“Silent LOVE…” – $4


Prudhvi, who just completed his graduation, got an offer letter from a top MNC as a Research Engineer in the R&D department. He travelled to Pune to join there. He finished the joining formalities there and their training was also started. Training went on with various sessions from the Industry experts and other top leaders of the company. He was injected into the R&D department on the process improvement module. After few weeks, he gets himself involved in other activities like organizing events. And related to that he becomes part of Meet & Greet organizing team. On the day of event, he was forced to do some act on the stage. When he gets onto the stage, his eyes will be attracted by a smile and he speaks out a poem unknowingly. And when he hears people clapping for that, he runs down the stage and starts searching for the girl.


(Meet & Greet day)

I searched the entire resort, every nook and corner for the beautiful smile that attracted me, that controlled me for few minutes. While I was searching, I was receiving calls from the other organizing team members to know where I am as we need to pack up things and need to leave in the next few minutes. When I figured out that I couldn’t find her, I returned back and helped the team in packing up all the things and loading them on to the bus. Everyone boarded their respective route buses and we are all set to leave the place in just few seconds. But my eyes are still looking around trying to find someone. As we are about to leave, I felt like something attracted me and turned slowly towards my left. All of a sudden, my eyes turned bigger and my lips turned wider. They pointed out to what I was searching for. It is that beautiful smile that made me poet on the stage.

I felt like shouting out loud to stop the bus to get down and meet her. But then this is not college and people expect us to behave professional even though when everybody knows that professionalism is what you cover up to show that you are a professional. The only thing I could do at this time is to just note down the bus route number and I did that. On my way back, there are only two things happening to me. My eyes are still seeing that smile and my mind is thinking about that. I am lucky because the next day is not a holiday or a weekend. Usually all these kinds of outings will be arranged before a holiday or before a weekend so that the next day people can rest. Luckily today is a Wednesday and so I can enquire about her the next day.

(The next day)

Every day, whenever I step into the office, I used to search for the mails to see what tasks have come in and then plan the day according to. But then today, I opened my mailbox to search for the bus route mails that the organizing team received last week. After a few minutes drill down, I finally found out the details of the route. Surprisingly, that route covered 8 stops which are near to three office locations. As I am new to this place, I am not much aware of all the roués and so I am little confused how I will be solving this puzzle.

I don’t know her employee ID, I don’t know her name and I don’t know which office or which project or which team. The only thing I know about her is her smile and as an additional clue, her bus route number which I cannot rely on because she might be staying in that route but may not be working in the location near to that route or she may got into that bus to travel along with her friends. There are tons of questions in my mind creating confusions. Whatever it may be I have to find her in some or the other way. I was thinking about what ways I have to trace her. While my mind is busy in it, my eyes looked at the event POC’s list that was pinned to my desk. 1. Breakfast, 2. Lunch, 3. Games…


I shouted out loud and everybody looked at me. I don’t know what to do now. I just took the program schedule and ran away from the desk. I straight away reached to the top floor open cafeteria which is my regular hangout place at office. What I found out in the list is very interesting.

-Photography- Ishank.

I immediately took my mobile and dialed his number

“Hello Ishank. How are you?”

“Who is this?”

“Hey this is Prudhvi. I was the cultural events POC for M&G day.”

“Hey poet, U… tell me. How are you dude?”

“Yeah I am fine. Where are you now?”

“I am at office.”

“Oh. Okay. I just wanted to ask when we can get the pics which you took on that day.”

“I have already handed them to admin team. It’s now in their hands.”

“Oh. Will they be sharing with us all the pics?”

“Nah Nah. I don’t think so. We had team pic session right. Only those pics they will be sharing I guess.”


“That team pics dude. We had a very tough time getting pics of each team by gathering them to the point. It was like hell those two hours. You were not there that time?”

“Oh Oh. I was not there. I was busy organizing games.”

“You are lucky dude. Hey. I will catch you later. Is that fine?”

“Sure Ishank. Thanks for this info.”

I was like flying high when he said that there are separate pics for each team. But… What if she also missed the team pic as like me?

Hmmm. Let’s hope for the best. No no. Let’s hope for the pic.

Now the bigger problem is to get access to all those pics form the admin team. They will anyway send a mailer to the entire teams with the share path details. But, I can’t wait till then. I have to find some way to get access to that share path.

(Mission Hacking)

I have done this many times in college days. But now it’s a big risk. Hacking a corporate admin server is seriously a big risk.

@”Ur smile is like the moon in the Sky, Ur Smile is like the pearl in the sea…”- Mr. Venky Bond


One thought on ““Silent LOVE…” – $4

  1. Seriously Venky..You Know one thing…Some girls having special attitude which attracts people around her. Girl can do MAGIC ..That makes a guy to search a path where he can find himself in her..:)

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