“Silent LOVE…” – $5

(Mission Hacking)

I have done this many times in college days. But now it’s a big risk. Hacking a corporate admin server is seriously a big risk.

Before I even start something from my system, I need to make sure I am not using company static IP as it becomes easy for them to detect my system. And I even can’t go with a proxy as they can easily detect at least that it access is tried from within the network. If at all I get a link or path, I don’t think I can access it from the internet or external system. So, I have to find out some way in doing it within the network and make sure that it’s not recorded.

Step I is to detach my system from the network but still maintain the access credibility. I am trying this for the first time and let’s see how this is going to work out. I made the settings to generate and use a dynamic IP instead of a static one and then disable the proxy mode for access the network as proxy is mainly used only for the internet calls and not intranet calls.

Now, I am on a little safer side. Let the hacking begin.

The first thing I need to know is the server name or server share folder path. I started searching my entire mail box for any mailer from the admin. After a tough time of search, I finally found a mailer from them regarding the Academy final day pics share location. I felt like jumping and shouting out loud. I just remained calm. Before trying out any sort of methods, I simply tried accessing the shared path. They actually revert the access after few weeks. Luckily they still dint do that.

I opened the share path and started searching for the pics. I searched the entire share path. But no luck. I couldn’t find pics with the date of M&G day. Several questions running in my mind.

“May be they still dint copy the pics to this server.”

“May be they still dint open it up and should have kept in authentication mode.”

“May be they have another server for these kind of things.”

Whatever it may be, this server name is the one clue I have currently with me and I should do something with it to move on to the next step.

I am running a PING command on that server to get the IP of that server as IP address speaks more information than the name. Now, using the IP based location finder, I have to find out the location of that server as that could help me out in putting up the next step. Let me do that right away.



“Oh sorry. Yes Raghav.”

“What are you working on?”

“Nothing, just simply learning the IP based location finder.”

“Oh okay. Had your lunch?”

“No. Not yet Raghav. What about you?”

“What? You still dint have it?”

“No Raghav.”

“Hey, its 13:30 Hrs. Just go.”

“What? 13:30 Hrs?”

“Yes Prudhvi.”

“Oh. Thanks Raghav. I was completely lost in there. I will be back in 30 mins.”

Walking from the seat desk to cafeteria requires half energy. It’s like you have to eat something before you start walking to cafeteria for having lunch. Stood in the que, took token, and then again a big que to take food. Stand with the plate for some time to get a seat, have lunch and then again walk to the used plate counter. Huff. All this process is taking more time than the actual time I spend to eat my lunch. Whatever it is, I can’t change the process. The one thing I don’t understand is. These IT management works hours and hours on improving the process of some client and why don’t they concentrate a little bit on the process improvement within the organization.

While I was thinking all this and walking back to my desk, I heard someone shouting POET, POET.

When I turned back, I saw a guy running towards me. I just stood there. He came running towards me and said,

“Hey POET.”

“Hey, stop calling me that. I am Prudhvi.”

“Oh sorry man. I don’t remember your name and so was just calling you like that.”

“Okay that’s fine.”

“By the way, I am Akshay. I am also part of the AOT(Activities Organizing Team).”

“Oh okay. Sorry I couldn’t remember you.”

“That’s fine Prudhvi. So, which floor you work?”

“7th floor.”

“Okay. I am in 4th floor. Nice to meet you again. Come let’s go.”

We both got into the lift. I pressed 7th floor and he pressed 9th floor.

“Akshay. You said you are from 4th floor. But, you have pressed 9th floor.”

“Oh. I was called by the admin team.”

“Oh. They sit in the 9th floor?”

“Yes Prudhvi. They called me regarding that M&G day related activities.”

“Oh. What else are pending?”

“Nothing man. As I am part of Designing team, they just asked me to come and help on little bit of editing on the pics that were taking during the M&G day.”

I just remained silent for few seconds. There is no reaction in me. This is what I was looking for since morning. Now, I have got a bigger opportunity to complete what I have started.

“Akshay, can I join you if you don’t mind? I was getting bored sitting at the desk.”

“Ya sure.”

We reached the admin cubicle. I almost felt like I found out her and it was like I am going to see that smile in the next minute.

After we reached there, they have provided him with a system and the access to the share path of all those pics for him to begin his edit.

“Akshay. They are only the common pics that were taken at different times. Just resize them to a standard size and delete the unwanted ones.”

“Okay Shreya I will do that.”

“Just let me know when you are done. Our team is working on separating the team pics. Once that is done, we will share you those pics along with the team names so that you can edit those pics and mark the team name on the pic in your design.”

As I heard those lines from her, I stood up from the chair all of a sudden.

“Hey, is everything okay.” – Shreya

“Ya fine. Fine. Sorry. I just felt like I was falling down and so got up all of a sudden.”

My work is 200% done. Now I need not do any hacking, tracing or anything.

@“While I was just walking to reach your smiles, you gave me wings to fly.”-Mr. Venky Bond


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