“Silent LOVE…” – $18

I suddenly woke up shouting out loud. I was looking around as I was still not able to believe what happened. I looked at the clock. It is 06:30 in the morning. I rubbed my eyes and started touching and feeling things around me to make sure it’s a dream.

“Prudhvi. What happened?” – Akshay.

“Nothing Akshay. Some bad dream.”

“Dream in the early morning? You have to be careful Prudhvi.”

“Why so?”

“It’s a belief that whatever dreams we get in the early morning, may become true.”

“What? Yes Prudhvi. I heard this from many people.”

“There is nothing like that. Just leave it.”

Even though I spoke like that, but somewhere his statement started making me worry about the dream. I never ever had such a bad dream in my life. Everything seemed out of control and all of sudden I broke out at Vennela with so much anger and pain. I never thought this kind of situation will come. But then it came as a dream. I am more worried now. This should never happen. I should never ever become angry on her. I should never ever bust out at her. Messaging her is my wish. But, replying me is her choice and I should not try to control her. I started getting more and more tensed on this. What if this really happens? I will lose her once and for all. And if that happens, I cannot live with it.

Whatever it may be thanks that it’s just a dream. If it’s real then I cannot imagine her reactions and I cannot be without her. I am worried that if she does this few more times, I may really bust out at her. I decided to not to message or talk until she does.

I got ready and started to office. I was crossing by her station but then dint look at her. I was able to control myself as that dream is making me more worried. I even stopped messaging her. I may not build a much more strong relation with her if I ignore her. But then I should not break this once and for all by showing my anger on her. As like in the dream, I dint reply to three of her messages which she sent in the last 2 weeks.

One day, I had to come across her unexpectedly.


“Yes Vennela.”

“What happened to you? No replies at all.”

“I have some problem with my mobile Vennela. I am not able to send messages.”

“Okay. Are you also occupied with heavy work at office?”

“Nothing much. Why are you asking like that?”

“Because you were also not talking to me at office and so I thought maybe you are loaded up with heavy work.”

“Nothing like that Vennela. Work is just fine.”

“Okay then will talk to you later.”

“Okay Vennela. Bye.”

I spoke to her quite normal way. I had to lie her that my mobile is not working. But then I was very cool and normal when she spoke with me. May be that dream helped me in predicting and controlling myself.

This continued for two more weeks. I dint message her and also I dint talk to her. This dint last too long. I cooled down myself because no matter how much pain I get when she don’t reply, it’s not more than the happiness I feel when she talks to me and when she smiles at me.

In a relation, there are times where we fight, hurt them or get hurt. But then after quite some time, we have to make things align back. That’s the whole meaning of affection in a relation.

After 2 days, I messaged her that my mobile is working fine. To my luck, she replied immediately and we had a conversation for some time.

(One fine evening)

Next day is her birthday. I planned many things but then I did not know how to execute them because I definitely need to take help of their roommates and if I do that way then I don’t know how she will take it and how her room mates are going to take it. Whatever it is, I decided to first of all buy a gift to her.

I left early from the office and reached nearby watch show room. I decided to buy her a watch. The reason is that I wanted to convey her one thing. Time is the most precious thing that one could give to someone. I wanted to express that to her. After reaching the show room, it took almost 1 hour 30 minutes for me to decide what to gift her. Usually I don’t think this much time for me to shop something. Probably this is the highest time I had to spend at a shop to buy something. I was looking at each model and color and visualizing how it will look on her hand. I don’t want to take any chance as this is the first gift I am gifting her.

After I decided which model to buy, I was breaking my head to decide on what color to buy. This time, I was taking extreme care because the color I choose should be of her liking and choice. I did not know what color to choose and so sent a message to Vennela itself asking for her favorite color.

“Vennela. Can you reply please? Fast.”

I waited for few minutes for her reply. This time she will be working at office and I knew that expecting reply from her will not work. But then I tried it. I have chosen blue, pink and white and was breaking my head on deciding one final color. I sent her a second message.

“Vennela. Please reply. Don’t ask me why and all. Just tell me whether you like blue, pink or white.”

To my luck, she replied for the second message.


“Hey. I told you not to ask questions. Please tell me what your favorite color is. Blue, Pink or White?”

“Hey Prudhvi. Please don’t plan anything for tomorrow.”

“Please tell Vennela.”

“White or Pink anything is fine.”

“Please tell me. White or Pink?”

This time I waited for 7 mins. But then I dint get reply from her.

I had to go with one of them as I am not getting reply from her. But then still I want to buy what she likes and not what I choose.”

I moved on till the billing section but still my eyes and ears are on my mobile waiting for her message. I was breaking a lot on deciding which one to go with.

“Sir, which one shall I pack sir?”

“Can you give me little time? Please.”

“Sir, can you please make it fast?”

As I don’t want to take any chance, I went ahead and bought both of them. After the billing is over, I stepped out and reached hostel. Then I got reply from her.


Thanks that at least she replied now. I had my dinner, got fresh up and was thinking how to surprise her. I was thinking so deep on what will surprise her. And then all of a sudden my eyes turned towards the Guitar that was lying at the corner of my room.

I took it out and started practicing the Happy Birthday tune. It took me almost an hour to get it perfect. It’s been long time that I haven’t opened it and so it was a little hard to do it.

Every minute the clock is ticking, my tension is increasing on whether I would be able to wish her perfectly.

At exactly 12:00, I made a call to her mobile and as usual, it is busy. Then I sent her a message to call me back. She called me back at around 12.27. As soon as I attended her call, I dint even speak to her. I just started playing her the happy birthday tune. She felt so happy by the way I wished and thanked me a lot.

@ “I don’t need to look at the sky for the moon, when I have U with me… I don’t need to search for the shining stars when I have two shining eyes to look at… I don’t need to wait for someone, when I have your hands to hold… To the Angel on earth, no matter whatever, I will be your friend forever.” – Mr. Venky Bond


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