“Silent LOVE…” – $13

That day, I have seen a different Vennela. Till then, I just know Vennela who always works at her station without even looking at what’s happening next to her. She always wanted to learn new things, be dedicated and complete anything and everything that’s assigned to her. But, that day, I saw her being more energetic and more sportive. After their team won the match, I wrote few lines and sent to her.

“Innocent looks, Innovative thoughts, Beauty in the heart, Boldness in the hands, Genius at work and Gorgeous at looks.”

She felt very happy for those few lines and said thank to those lines. During our conversations, I used to send her some few poetic lines now and then. Sometimes she used to reply saying that she liked them very much and sometimes she never replied. And at those kinds of times, I used to have a feel like am I going way too far? Am I taking advantage?

But, that thought used to be only for a very short time in my mind. When I see her smiles the next time, I used to do the same thing. I never used to understand why I am so crazy about her.

I used to remember her whenever I see the moon, whenever I see a baby smiling and whenever a bird singing. She used to be there in most of my thoughts but she is not only my thought. I never had such confusion in my life. Sometimes I feel like I just like her and its bit more. But, sometimes I feel like there is something way beyond just liking. Every single minute I used to think about her, converse with her and see her, I used to think like I will get the answer to my question very soon. But, that never happened.

Vennela is basically a south Indian girl. Their family moved to Mumbai few years back. And as Mumbai is just 4 hours from Pune, she used to travel very regularly to home. Almost like every weekend. And whenever she used to stay back on any weekend, she visits her relative’s house. Never know why, but I always used to have a very strong wish inside me to travel along with her at least one time and keep talking with her during the entire journey time. I always felt like telling this to her but then backed off. I feel like I have so much to say her, so much to talk her and so many things to express her. But then when I start texting her, I don’t get anything in my mind. Everything gets stuck up somewhere.


Tring… Tring.. Tring…

I was so busy watching movie at hostel that I did not notice my mobile ringing. When I saw that, I was shocked to see 8 missed calls from Nandini.

“Hello Nandini. Tell me what happened. Why did you call me so many times?”

“Hey Prudhvi… where are you?”

“I am at hostel.”

“Okay. I want to meet you.”

“Okay sure. Tell me where. But then what happened Nandini?”

“Shreya said she is going home town. But then she dint go.”

“Then where did she go?”

“She went to Preetham’ s home town.”


“That guy who is from IS2 batch.”

“Oh yeah yeah. One day when we all went out, he also came along with Shreya.”

“hmm ya the same guy. I just now got the news.”

“I tried telling her many times not to make it complicated. Now what happened?”

“I will tell you all the on Monday evening. We will meet somewhere outside. Is that okay?”

“Ya sure Nandini. You can. We dint meet after the training.”

“Hmm. Yes. So, how is your life going Prudhvi?”

“It’s just going on normal Nandini. Nothing much. Only office and hostel. That’s it.”

“Hmm. Okay. Okay then Prudhvi. Let’s meet on Monday. Okay. I will call you before I start.”

“Okay Nandini.”

Nandini is one of my best friends of academy. She is one among the few people with whom I share everything and anything. But then I did not tell about Vennela to anyone.

Even though Vennela episode in my life is running from last 1 year and I have never shared this with anyone till today. The reason behind this is that either I am afraid to answer their questions or I do not have answers for their questions. I cannot tell them that I like her smile and so I have these feelings on her because nobody is going to believe and they may also think this relation in another track. I don’t want them to come to any conclusions in their minds as I myself still not clear on this.


From the last few weeks, she started messaging whenever she is starting to home. During the initial days, she used to travel on Friday evening. Whereas nowadays, she is most of the times travelling on Saturday early morning intercity express. The previous weekend, she did not travel to home and so Monday morning she is early to office. I was surprised to see her at office. I went near to her and had conversation for few minutes.

Every day, whenever I leave home, I look at her desk. That day, I couldn’t find her at her desk and also her belonging where also not there. I took my mobile and immediately sent her a text message.

“Vennela. Where are you?”

“Just now started.”

“Oh nice. You left early today.”

“I am going Mumbai.”

“What? Today is Monday only right?”

“Ya. Today is Monday only. Yes, I am going home now. I applied for leave tomorrow.”

“Okay. You dint tell me anything.”

“I was actually in a hurry to catch the train. I thought of messaging you once I settle in the train.”

“I am angry on you.”

“Sorry. Actually I was not sure whether I will be leaving or not as my other team mate is also on leave. But then at last minute I got confirmation and so was in a hurry to leave. Sorry again. Sorry to the power of infinity. Please.”

I don’t know why but I felt uneasy when she said that she is leaving and will not come to office the next day. And for the first time I said to her that I am angry on her. This is actually not anger on her. After reading her reply, I did not know what to reply her. I was thinking what to reply to her while I was walking out from office, suddenly it started drizzling. Those rain drops and that situation made me write some lines.

@ “Even the clouds started crying the moment you are leaving. You may not see the tears of mine in this heavy rain. But, every drop of rain resembles my pain.” – Mr. Venky Bond


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