“Silent LOVE…” – $11


“Missing your smiles from 5 days.”

“Message delivered.” – Network.

It was raining so heavy that day and I am looking at those drops of rain, thinking about her and waiting for her reply.

I waited for the whole 48 hours during the weekend for her reply. Even though I knew that it’s a foolishness to wait for a reply from a girl for an unknown number message, I just had a little hope somewhere inside that she may reply at least to ask who I am.

(Monday morning)

As like every day, I reached office at my regular time and started working with my tasks. I stopped waiting for her message. But, started waiting for her thinking that she may arrive at office today. As like the previous week, her regular check-in time crossed and still her seat remained empty. Just to deviate myself from her thoughts, I added some more attention to my task.

At around 12 in the noon, when I looked at her seat, I was surprised to see the chair occupied by the smiling moon light. I could feel the happiness inside me when I saw her at her station almost after 7 days. I completely forgot about the message and reply. All that mattered is her smile and its back right in front of my eyes.

And the same old story went on for the next 30 days. Looking at her, waiting for her to smile and feeling happy when she does that.

(30 days later)

Akshay joined with me in our hostel 2 months back and we became pretty good friends in short period. We go for dinner together at around 8.30 PM every day. It is the same even today and we both were walking on the road talking about some new games that were launched in the market. Akshay, who is a gaming freak, is always busy playing games. From last 3 days, he is using my mobile to play games as his mobile is in ICU.

“Hey Prudhvi. We have to change our mobiles. The latest games are too slow in this.”

“I don’t play much Akshay and so I am not considering that option. This is enough for me. And also I don’t have plans to change this as this is a gift.”

“Hmmm. Once I get a report on my mobile, I will plan according to.”

Even though his mouth is busy talking to me, his hands continued playing even while walking.

After few mins, I heard a beep from the mobile.

“Battery critical. 2% remaining.”

“Ohhhh. No no no. I am at the last level and now this battery warning. Prudhvi, why you dint keep charge for this.”

I just smiled at him without replying anything for his question as he knows very well that he is the one playing games continuously and that was the reason behind the battery getting exhausted.

He understood my intentions from my expressions.

“Ok ok. Cool. Cool. I get it. I was the one playing games continuously.” – Akshay


After 2 mins, I heard another beep.

“Hey, this is second warning. In the next warning, it will turn off automatically.”

“This is not battery alert Prudhvi.”


“You have got some new message.”

“Message? From whom?”

“I don’t know, I just dismissed that notification. It just said NEW MESSAGE FROM some Sm.. something. I dint looked at it carefully.”

After few steps, all of a sudden, something stuck in my mind.

“Hey, is it SMILE?”

“I guess so man. I dint read it completely.”

As soon as he said that, I took mobile from him.

“Hey Akshay. I forgot to send a mail to my friend. He asked me to send a sample resume. He will be waiting for me. You just go have dinner and get me parcel. I have to run back to hostel.”

I just said these words to him and started running from there to hostel.

“Hey Hey Hey Prudhvi. Wait wait.”

I am in so hurry to reach my hostel and dint even turn back towards him. On my way, I was closing his game window and trying to open the message app. By the time I did that, it got turned off.

I reached hostel so fast and plugged in the charge pin. I cannot even turn it on myself as APPLE phones have a very special feature. If the battery is completely dried out, they turn on automatically after few mins and there is no way we can turn it on.

As soon as it got turned on, the first thing I did is to open the message app.

“Hi, who is this? I have got a message from this number 4 weeks back.”

The moment I saw that message, I felt like dancing out of joy. Not because she replied. But because she replied even after one month trying to know who I am.

I just replied saying that I am one of her colleague and saw her during the M&G day.

Next day at office, it seemed so special than regular because, till then I was just only seeing her and from yesterday, we started communicating.

I never revealed who I am. But then I used to tell her all her details. Her college information, home town address, parents name and much more. I don’t know whether she started trusting me or she is scared of me as I have lot of information that I have gathered about her. Whatever it is, we started conversing. That’s all mattered to me right now.

She asked me many times who I am and I have never revealed out myself. After few weeks, I decided to reveal myself as I am afraid that keeping it as a secret for long time is not going to add any value.

The day when I said to her, who I am, it was a more shocking thing to me than to her.

She replied saying that she expected it was me as she observed many times while I was looking at her from last 3 to 4 months. I couldn’t believe it because every time I made 100% sure that she doesn’t know that I am looking at her. But then it was that day I understood that, no matter how extreme boys take care when they look at a girl, the girl will know it somehow and the boy will always be in an illusion that she will never know that it was he who is looking at her.

She is wearing a light green colored dress and looked so beautiful to my eyes. I wrote few lines on her and sent it to her.

@ “In the color green, you look like a lightening Queen. With the simple smile, like a shiny pearl. And the two cute eyes, like a full moon twice.” – Mr. Venky Bond


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