“Silent LOVE…” – $21

She just replied with a smile. I did not know how to explain the battle that is running inside my heart. I wanted to explain her how important she is to me. But then as like every time I stepped back.

 (2 days later)

 I was working at my station on a priority task and my mobile started making noise. I looked at it and noticed that I was receiving a call from a landline. I just picked it up keeping a question in my mind who it might be.


 “Hi. Good after noon sir. Am I speaking to Mr. Prudhvi Raj?”

 “A very good afternoon. Yes, I am Prudhvi. Tell me.”

 “Sir, I am calling from the International Travel Desk. Your flight tickets to Australia are confirmed. You will be flying on 7th of this month and the departure time is morning 08:00 Hrs.”

 “Okay. Thank you.”

 “Sir, please make sure that you check-in at least 2hours before the departure time. As it is an international travel, it takes 2 hours of time to complete the formalities inside the aerodrome.”

“Sure. I will do that. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you sir. Sir, you can reach us at any time for any kind of queries regarding your travel.”

After disconnecting the call, I just looked at the calendar. I started counting the number of days that are left with me before I fly to Australia.

To my surprise, exactly 12 days left from today. The very next moment I turned towards Vennela because that was the first thought that came in my mind when I heard about the confirmed travel date. I was continuously watching Vennela from my desk for about 10 minutes. After sometime, she noticed that I was looked at her and so she turned back and looked at me. She just made some gestures with her eyes. For about 2 mins, we both talked with just gestures.

She asked me a question raising her eye brows. “What Prudhvi?”

I replied to her nodding my head. “Nothing Vennela.”

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah fine.”

“Heavy work?”

“Not much.”

“Not going for lunch?”

“Will go now. What about you?”

“Little pending work. I will start once this is done.”


We managed to talk a lot with eye gestures and hand movements. But then when we both understood that it cannot be continued any longer, we just smiled at each other.

That night, I sat on terrace looking at the sky and thinking about Vennela.

12 more days left with me before I take my flight. In these 12 days, I have to explain her everything. But, before I do that, I have to first of all clarify myself on the relation with her. Even though almost 2 years passed on, I am still not clear on anything. I am still in the same confused state as I was on the first day when I saw her. But, one thing is sure. Whatever it may be, I just have 12 days with me. Now, if I lose these days, I cannot do it for the next 18 months. And never know what happens in these 18 months.

I was not able to tell her when I am here, I don’t think so I can do it once I fly away from here. And also things may turn out in any way in these 18 months. From now on, each day that passes by is an opportunity I will be losing. I don’t know whether she understands me or not and also I don’t know what will be our relation after I explain her what I feel. I am seeing her from 2 years and started talking with her from 18 months. But then there are very less moments that I had spent with her. I don’t know whether I can explain her or not and even if I explain her, I don’t know whether she will understand me or not. But the one thing that I have decided is to spend some more time with her and make some memories with her.

I immediately picked up my mobile and sent a text to her.



Whenever I send her a message, I call her with her name and she just replies using one of the following words. “Ya, Hello, Hi.” Very rarely she calls me with my name.

“Wow. Is that you?” – I replied.

“Ya. What happened?”

“Nothing. I was just excited seeing your message calling me Prudhvi.”


“Vennela. Can I talk to you?”

“You ask like this every time and then you never speak anything.”

“Vennela. I am flying in 12 days. Flight tickets also got confirmed.”

“Oh. Which day?”

“7th of next month. Saturday.”

“Saturday? Hmm.”

“What happened Vennela?”

“If it is on a weekday, I would have come to airport. As it is a weekend, I may not be here.”

“It’s okay Vennela.”

Before she replied, I sent her another message.

“Vennela. This week are you going home?”

“Not sure. Why?”

“Vennela. I want to spend some time with you before I leave to Australia. I cannot come back for next 18months and I don’t know whether you will be here by that time. And so, before I fly, I want to make some memories with you Vennela.”

“I did not understand Prudhvi.”

She got confused with the way I spoke with her and so I decided to make it straight forward.

“I want to visit temple with you, I want to travel to with you to Mumbai and before I leave I want to have dinner with you. Can you please grant me these three wishes?”

I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong to ask her that way but then I felt like that and so just asked her. I know very well that now if I lose, I cannot make it till next 18 months. I am so tensed on how she will receive it and also whether she will accept them or not. As I was thinking all this, she just replied with a smiley. I am not able to understand how to take it. It is like she said YES or is it NO. Her reply added a lot of confusion.

“Please reply Vennela. I have never been to Mumbai. I want to visit it travelling with you in train. Please Vennela.”

I did not know what happened to me. I am becoming mad of her each day. I am not sure whether I am asking her the right way. The only thing that is running in my mind is I have to spend time with her and on a perfect moment, explain her.

(Friday night)

 She still dint reply for the question I have asked her. Every time whenever she don’t reply, one side I feel so much pain and on the other side, I feel like I am disturbing her?

“Vennela. Are you going home tomorrow?”

The whole night I was waiting for her reply thinking about her.

@ “A tune cannot be complete without 7 notes, A rainbow cannot be complete without 7 colors and I am not complete without 7 letters. ‘Vennela’ ” – Mr. Venky Bond.


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5 thoughts on ““Silent LOVE…” – $21

  1. “A tune cannot be complete without 7 notes, A rainbow cannot be complete without 7 colors and I am not complete without 7 letters. ‘Vennela’ — Super venky… waiting for your next post… 🙂

  2. Superb post!!!
    A tune cannot be complete without 7 notes, A rainbow cannot be complete without 7 colors and I am not complete without 7 letters. ‘Vennela’ ….like it alot

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