“Silent LOVE…” – $7

In one pic, she is standing at the center in the 2nd row, whereas in the other pic she is at the corner and someone is holding her hand. This seems like she is forcedly dragged into the 2nd pic. Just to reduce the number of locations I need to work on, I increased the probability that she belongs to team A.

Now, I have to find out the team details and then trace out her.

I can continue this tracing only from the office as I need to have access to the Employee details server. So, it’s time for me to sleep now.

Ooo. Wait wait wait. I completely forgot calling Suchi from last 2 days. One more day if I continue this, then her reaction will be more violent. I immediately picked up the call and dialed her number.

“Hello Suchi.”

“…” – no response from the other side



“Suchi. Look, I am really sorry for not calling. Yesterday I was completely busy at M&G day and reached late to hostel and so couldn’t call you.”

“Hmmm. Okay. How are you?” – Suchi.

“I am fine Suchi. How about you? Had dinner?”

“Ya I am fine. Over Prudhvi. What about you?”

“Ya long back Suchi.”

“Okay. So, how is everything going on there?”

“Things are going on well Suchi. Started liking it.”


“What whom?”

“You said right you started liking?”

“Suchi… I am saying about the surrounding and work. Not a person. Okay.”

“Hmm. I am believing.”


“Okay okay. I am just kidding. So, did you make any friends there?”

“Not yet Suchi. Just started conversing with few people. Hopefully will get to know more people.”

“Okay Prudhvi.”

Our conversation continued for almost 40 minutes and then I went to bed.

(Gooooooood Morning)

Friday, fun day and most importantly, No-Formals day. Just go as the way you want to go. I woke up, got ready and reached office earlier than my regular time.

When I started asking question why am I working this hard to trace her, the answer is nothing.

As of now I don’t have any answer for this question. The only thing that’s in driving me is that. I was attracted to her smile which made me to spell out a poem all of a sudden on the stage in front of a large crowd and so I want to see that smile again and meet her. This is the only thing which is running in my mind.

(At office)

Now, there are two approaches I need to follow.

  1. To make an assumption that she belongs to Team B and proceed with digging the details of that team.
  2. Or to assume that she belongs to both the teams and find the common names of both the teams and dig those details.

Whatever it is, at the end I have to find her and I don’t want to take much more time to do it.

Going with one single approach may or may not lead results and so I decided to sail in both boats. Out of these two, I first started working with approach 2.

As I have access to the entire information with regard to M&G day, I pulled out the team information documents and have extracted the details of the two teams of whose pics I have with me. Rounded all the common people appearing in both the pics and also the repeating names in the team details list.

There are 3 people who are in both the pictures but then only two names are repeating in the names list. It’s creating lot of confusion. But the luckiest part is that out of that only one is feminine gender.


Looks like a North Indian name. But she looked like Anyway, let’s not come to any kind of conclusion. I have one more approach to follow. Let’s see what kind of results that will lead to.

(The other approach)

As per the way she is standing in both the pics, I made an assumption that she belongs to team B. Now, I have to go through the details of each and every name. Let me try limiting out the names.

There are a total of 27 people in this list and out of which 13 are women. So, now I just have to get the details of these 13 people.

Okay, I guess I am almost there. All I have to do is to get the information of each person and find out who she is. How am I going to do it? From where will I get the profiles of employees?

I started looking for all the intranet services that are available. There are almost 279 intranet services and there is no way I am going to work on each item. I guess I have to try out some matching criteria. As I am looking for employee profiles, the service name should be relevant to that.

(29 mins later)

Finally, I found out that there is a service called KnowMore which is basically a place where all the employees profiles information will be available with minimum public information like name, location, project and such.

But then this is pretty much like employee ID based. But, what I have with me is a list of 13 names. Oh wait wait wait. wow. There is a search option where I can search with name and get employee ID.

I just tried with one name.

“Swetha” and pressed the enter key.

No, No, No. The search resulted with 17 matches. Now I have to go through all the 17 ID’s and see if the profile is matching with the team information. But then there is no way I am going to sit and do this for the entire list.

This is a heavy time taking process and I am not doing it now. Let me look at it post lunch or in the evening. It’s now time to get back to work.

@ “I never thought that I have to swim the entire ocean to find one single pearl.” – Mr. Venky Bond


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