent and started thinking about her.

“Do we have any progress on finding who did this?” – Tarun

“No sir. Our team is still working on this.”

“Okay. Call me immediately when you have some update on this.”

“Okay sir.”

April 02nd 2013 06:14 Hrs:

“Good Morning Tarun.”

“Good Morning Amu. Why did you woke up so early?”

“We have a meeting at 10:00 Tarun. Need to rush there.”

“Okay. So, what about your medical leave Amu? Did you ask regarding that again?”

“No Tarun. Right now we are in the middle of sea. I hope this will get completed soon as we are very near to solve it.”

“Okay. Fine Amrutha.”

09:11 Hrs:

Tarun reached Police Head Quarters and went straight to meet Ranjith.

“Good morning sir.”

“Good morning Tarun. Come, sit.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Tarun. Are you ready for this? We have to close this and move on to other priority things.”

“Yes sir.”

10:03 Hrs:

Office of the Joint Commissioner of Police, Chennai

Everyone got assembled in the meeting room and the meeting was about to commence in next few minutes.

10:05 Hrs:

“Good morning everyone. Thanks for joining in such a short notice. As we all know we are running a high end search to find the people behind these accidents that were happening in the various parts of the country. We got news that there is some string evidence gathered by the department who filed the report against us. They will be here any minute.”

“Sir, before we start on this, can I talk for a minute?”

“Yes Tarun. Please go ahead.”

“Sir, right from the start to till now, I do not understand one point.”

“What is that Tarun?”

“There are so many other priorities in the country and why are we setting up meeting, a special team and discussions on those accidents which I don’t think are of higher priority than others.”

“Tarun. Yes, you are right. But then we work under Home Minister and so we have to obey their orders and can never go against them.”

“But sir, in the time we are spending for this. There are lot more innocent people being killed sir. Yesterday night a girl was brutally killed by some unknown idiots and still we dint take any action on that.”

“Tarun I totally understand your anger.”

“According to me, this special team should work on catching and eliminating these kind of people rather than working on some random accidents.”

As Tarun was explaining about what he felt on the current situations happening in the country, he was interrupted by a person.

“Sir, those people reached. They are heading towards this meeting room.”

“Okay.” – Ranjith

10:16 Hrs:

“Welcome Rangaraj. Please be seated.”

“Hi All, this is Rangaraj, Regional Head, Human Rights Commission.”

“Rangaraj. You can take over now.”

“Thanks Ranjith. Hi all, Good morning. Let’s come straight to the point. As you all know we are working on this case from last few weeks. Finally, we have got strong evidence which helps you to catch the people behind these accidents.”

“Okay. Can we see the evidence Rangaraj?”

“Yes, one of our members is bringing it. She is on the way.”

10:19 Hrs:

“There she comes. She is Amrutha, Special Officer, Prisoners Welfare Department, Human Rights Commission.”

“Good morning all. I am Amrutha.”

Amrutha gets shocked on seeing Tarun sitting in the same room. They both exchange typical looks.

“Welcome Amrutha. Can we see the evidence?” – Ranjith

“Yes sir. Sure. Before that I want to explain few things.”

“Okay. Go ahead.”

“Lights off please.”

Amrutha is projecting some photos as part of the evidence she gathered regarding those cases.

“There are many points which we have noticed during the investigation. In all these incidents, no police men have been injured. The killers have taken a real good care on the plan to make sure no police person gets injured. Next is that in all these cases the prisoners were being moved from one location to another jail. When we enquired, we got to know that these transfer orders are fake. The timing, place and the plot of these accidents are well planned and well executed as like by a highly trained professional. ”

“Did you document all these Amrutha?” – Ranjith

“Yes sir. Here is the complete file on these cases.”

“Okay. Thank you Amrutha.”

“Now I will show you some footages which got captured at Delhi 4 days back by traffic cams. Here, if you see in this footage, there is a person who is attaching something to the van tire when it got stopped at a signal. Later we found that it a time set, self-destructing piece of equipment that will blow out your car tire after a specified time. We tried running closer and deeper analysis on this footage. But then we decided that you are the best people to do this and so handing over to you.”

