“Silent LOVE…” – $10

Vennela… the name of the smile.

As soon as I saw her, my foot started dragging me towards her, my eyes started looking at her and my heart started thinking about her. But, what to do, I am still in office and so my hands are still working on the keyboard.

Looking at the way I was working to trace her details, I actually thought that I will go and talk to her immediately when I see her. But the situation is completely different. I was forcedly stepping my foot back as I am not clear what to talk and how to talk. I myself am not clear why is that I want to talk to her and what is the reason I got attracted to her. I don’t know how she will take it if I go and say like “I like your smile. Can I make friendship with you?” all this will be so childish and not convincing. I have to wait for some more time to see how things will go for next few days and then come to a point on why I want to talk to her and what I will be talking to her.

Happiest moment is that I saw her. I slowly walked to one of my team mate station and started enquiring about her.

“Sam. Good Morning.”

“Good morning Prudhvi. What’s up?”

“How are you? How is the work going?”

“Yeah going on fine. Trying to learn DNS server set up for the new server we have purchased.”

“Okay. good. Hey Sam. I wanted to ask you one thing.”

“Ya. Tell.”

“One of my friends is trying to relocate to this office. I saw the station IVS456 being idle and so I planned to tell him that it is free and he can contact Asset team.”

“Which one?”

“Right there, that corner seat.”

“No Prudhvi. It’s not free. There is a girl who sits there.”

“Girl? I have never observed anyone.”

“There is a girl named Vennela. That station belongs to her. She was on leave from last 2 days and so the station was idle.”

“Okay. okay. But then how come I dint observe all these days?”

“You just come on time and go on time and always busy playing with your station. How come you will know all these? And also I am very much sure you don’t even know all the names of the people who are working in our team.”

“Hey, nothing like that Sam. This is not college or school right. Everyone is busy with their own works and tasks and so we don’t get time to talk to each other. That’s it.”

“Hmm… You have answers ready for every question.”

I just smiled at him and came back to my desk. After coming back to my desk, I started thinking about the two points he said to me.

One is that I don’t talk to people much and the second thing is that I have answers for every question. For the first one, it’s not true completely because, I have lot of friends who get in touch with each other frequently. The reasons behind what Sam specified are that I don’t talk to people right from the first day and also I don’t make many friends at office. I don’t know whether it’s the case with all others at office. But, as far as what I have seen, they talk to very less people at work and also they are not as friendly as they are with their school or college people. This may not be true in all the cases. But, this is what I have analyzed in the last few months.

Right now, I don’t have time to think about the second point he said as something more important is in front of my eyes injecting various thoughts in my mind.

That whole day, my eyes spent most of their time looking at her and my mind spent it’s time thinking about her. This continued the whole day. Daily I used to leave by around 06:00 PM. But then today I was still sitting at my station looking at her. One hour passed and still she is sitting and working. One moment I thought of going and asking her when she will be leaving. But, didn’t dare to do it. I left one hour late that day.

The new task that was added to my daily list is to look at her, see her smiles and feel happy looking at her smiles. The thought of going to her and talking to her came into my mind many times. But each time, I was stepping back. I don’t know whether I am afraid or feeling shy.

The enthusiasm I showed in tracing her details and finding her just stopped when I saw her. But, from the moment I saw her, I dint even dare to go, meet and talk to her. I was only looking at her and feeling her smiles. I thought that the happiness of seeing her in the office will disturb me much more. But that was not the case. It went only with looks and thoughts now and then. Then I realized that, people are more excited and are anxiety during the journey to reach the destination. And once they get what they worked for, they just take it very normal.

The same thing continued for almost 4 months and I began to feel like I got answer to the question which I have asked myself. The answer is that I liked her smile and wanted to see it one more time and so traced her details and there is nothing more in my mind or in my heart.

This was proved wrong when I couldn’t see her in office for 5 continuous days. I was missing her smiles very badly each single day and each single second. The first day when she dint come to office at her regular time, I thought she may come late and waited all day long. And the same thing repeated 2nd and 3rd day. But, 4th and 5th days were little different. I started worrying about what might have happened.

“She resigned? No. Details still show active status.”

“Did she get transferred? No. Station details are still same.”

Hundreds of questions started disturbing me again. This time, they just dint only disturb me, they also pushed me further. They gave me a little strength to pull out my mobile and message her. During these 4 months, I have gathered her home town, college and mobile information.

“Missing your smiles from 5 days.”

“Message delivered.” – Network.

It was raining so heavy that day and I am looking at those drops of rain, thinking about her and waiting for her reply.

@ “While I was walking in the Lane, I heard the words of the Rain. Every drop of it, Has a wish hidden in it. Not to be a Pearl in the shell, but to stay with you for a while.” – Mr. Venky Bond


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