“Silent LOVE…” – $25 – #2

(05:29 AM)

While I was looking at Vennela, I felt like going near her and talking to her. Even though I strongly decided to not to disturb her any more, I couldn’t stop myself from going near to her and so started walking towards her. After I placed few steps, my mobile started ringing. It is Nandini who is calling me. When I took the mobile out, I noticed that the time is 05:30 and I have to reach airport as soon as possible. I then immediately started walking back.

(05:37 AM)

I reached the cab running and got into it.

“Hello Nandini. Sorry I dint notice the call.”

“Ok. Did you start? We reached airport.”

“Ya I am in cab. Will reach in 15 mins.”

“Okay ask the cab person to drop at the International Departure Wing.”

“Okay sure.”

“Come soon. We are waiting there.”

“Okay Nandini.”

(06:00 AM)

I felt like I missed my last chance of talking to her but then the one thing that made me most happier is that I at least saw her.

I reached airport by 06:00 exactly.

(06: 07 AM)

As soon as I reached there, I saw Nandini waiting for me.

“Hello Nandini.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Why are you late? Why did it took so long for you to reach here from hostel?”

“I finally reached on time right? Just leave it Nandini. Where is Suchi?”

“She is sitting there, come. Hey Prudhvi what about Akshay and others.”

“Akshay is on a vacation. And all others I met them yesterday night. I only told them not to come.”


Me and Nandini walked to where Suchi sat down.

“Hello Suchi. Is it all comfortable ?”

“Yes Prudhvi. Did you pack everything? You dint forget anything right?”

“Yes Suchi I packed everything. Nandini will drop you at station okay. Call her if you need anything. I cannot take calls in flight.”

“Okay Prudhvi. I will do that. You take care. Call me once you reach there. Take food on time. ”

“Suchi Suchi. I know I know. Don’t open the list again. Sit down.”

(06:14 AM)

Nandini and me were having a little conversation regarding her marriage. While we both were talking, I saw Suchi starring at me.

“What happened Suchi?”

“Nothing Prudhvi. Carry on.”

“Tell Suchi. Is there anything?”

“Nothing Prudhvi. I am just wondering how much you have changed in these 3 years.”

“What happened Suchi?”

“I thought not to ask you. But then I was not able to stop myself as I want to understand you.”

“What are you talking about Suchi?”

“Whose photo is this Prudhvi?”

“Suchi. Where did you get this from?”

“First of all tell me whose photo is this?”

(Suchi showed me Vennela’s child hood pic)

“Suchi. That is my friends pic.”

“Okay. This pic may not speak the truth. But, this diary wont lie.”

I got shocked the moment she showed me the 2012 to 2013 diary. I used to write all the special moments with Vennela in diary right from the day I saw her. I never had the habit of writing a diary from child hood. But then I don’t know why, right from the moment I saw Vennela, I had a strong thought of keeping all the memories at a place apart from my heart and so I have chosen the diary way. I forgot that particular years diary in the bag which I gave to Suchi  along with the bunch of things to be kept at home.

That particular moment, I felt like my heart stopped for a moment. I never have hidden anything from Suchi. I used to tell her each and everything. But then I never spoke about Vennela with her. Not just with her, I never told about Vennela to any one as I myself am not clear about the relationship with her. And also I cannot keep talking about a girl with every one and make wrong projections just because she is talking to me or just because I like her smile.

“Come on speak Prudhvi. I am not asking because you have hidden it from me. I am asking it because I want to know what happened after 2012 and also mainly I want to make sure that you are not leaving this place with pain. You will be alone at Australia and I want to confirm that there are no thoughts in your mind that will make u lonely. I know you can be happy being alone. But, I know very well that you cannot be happy when you feel loneliness. Speak Prudhvi. Tell me what happened. I have noticed a lot of change in you but then I thought you are away from home for the first time and you are on your own now and so I have left it to whatever decisions you take. ”

“There is nothing like that Suchi.”

“Prudhvi. You know very well that you cannot hide anything from me. Stop hiding it from me. Speak out. I want to know what happened. I want to know the reason behind everything. Prudhvi. During the initial days, whenever you used to come home during vacation, you used to start on Friday nights. But then from last few times you are starting on Saturday mornings. You were never so sad on any birthday but then recently on your birthday, I have noticed you being very dull and kept starring at your mobile. That day itself I thought of asking you what happened. You like non-veg very much but then all of a sudden from last 15 months you stopped it without any reason. What is all this Prudhvi? You never changed yourself for anything and anyone. But now look at yourself in how many things you have changed. I want to know what happened to  you, who is Vennela and what made you to change yourself in these many ways.”

That particular situation, I was not knowing what to answer her. Every question Suchi asked me, I felt like I am asking myself. Why did I change myself for her, Why am I so mad of her such that I changed even my habits for her. I never go to temple but then I went twice with her and just because of her.


Part #3 will be posted in next 3 hours.


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