“Silent LOVE…” – $19

At exactly 12:00, I made a call to her mobile and as usual, it is busy. Then I sent her a message to call me back. She called me back at around 12.27. As soon as I attended her call, I dint even speak to her. I just started playing her the happy birthday tune. She felt so happy by the way I wished and thanked me a lot.

 Behind every single thanks she is telling me, I was able to feel her happiness and also the smile that came along with it. I don’t know whether she will remember this moments even till her next birthday or not. But, every moment is a memory to me that will be with me forever.

 (Next day)

 I woke up in the morning, got ready and reached office. I don’t know why, I was so happy that day. It seemed so new and so happy. My surrounding, atmosphere everything seemed bright and beautiful. Every day, I usually have breakfast and then will be walking to my station. But then that day I was so excited to see her. I was imagining how beautiful she will be looking and also how much more beauty her smile would add to her.

 Without even seeing her, I was getting some lines in my mind about her. I dint even turn on the system. My eyes were completely eager to look at her. Her usual time is crossed and she is not yet in the office. As the time is passing by, I started getting worried she will be coming or not. May be she has some birthday plans outside. I immediately took my mobile and messaged her where is she.

After 20 mins, I got reply from her saying that she will be coming a bit late to office. I dint ask where she is and all. But, out of curiosity, I asked her what color dress she bought.

“Hey Vennela. May I know the color of your new dress?”

“New dress?”

“Hmm. Your birthday dress Vennela.”

“I dint purchase new one. I am not much interested in this birthday celebrations Prudhvi.”

“So, you are now coming in regular dress?”


As soon as I got this reply from her, I got up from the desk and ran to Sam’s desk.

“Sam. Good morning.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Good morning man. Looking so bright what’s so special?”

“Hey Sam. You got bike right?”


“I need it for 10 mins. Please.”

“Ya. Take it Prudhvi.”

“Thanks Sam. Where is it parked?”

I just remembered what he said and left from there.

“Prudhvi. What’s the matter man? Why are you in so hurry?”

“I will just explain you once I am back.”

“Okay. Ride safe.”

“Ya sure.”

(After 30 mins)


I reached back to office and was walking towards my desk. I received a message from Vennela.

“Hey Prudhvi. Where are you? I reached office. You are not at your desk.”

“I just went out for a break Vennela. I am walking back.”

I went to Sam’s desk, handed over the keys to him and was walking back to my desk.

“Hey Hey Hey Prudhvi. Wait.”

I stopped and turned back towards him.

“Yes Sam.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Why did you change your dress?”

“There was some mark on that, I dint see while I was wearing it and so went and changed now.”

“But then that seemed like a new dress.”

“No, not new. It is old dress only.”


After settling at my desk, I just turned around at looked at every one to make sure that no one has noticed the change in my outfits. Few minutes later, I went to Vennela’s station and wished her Happy Birthday.

I just wished her very simple. No much of poetic lines, no much of special spices. Just a plain happy birthday. I never thought this day will be this way. All my imaginations and dreams which I had filled with rainbow of colors seemed so simple in reality. Just to get all these things of my mind, I pulled out my task sheet. Even though I was trying so hard to take things of my mind and concentrate on my work, I was not able to do that. My eyes were not at my monitor and my mind is not on the task list. The reason is that, I imagined a whole new Vennela in a bright new dress with full of smiles on her face and lot of people gathering around her, wishing her. But then the situation right in front of my eyes is completely different. It is more than the usual regular day.

I was thinking about the same thing right from the morning. I was actually waiting for a perfect moment to gift her. I don’t know why, but the way she dressed and the way things are running before my eyes, and especially the reason she said that she doesn’t like celebrating birthdays much, I just lost the interest of doing what I have planned. I decided to keep the gift with me until I get a perfect moment.

While I was thinking about the amount I have spent, I was just questioning myself whether I have done the right thing or not. She doesn’t like birthday celebrations. That means, she either doesn’t want to spend the money for the celebrations or, there may be some other strong reason. Now, I don’t think she will accept the gift whole heartedly even if I decide to gift her.

The whole concept was running in my mind till the evening. Then, all of a sudden I just got an idea to gift her something really special on her birthday without actually gifting her. This way, I guess I will be happy on both the ways. As soon as I got that thought in my mind, I just pulled over the check book which is in my draw and prepared a leaf for 1000 Rs as a donation to an NGO under her name on behalf of her birthday. I don’t know how she will accept this if I tell her and so I decided to just keep this to myself.

That day night, after I returned home, I took out the gift from the bag and kept it in my rack. I was just thinking when I will be giving it to her. I just can’t give it to her on a normal day and so waiting for some special occasion to gift her.



“Good night. I failed to be the first person to wish you, at least, let me be the last person. Wishing you a very very Happy birthday once again. Keep smiling Vennela.”

I immediately got reply from her.

“Thank you Prudhvi.”

“Hey, you dint sleep yet?”

“Just now had dinner and getting ready to sleep.”

“Hmmm. Okay. So, how did the day go on?”

“Nothing much special Prudhvi. Yesterday night my brother came from Mumbai and today morning we went to temple and so I came late to office. That’s it”

“Hmmm. Okay. Fine.”

After some time, I sent her one more message which sounded stupid to her.

“You believe in GOD?”

“What’s that question Prudhvi?”

“Nothing. I am just asking.”

“Hmm ya.”

“How often you go to temple?”

“Not very often. But, whenever some occasion comes, then I will go.”

All these months, we were talking in office, conversing in messages. We never met outside. And I never asked her that we will meet somewhere outside as I never had that kind of thought in my mind. But, that day, I don’t know why I got such a thought in my mind even though I don’t believe in god, I asked her that I want to join with her to temple next time. And, to my luck, she immediately agreed to that. I cannot tell her that I don’t believe in god because she will ask the second question then why am I coming to temple. And for that question, I don’t have an answer and also if at all I do have, the answer is that I am coming for her. Just for her.

At that moment I decided to gift her when we both go to temple. But then the next big thing is that I just can ask her that we shall go to temple immediately. I just have to wait for a right time and a right situation. And that situation came exactly 6 weeks later.

@ “Your eyes arrested me, your silence relaxed me… And your smile attracted me.” – Mr. Venky Bond


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