“Silent LOVE…” – $9

I cannot do anything now because the B2B backup process is running and it says it will take 69 more mins to complete it, which means approximately 05:30PM. So, I will have just 30 more mins to access that employee profile service.

The only thing that I am concentrating throughout the meeting is TIME.

As soon as the meeting is over, I ran to my desk and waited for the process to be done. Once it is done, I started my work of searching each name and finding out the employee id of each name and then knowing their profile information.

The same thing I repeated for each match that was returned for each name from the list that I am having with me.

I started filtering out based on the age and also project details. Time is running out and I have 5 more names to do the search. I just have 16 more mins with me. I don’t know how I can finish this off. If I am not able to do then again I can do it only on Monday once I am back to office.

(5 more mins)

The last five minutes for me to complete my tracing for today. Till now I was able to find only 2 matching profiles. Increased my search speed as much as I can to finish this off. I just have one 1 last name to search. I keyed in the name and it luckily resulted in just 3 results. I have noted down those three ids and started searching one by one in the service. Out of all the employee id’s which I have searched till now none of them is matching her. Now I pray that this should show her pic and information.

I keyed in the last id and just 25 seconds more left for the service to go down. Even though we deliver high-end systems to clients, all internal services will be slow and low-end. I never understand the reason behind this. Just 10 more seconds left and it slowly started downloading the picture.

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I shouted out as loud as I can as I am sure that everybody would have left by this time as today is Friday. My three days of waiting and tracing finally succeeded. I now have her employee id.

I immediately clicked on the project info tab to see her project details and the station (we call systems as station) location and any other further info.

As soon as I clicked on that tab, it displayed the following message.

“Server Down. Maintenance in Progress.” – is displayed there.

Anyway, I got her employee ID and her name. Rest of the information I can pull it on Monday.

As soon as I have got what I was searching for, I left my station and reached room.

When I am thinking about all the trace that I ran to get her details, I dint get an answer for the question that I have asked to myself.

“Why did I work this mad to get her details?”

I am just trying to make an answer for that question to justify myself.

“Is it LOVE at first sight?”

No way. I don’t believe in that. So, what’s next?

“I have fallen for her beauty?”

I don’t think so as all I have seen is her smile and just smile.

“Is it because I have got a poem automatically as soon as I saw her?”

Hmm.. Well. May be.

“All I remember is that, she smiled, I spelled a poem. That’s it.”

So, it may be like. I was attracted to her smile. Yes. That’s true. I was attracted to her smile and it drove me so crazy that I spent 2 complete days working out tracing her details.

Weekend went on with regular works and little time went on thinking about her and her smile.

After 2 days of deep thinking, I just told myself like.

“Why am I trying to find answer? Is it like definitely there should be some reason behind all this? Will there be a definite reason behind every relation? I actually don’t think so. But then the one thing I am excited about is like what will I do after getting her details or what will I do if I really meet her.”

(2 days later… Monday)

Even though I was thinking about her during the weekend, I dint have that in my mind while coming to office. I walked through the main gate and was walking straight to my building. Reached my desk and pulled out my task sheet to make a plan for the day.

There is a thought running in my mind to open the employee profile service and check out for her details, I strongly decided myself to not to fall into that until I finish the tasks that are assigned to me for the day.

(After an hour)

I am completely involved in my work and was trying to close each item. My hands are trying to open browser and go for the link to see her details. But still I am holding them to get back to work. I stepped in the office to not to think about that until I finish all my tasks. But then something is trying to pull me out. Everything that is happening in my surrounding is leaving me with a new kind of feel that I have never experienced before. When I felt like I was flying away, I just got up from my station and had a casual look around.

“What? Is this true?” – I said to myself rubbing my eyes and shaking my head. I started starring at it and completely forgot that I am at office. I am just not able to believe this. Like a fool, I started touching and feeling things to make sure this is not a dream. And the worst part is, I have to do this without running into the notice of others.

It’s the smile that drove me crazy. It’s the smile that made me a poet. It’s the smile that made me do things that I am not supposed to do inside. It’s the smile that put me through a tough time of self-questioning. It’s the smile that is sweet, simple and what not. It’s everything according to me. The smile for which I was searching from last 5 days is right in front of me. I have been trying to swim the oceans depth to reach it and now finally it’s here driving me more crazy.

I have never expected that I will see her again in such a short time. Wow. I feel. I feel. I mean I am not even able to explain in words how I feel.

Just to make sure that she is not here on a deputation, I immediately opened the Employee Profile and keyed in her id to get her details. Everything I see is increasing my happiness. She belongs to this bay and her work station is at a corner which is right across to me.

But, the one thing that is confusing me is, how did I miss to see her all these days? The new question that started confusing me right now is. This particular change is going to answer my questions or is it going to add some more? Whatever it is, the smile I was searching for is now near.

No, wait. Wait. Is this for good or is it going to turn things out to a different route. All I have to do or all I can do is to just wait and see how things will go further.

Vennela… the name of the smile.

@ “The only thing in this world which has nothing to do with reasons, is relation” – Mr. Venky Bond


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