“Silent LOVE…” – $3

“Hello Suchi. Joining formalities are over and just now the introductory welcome speech was also over.”

“Okay Good. So, did you like the environment there?”

“This is just my first day Suchi. Let me see how things will go further.”

“Okay. Try learning adjustments here and there Prudhvi. Never forget that always everything will be in your control.”

“Suchi. You always tell the same thing and I am never listen. Then you do you keep telling?”

“Prudhvi. Telling you is my choice and listening to that or not is your option.”

“Okay Suchi. I will call you later.”

“Okay Prudhvi. Take care.”

“Suchi. I love you.”

“Love you Prudhvi.”

Suchi is like my best friend always. Whatever it is, I share with her. She always convinces me that life is to adjust here and there. Life is to take what you get instead of always striving for what you want. We have this discussion every now and then. She ends up telling some lines and I end it up by not listening to it.

Even though I am not a silent guy, I don’t immediately get into people and make friends with them. I need to study them, understand them and then start talking with them. But, the fact is everyone is not that way. People started talking to each other, started knowing about each other and even started making friends with each other. Slowly after few days, I started getting along with the people in my batch. As most of us are from different states and regions, I started knowing about their cultures, interests and customs.

Days are just going on and on. People from various units and levels are visiting the academy and taking sessions on various things and trying to make us stay updated with all the latest happenings around the world. At the academy, we are being forced to take exams every 5 days.

Finally, the day has come for us to start doing what we are here for. The beautiful, informative, fun filled academy days have come to an end. And it’s now time for us to move on to respective job roles. Every one received information on where to report and after we reached there, we were briefed on what is our role and responsibility.

(After 2 weeks)

Even though the academy was over, I am still feeling this as academy because, even here the only thing I was being asked to do it to learn, learn and learn. The task that is being given to me is to learn, know and explore each and every nook and corner. As this is going on like a hard rock, the day to celebrate has finally come. During college days, I never knew that there will be outings, parties and team lunch/dinner at IT companies. My only perspective is that at IT people will just sit right in front of systems and play with the keyboard.

Organizing committee of the Meet & Greet initiative has set up a meeting with all the new joiners of various projects.


Some lady from the group started her speech.

“Hope you are doing well in your respective roles. I have some very interesting news for all of you. At our company, we have this excellent initiative called ‘Meet & Greet’ which we will be organizing once in a year where you will be getting a chance to meet each and every employee across all the Pune office locations of all various departments. For some of you, there might be a question like what’s that interesting in this or what’s in it for you. Yes, I am coming to that now. At our organization, you have a chance to take up an additional role apart from your regular work. And now, we are here to invite nominees for organizing this Meet & Greet this year in Pune. I can see how excited you are about this. Once the session is done, you can swipe your id card at the Kiosk which has been set up just right outside this hall. ”

Out of all the 45 mins speech till now, this sounded a little bit interesting for me. In this busy IT life, now and then these kinds of gatherings help us to know each other. And for me the most interesting part was that we can take up additional roles like organizing apart from the job role. I felt like wow. As soon as the session was over, I nominated for organizing the cultural events on the Meet & Greet day.

Even though I was busy learning the various things at office, I made sure that I spend enough time on the additional role that I have took up voluntarily.

(Meet & Greet Day)

Today, I see a different kind of feeling on every ones faces. All were looking happy, relaxed and energetic. People from various projects, locations have gathered to celebrate the theme Stay United, Stay Connected. Lot of games and entertainment stalls are set up to engage people and establish a connection between them. All the organizers were busy making sure that the things are running smooth and there is nothing blocking the flow of the day.

During the “Show You” event which is basically a show focused on individual special talents. Each participant is been given 3 mins of time to showcase their talent. The twist the chief organizers gave to us is that, the organizing committee who are fresher’s in the organization are targeting first. Each of them is having fun their own way. It is all going with full energy and fun by the events being performed by each individual.

I am feeling like life is going somewhat dull and dry and there is no element that is driving it forward. Now, it is my turn. I have to perform something on the stage for 3 minutes. I am walking onto the stage thinking about what to do in those 3 minutes. As I was putting my steps forward, I felt like something attracting me. Something that is pulling me towards it and making me silent without words to speak. People from the ground are shouting and making noise as I am not performing anything and was just looking somewhere.

“Prudhvi…. Do something. Time is running. Prudhvi.”

“Hey Prudhvi what happened? Where are you looking? Perform something Prudhvi.”

“I am looking at your eyes to see myself,

I am looking at your smile to know the meaning of being happy,

& I am hearing your talks to feel the music of joy”

Suddenly the whole surrounding turned silent. Everyone started looking at me. And after few seconds, I heard some of them clapping for the lines I said. I do not know what I am doing and what I am talking. I ran down from the stage and started looking around in search of the smile that attracted me.

@“To understand someone, you really dont need a languageMr. Venky Bond


7 thoughts on ““Silent LOVE…” – $3

  1. “I am looking at your eyes to see myself,

    I am looking at your smile to know the meaning of being happy,

    & I am hearing your talks to feel the music of joy”….Super lines bhayya….excellent 🙂

  2. “I am staring at your eyes to see myself,

    I am looking at your smile to know the meaning of being happy,

    & I am hearing your words to feel the music of joy .
    Small changes 😛

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