“Silent LOVE…” – $8

This is a heavy time taking process and I am not doing it now. Let me look at it post lunch or in the evening. It’s now time to get back to work.

What’s on my plate today? There are 3 tasks for the day and apart from this, as today is a weekend, I have to log everything and initiate a branch to branch backup. Let’s start.

I was just doing my tasks one by one and after almost 2 hours, I was interrupted.

“Hi Prudhvi… Good Morning…”

“Hi Raghav. A very good morning.”

“How is it going on Prudhvi? You got used to things? Able to manage everything?”

“Yes Raghav. Things are going pretty well. Started working on the third analysis also.”

“So soon? Very good.”

“Thanks Raghav.”

“By the way, today is weekend right. Did you schedule the branch backup?”

“I have not yet done Raghav. I will do it in the noon post lunch.”

“No Prudhvi. I forgot to tell you. Initiate it now and let it go on. We have a meeting from 3 to 5 on the quarter report of all the R&D items.”

“Oh okay. Sure. Will do that now.”

“Okay. Let me know incase if you need anything.”

“Sure Raghav. Thank you.”

“Prudhvi. I heard that you told some poem on the M&G day. People are talking about that. It’s now became talk of the town.”

“Raghav. Please… Even you started kidding?”

“No Prudhvi. I am seriously telling.”

I did not know what to reply and so just smiled. He left from there and then I continued working on my tasks.

As per the instructions from Raghav. I have scheduled branch to branch backup process which we do every weekend to make sure all our entire work is backed up to the secondary servers. It will be automatically initiated at 13:00 Hrs and will take almost 4 to hours for the backup. And during this whole time I will not have access to system and just need to sit and monitor the progress.

After scheduling it, I increased my rate of work to make sure my tasks will be done before the backup so that they will also be part of the backup.

“Beep. Beep. Beep.”

As I was doing my work, it became 12:45 Hrs and the B2B backup process started triggering its alerts. I just closed all my windows before the process started and gave room for it to work on its process.

The process got launched and my screen is filled up with windows displaying the status of all the servers and the backup process.

After monitoring the process for almost an hour and after making sure that all windows are displaying green, I left for lunch.


After lunch, I just quickly made sure that the process is still in green and then stepped in the meeting hall.

As Raghav leads the activities from the front, he opened the meeting with the agenda and each of others started giving their inputs. Almost after 50 mins, my turn came to throw my inputs.

“Good after noon all of you. Thanks for giving me opportunity to speak up. I just want to highlight some things which I was observing from last 45 days. Why don’t we do frequent visits to the project teams, sit with them and then do a two way analysis on what they were doing exactly and also ask talk to them face to face on what they feel they require further. This personal contact way I guess we can establish a friendlier and open way of discussion where they can freely talk and provide inputs.”

“I am sorry. What’s your name?” – One of the Senior Management members.


“Okay. Prudhvi. The point you are making is valid. But then we cannot do a visit and do these things as a direct one to one conversation. For getting inputs we have a survey which will be triggered every now and then.”

“I am sorry if I am wrong. But then I feel like these app based surveys may not work 100%. Things work much better only when we do a direct one to one talk. I mean this is what I feel. I may be wrong. But I am just trying to make my point.”

“Yes Prudhvi. But considering the size of our organization and also keeping the time required in mind, we are going with this survey based process.”

“Hmm. Okay. But then after analyzing the reports of last 2 months, I just got this thought in mind.”

“Prudhvi. As not to disappoint the point you are trying to make, come up with an analysis on the time required to do this for all the teams in the zone we are covering.”

“Thank you. We may not do this for all the teams. What we can do is to try it with few teams and then compare the results of both the survey based and direct one to one.”

As the discussion is going on hot, my manager announced a 5 mins break to the meeting.

While everyone stepped out for refreshing, I am still sitting inside.

Raghav is going through the mails. As he was using his laptop for projecting the slides, I just looked at the screen. He got quite some mails from the Maintenance Team.

Out of anxiety, I asked him about those mails.

“Raghav. What are those Maintenance Team mails?”

“Every half year, Network team will perform maintenance on our servers that are used for intranet services.”

“Oh Okay.”

Meanwhile, Raghav also made a move out of the meeting room for a short break. I just left that conversation and started thinking of something else.

All of a sudden, I again looked at the screen.

“Due to server maintenance, Employee Profile Service will be down from today 06:00 PM.” says one of the mailer in Raghav’ s inbox.

Oh no. I have to track the entire list and find her profile details using this service and it will be down from 06:00 PM. I immediately ran to my system and turned the monitor on.

I cannot do anything now because the B2B backup process is running and it says it will take 69 more mins to complete it, which means approximately 05:30PM. So, I will have just 30 more mins to access that employee profile service.

@ “We can never control the way things act on us in LIFE. But, we can always control our reactions on those actions” – Mr. Bond


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