“Okay. Sure. We will dig deeper on it.”

“I just have one important point on this. It’s the same set of people who are doing this across India. These people highly trained in creating plots and also know very well about how your department works and even all the loop holes in your department.”

“Thank you so much for all the information Amrutha and Rangaraj. This will definitely help us in progressing and catching the people behind this.”

Tarun was just hearing all the discussions without uttering even a single word.  The discussion ran for about 2 hours. After that, Amrutha and Rangaraj left the Police Headquarters. Post lunch discussion is between the police department on how to progress in this case.

12:19 Hrs:

As soon as the first part of meeting was over, every one left the room for lunch finalizing that they will be assembling back at 14:00 Hrs.

Ranjith looked around the meeting room searching for someone. He couldn’t find that person in the room and so stepped outside to search. He was walking through each room so as to find that person.

12:21 Hrs:

“I don’t think we can hide this anymore.”

“What happened? Why you telling like this?”

“They got the complete report on all the cases and also that evidence footage is strong. It can burst this out if they start analyzing it.”

“Why are you worried so much? Everything will be fine. Don’t worry.”

“I am not worried about anything. My only worry is that if this comes out, how can we face the world.”

“Hey hey hey calm down. Don’t worry. We can do this. It’s all in our hands. We can turn this upside down. We will not leave any of them alive.”

“But, I don’t think we can drag this any longer. At some point of time, this will get out.”

“Yes, this will get out and this should get out. And that day, every idiot should be afraid of touching a girl or either seeing a girl in that sense.”

“I do not understand your confidence behind this.”

“It’s not confidence, it’s the anger, it’s the pain that I see in the victims eyes. It’s the anger that I see in their eyes, it’s the wish that I see in their eyes that those people should be punished for the crime they have done.”

“Okay. I understand you. Let’s do this no matter what it takes.”

“Yes. That’s what I want. Don’t worry about anything. I will take care of it and also we have someone else to take care about us. Let’s keep the mission going.”

“Okay sure.”

“Hey, wait wait, sir is calling. I will call you back.”


“Hello sir. Thanks for calling back.”

“Yes. Tell me, why you called me.”

“Sir, what shall we do regarding the evidence?”

“Even I was thinking the same. I guess the time has come to burst this out.”

“No sir. I don’t think so. Because, if we do that now, we cannot continue this anymore.”

“Yes, you are right. And we have lot more to clean sweep.”

“Yes sir.”

“Anyway that evidence is now with us. I am trying from higher authorities to get the case to our hands.”

“Yes sir. Do that as fast as you can. It can help us to continue. And also sir, can we do one more thing?”

“What is that?”

“Can we make that women get out of this case? I guess if she continues to investigate, then she will become a problem for us.”

“What? What are you talking?”

“Yes sir. We should do something and make her step out of the case.”

“But why? That department will not become a problem for us anymore if we can get this transferred to our department.”

“But still sir. I want her to be out of the case before she becomes a big problem for us. She is trying to dig much deeper and point shoot us.”

“Hmm. What you say is also right. But then why are you becoming so angry? Let us see how it goes forward. Then we can think of it.”

“Sir, this is a very high request from me. Please do something to make her move out of this case.”

“How can we do that?”

“We will prove that the total investigation is wrong and the evidence is also not at all matching.”

“Why do you want to put that much blame on her? We cannot do this way.”

“We have to do whatever it takes sir. I want her to be out of this case at any cost. I tried all various ways to stop. But then now I don’t have any other choice except you.”

Ranjith hears some sounds from the room when he was walking that way and walks towards the door. As soon as he opens the door, he sees Tarun speaking to someone on phone.

“Hey calm down Tarun. Why are you this much worried about her taking this case up?”

“Because she is my wife sir. I almost lost her twice and I don’t want to put her in risk again.”

***: Prisoners Welfare, Human Rights Commission



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