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After coming out of temple, we reached office and had breakfast together as like last time. We both walked till her station. After reaching the station, I asked her about the dinner with her which I was asking her from last week.


“Yes Prudhvi.”

“Thank you so much for everything.”

“Prudhvi. Even till today I don’t understand why are you doing all these. In fact I should thank you for everything.”

“No Vennela. Even though I asked you, you still have choice to just deny. But then you came out with me. I am so thankful for that.”

She just smiled for the reply.

“Vennela. I know I am asking you a lot. But then my one more wish is pending Vennela.”

“What is that Prudhvi?”

“Dinner with you Vennela.”

“Sure. Today evening we shall definitely go.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much Vennela.”

I was completely out of control the moment she said yes when I asked her for dinner. I was literally jumping out of joy. I reached my station and settled down.

The whole day I was looking at her and tapping my feet for some heavenly tune running in my mind played by my heart.


I planned to leave little bit early as I have planned to make some arrangements at the restaurant before Vennela arrives there. Just before leaving the station, I have sent her a message.

“Vennela. I am starting now. I will go out and check for nearest restaurant. Just text me before you start from office.”

I dint even wait for reply. I don’t know why, but I was very confident that Vennela will come out for dinner.

That day seemed so special to me. It started with Vennela and I was very eager to end it with a dinner with Vennela. I was sure that Vennela will anyway come out between 7.30 or 08:00 and so I left by 5 as I have lot of arrangements to be made.

After stepping out from office, I directly went to hostel and got ready in a short time. I pulled out all the clothes from the bag and was checking each dress whether it will match with the dress which Vennela is wearing that day. It ate almost 30 mins of time thinking on which dress to wear. At last, I decided to step out and reach the nearest shopping mall to buy a new pair as I decided to not to compromise on anything that day.

I reached the mall and spent another 30 mins in choosing a new pair. Every time I go for shopping, it never used to take more than 10 mins in choosing what I need. But, that day I took three times more than the usual time. Finally I was able to reach the billing counter with a matching pair. As I don’t have time, I changed the dress in the dressing room once the billing is done. For the first time in 2 years, I am going to have dinner with Vennela. It is going to be one of those very special moments of my life.

I reached the restaurant by 6:25. I don’t know why, but I was so tensed and started roaming here and there to find out a perfect table. One of the waiter saw me roaming around all the tables.

“Good evening sir. How can I help you?”

“Good evening. I am looking for a table.”

“How many members sir?”

“Just 2.”

“Sir, would you like to go for roof top?”

“Wow. Is it available?”

“Yes sir.”

“Please take me.”

“This way sir.”

He showed me roof top section of the restaurant. I reserved a table for us and settled down.

“Sir. Is there anything else I could do for you?”

“Yes. There is a lot to do.”

“Please tell sir.”

It took almost a week for me to completely plan for this particular dinner. This is going to be a very special and most memorable dinner in my life. Even though I don’t understand why is she so special, all I can say is that she is special, very very special.

“Waiter, please come with me.”

“Ok sir.”

I took him to the entrance door of the roof top restaurant and started explaining him the plan I made to welcome Vennela.

“Waiter. Who will be standing here to welcome people coming in?”

“Sir, she is Taniya. She will be standing here.”

“Hi Taniya. Good Evening.”

“Good evening sir. What can I do for you?”

“She is Vennela(I showed them Vennela’s pic in my mobile). When she steps in, I want you to welcome her with her name by giving this bouquet. Don’t forget to spell out her name.”

“Sure sir.”

“Once that is done, please show her that corner table and escort her till that table.”

“Ok sir.”

“Thanks Taniya.”

“Waiter. Please replace all those artificial flowers on the table with this flower. And also please remove the menu from there. After she settles down, when she asks for menu, give her a menu with this card inside the menu.”

“Ok sir.”

“I am sorry if I am troubling you a lot. But, please try to understand, she is very very special to me.”

“I can read that from your eyes sir.”

“Thank you. And also please use her name always. Remember her name is Vennela.”

“Sure sir.”

“And one last and important thing. I will make sure we order a total of 5 dishes right from starters to deserts. In each dish, please place one letter each in this particular order.”

“Sir, I don’t know how much you are excited. But, the way you planned, now I am much more eager to see how this goes on.”

I just smiled at him for the way he spoke to him and thanked him. After planning everything, I reached back to my table and settled down. Time is 7:33. I sent a text to Vennela.

“Vennela. Where are you?”

I dint get any reply from her for 30 mins. I decided to go back to office entrance and wait there so that I can pick her up and bring her to restaurant. I dint even call her or message her. I was just waiting for her to come out. Almost after an hour, I received a text from her.


“Hi Prudhvi. Where are you?”

“I am at the entrance Vennela.”

“It may take some more time for me Prudhvi.”

“No problem Vennela. I will wait.”

“No Prudhvi. I cannot make it to dinner today. We shall make it some other day.”

That particular message broke my heart. I felt like the world is broken apart, I felt like the sky is falling down, I felt like I am going down, I felt like I am losing myself, I felt like there is nothing more that is left. I just sat down at the bus bay. Something was happening to me, something strange, some kind of feeling that I have never felt till now in life. Some kind of pain in my heart, something that is pulling me so hard. Something that is taking me down. I am not able to understand what is happening to me inside. I felt like I lost everything.

I was thinking only about Vennela. I never understand why she always does like this. Is it like she doesn’t like me at all or is it like she is afraid of coming out with me or the situations always are against me. I don’t know why, but that particular day I felt more pain. I felt angry on myself.

I went back to the restaurant, removed the flower from the table, asked the waiter to return the greeting card that was placed inside the menu.

“What happened sir?”

“She is not coming.” – I just said those words and walked to the entrance to take the bouquet back.

While going back, I gave tip to the waiter and Taniya but they have refused to take it.

“Please keep it. Please.” – When I am almost out of the restaurant, I heard Taniya calling me.

“Sir, Waiter told me to return these letters to you.”

Those are the five letters which I gave to waiter to bring them one each in each dish. SMILE.

When she returned them, I gave the bouquet to Taniya and left from there. I reached back to hostel and directly went to terrace. For the first time in life, tears came running down from my eyes. I started crying like a child. I don’t know how to explain her. I don’t know how to make her understand. I thought this day will be so memorable with her smiles, but then it turned much more memorable with my tears. Just for a moment I felt like why am I doing all this? why am I becoming mad for her? I started becoming angry on her. I opened my mobile and started typing.

“Vennela. Why do you always do like this? Why do you hurt me always? If you don’t like to come out with me then you can tell me straight forward. No need to play with me like this. Don’t fool me every time. You never know how much it is hurting me every time. I cannot take this pain anymore. Good bye. I will never ever disturb you. Sorry for disturbing you all these months. Bye.”

“Whenever I think of u, I feel like Pigeons surrounded, Sparrows sounding, Parrots talking, Clouds thundering, Raindrops falling, and the music of breeze whispering your name in my ears. Vennela.” Mr. Venky Bond


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