“Silent LOVE…” – $14

After sending those lines, I was actually little tensed what will be her reply and how is she gonna take those lines.

“Superb. Situational lines.”

“Thank you Vennela. Happy and safe journey. See you on Wednesday.”

“Thanks Prudhvi.”

That was the first time she called me with my name.

I was typing to reply her and then I was receiving call from Nandini.

“Hey Nandini. Just now I started from office. Where are you?”

“Prudhvi. I am waiting at Coffee day just right opposite to your office.”

“Okay. I will be there in 5 more minutes.”

“Okay Prudhvi come fast. It’s raining.”

(After few minutes)

“Hello Nandini. How are you dear? It’s been almost a year. We have met when your dad had come to Pune and after that we dint time to meet at all. After that it’s all calls and mobiles.”

“Yes Prudhvi. Really missing those days. I am really thankful to you for all the help you did during our academy days.”

“Hey Nandini. You are breaking the rules. No thanks and no sorry”

“Yeah. Prudhvi, the man of rules. So, how is your life going Prudhvi?”

“Yeah just going on and on.”

“What do you wanna have Prudhvi?”

“As usual iced cappuccino.”

“Hmmm. I know. I have already ordered it.”

“So, tell me Nandini. What’s that you wanna talk to me regarding Shreya?”

“Shreya’s father spoke to me last week.”


“He got to know about her love.”

“What? How did that happen?”

“I dint ask him all that. He said that he got to know about Preetham and he is now looking for matches for her marriage.”

“Did he spoke to her?”


“Did she spoke to her father?”

“No. They both are not talking to each other.”

“Did she know that her father knows about this?”

“Yes, she knows that.”

“When she know that their parents knew about them, then why did she travel to Preetham’s home town?”

“I don’t know all that Prudhvi. I dint talk to her yet completely. I am worried where this is going to take her.”

“Hmm. Don’t get worried Nandini. Let me talk to her once.”

‘I don’t think she will even talk to any of us. She is completely in his trance and not talking to any one properly.”

“That’s okay Nandini. I know how to deal this with her. You first talk to her and let me know. Based on that I will decide what to talk and when to talk.”

“Okay Prudhvi.”

“So, how is your life going Nandini? When is your marriage?”

“I told you right. Anurudh is flying UAE this month end. He will be there for 8 to 12 months. Once he is back, we will get married.”

“Oh that really nice.”

“What about yours Prudhvi?”

“Me? Marriage?”

“You are still in the same lines?”

“Not like that Nandini. I told you right. I am afraid of that. Marriage is a lifelong relationship. It brings two people from two different worlds into one world. I don’t like to change myself and also I don’t like if the girl has to change something just because of marriage. And also I don’t know whether I can take care of a girl for life long. ”

“Why do you feel like that Prudhvi?”

“I don’t know Nandini. I have seen many families where a girl has to change many things after marriage and I don’t want that to happen in my case. A girl leaves her entire world and comes to a guy trusting him to such an extent that he will take care of her and love her for the rest of life. And if suppose at any time I will hurt her for any reason then I don’t know what will happen.”

“Prudhvi. Let me tell you one thing. Relation doesn’t always mean being happy. Being in a relation always has two sides of it and you have to accept both. It’s definite that in any relation you will get clashes. All you have to do is forgive each other, forget all that and move on. These clashes, especially between husband and wife will help them to understand much better and also brings out their love and care.”

“As of now this is what I feel Nandini. May be as time moves on, I will start learning and understand things. “

“Hmm. I am waiting for that day Prudhvi. You are really a nice guy and I am very much sure that whoever comes into your life will be happy and is also the luckiest girl.”


“Yes Prudhvi. I know how well you take care of your friends and also how much you value your relations. Many times you took care of me like a child whenever I am depressed and also you use to drop me till my room no matter how late it was to you.”

“Hmm. I value friendship and relations Nandini. But, marriage, I guess I am still not ready.”

“Hmm. Yeah. Very soon you will be ready for that and I should be the first person to receive your marriage invitation.”

I just smiled when she said those lines. We had conversation for almost 2 hours as we are meeting almost after a year. And, as usual I dropped her till her room and returned back to my hostel at around 11:30 in night.

@ “Life is not just to reach the Heights and bank the savings. But to reach the hearts and grab memories.”– Mr. Bond


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