“Silent LOVE…” – $25(Climax Episode) – #5(Final Part)


(18 months later)

(Pune International Airport)

18 months back, when I left this place, I strongly decided to never disturb Vennela. But then I dint stand on my word. I sent her messages in inter office communicator twice. But then as usual she dint reply and from there on I never pinged her.

But one thing I was not able to stop. During these 18 months, I used to get all updates about Vennela through various means. I thought distance will keep her thoughts away. The one lesson that I have learnt is that Distance is directly proportional to the relation between two people.

After getting down the flight, it took 1 hour to complete the check out process and come out. The moment I stepped out, I saw Nandini and Anurudh waiting for me.

“Welcome back to INDIA Prudhvi.”

“Hey new couple. How are you?”

“We are fine Prudhvi. How is the journey?”

“Ya fine. Sorry that I was not able to make it to your marriage. I really felt bad for that.”

“That’s fine Prudhvi. We can understand.”

“Wishing you a very very happy married life. Here is a small token for your married life.”

“Thank you so much Prudhvi.”

“I just don’t need thanks. I want to celebrate this moment.”

“Hmmm. Yeah. We will definitely celebrate.”

“Come on lets go.”

(In Cab)

“So, Anurudh. What are your plans? Where are you planning to settle?”

“I need to fly back to US in next month Prudhvi. I am so glad that I met you. Nandini use you tell about you every time. I thought I could meet you in marriage.”

“Sorry Anurudh. I tried a lot but then was unable to make it to marriage.”

“I understand Prudhvi. Finally I met you. I am happy for that.”

“Thanks Anurudh. So, you will take Nandini with you?”

“Yeah. I have made all arrangements there. We will be there for one year and after that will return back to India compeltely.”

“Wow. Cool.”

“So, what about you Prudhvi?”

“Need to check out Anurudh. I am planning to get transfer to my home town. I already talked with my manager.”

“Nice. You don’t have plans to fly back?”

“No more on-sites Anurudh. Enough with this. Now I have to look out for settling here.”

“Nice. What about your marriage plans?”

“Yeah. Even I am planning to ask the same thing. Tell Prudhvi. When are you planning to get married?” – Nandini.

“Takes time. First of all I need to work on settling and then will think of marriage.”

Three of us reached the restaurant and got down the cab.

(That is the same restaurant where I have planned for dinner with Vennela 18 months back.)

“Hey driver. Park the car and go for dinner and back. It will take at least an hour for us to finish our dinner here.”

“Sure sir.”

“No need Prudhvi. Hey driver. Just wait here for 10 mins.” – Nandini.

“Why Nandini? Let him go for dinner and come back.”

“Let us get inside Prudhvi.” –  I don’t know why. Nandini forced me to get inside. She also dint allow the driver to go for dinner and asked him to wait for 10 mins.

We got into restaurant. The memories from the past were flashing in my mind. While I was stepping in, the lady at the door welcomed me with a flower.

“Good after Prudhvi. Welcome to India.”


Before I started questioning the lady how come she know my name, Nandini pushed me inside. I was looking back and was trying to speak to that lady. But then Nandini is pushing me inside. Three of us settled down at the corner seat which is diagonally opposite to the table which I had reserved last time when I planned for dinner with Vennela.

When we settled down, after few minutes, some one gave me a menu card from my behind. I dint look at the waiter. I just took the menu card and opened it.

“So, what are we having now new couple.”

“First of all open that menu Prudhvi.”

I opened the menu and was surprised and shocked to see a greeting card inside it written as ‘Welcome to India my dear friend.’ While I was reading that, I heard a female voice.

“Good after noon Prudhvi.”

I turned slowly towards her and when I looked at her, my heart stopped for a moment. I was shocked to see Vennela in a beautiful blue colored saree with a bright smile on her face. I immediately got up and was not getting words out to speak to her. It is very surprising and shocking moment for me.

“Prudhvi. How is the surprise?” – Nandini.

“Nandini. What is this?”

“Hey hey don’t look at me like that. I dint tell her anything.” – Nandini was about to explain what happened. But then Vennela interrupted her.

“Nandini wait. I will explain everything.” – Vennela.

“Ok Vennela. We will leave then. Both of you have good time.”

“What? What is happening Nandini.” – Prudhvi.

“Prudhvi. She will explain everything. You waited for this moment from more than 2 years. Cant you wait for 2 more minutes. We will leave to our flat and will keep your luggage there. You come to our flat once you are done.” – Nandini.

Nandini and Anurudh left from there.

“So, Prudhvi. How are you?”

I was still not getting words. I am still in a shock seeing Vennela there.

“Prudhvi. Come out of that. This is true. I am Vennela. Your smiling friend. 18 months back you have planned for a dinner but then I failed it. I am sorry for that.”

“Vennela. Please never say sorry. You don’t need to be sorry for anything.”

“Prudhvi. I don’t know why but when you were with me, I never felt anything. But then the moment you left, I started feeling the difference. I began to understand how well you used to care for me. Right from the day you left to till today, I never had heart full smile on my face which you used to bring when you were with me. I missed everything. I started feeling that I don’t have a friend to share and a person to care. I missed you a lot.”

Vennela explained me everything how she felt. I felt so happy for every word she spoke to me. As she is speaking to me, I started remembering the moment I explained about Vennela to Suchi and Nandini while I was leaving to Australia.

“What are we eating now Prudhvi?”

“You have to order Vennela.”

Vennela started ordering the dishes.

“One chicken lollipop.”

“No Vennela. I am not eating Non-veg.”

“No Prudhvi. Enough of everything you have done to me. You don’t need to change yourself for me or for any one.”

My heart filled with smile.

“Vennela. How did you come to know about all these things?” – Prudhvi.

“As you used to speak about Nandini frequently, one year back, I approached her and spoke to her. She explained me everything. I felt so bad that I was not able to understand you when you were with me. Actually, those days I felt that if I started being close with you, you may take it in a wrong way and so I was like that with you.”

We spent almost 2 hours in the restaurant. We both spoke a lot about everything that happened during these 18 months. I began to feel that I am now a very special and close person to her. She shared every moment with me as like sharing with a special and best friend.

While stepping out of restaurant, “So, Prudhvi. When are you travelling to Mumbai with me?”

I felt extremely happy that she understood me. I was waiting for this day from last 3 to 4 years. And now the moment has come. I realized that things that we want, things we feel we will be happy with, things we feel that are good to us, don’t come to us easily and immediately. All we have to do is to wait for them and when we are true in our heart, they will definitely come to us. My heart filled with joy and happiness, I started dancing within myself. It was the extremely happiest moment of my life. I don’t know whether I will get a day like this ever.

This is called the Silent LOVE. A Silent Prudhvi, A Special Vennela and a relation that’s not just LOVE.

Millions of rain drops fall from the sky… But only very few of them turns out to be a shining pearl. You are one such pearl like person in my life Vennela.” Mr. Venky Bond


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47 thoughts on ““Silent LOVE…” – $25(Climax Episode) – #5(Final Part)

  1. Was feeling bad thinking what if it would be a sad ending…But nice twist and good climax:)
    “Things that we want, things we feel we will be happy with, things we feel that are good to us, don’t come to us easily and immediately. All we have to do is to wait for them and when we are true in our heart, they will definitely come to us.” – Dont know why,but these lines brought tears in my eyes…

  2. I don’t know what to comment.. But I felt something in me like bittersweet 🙂
    Really really really wonderful and thousands of wow for ur thoughts 🙂

  3. I still din’t understand completely abt the relation between them;)
    And how long it wud be 🙂 Never mind,i just told my opinion. Apart from that, the story rockzzzzzz!!!
    Your narration and thoughts are amazing!!! Keep going!!!

  4. “I realized that things that we want, things we feel we will be happy with, things we feel that are good to us, don’t come to us easily and immediately. All we have to do is to wait for them and when we are true in our heart, they will definitely come to us.”
    Simply awesome words venki..a very well narrated story I will say..I just loved it.No doubt that very soon you will be a renowned author. Good Luck! Eagerly waiting for your next story….

  5. Excellent venky bond.. 🙂 I have never read any story completely, bt ur narration made me to read..
    Keep going.. 🙂 All d best for ur next story.. 🙂

  6. Reallyyyy amazing venky:):) I felt like i am watching Silent Love not just reading.Ur narration made me forget that i am in office , i felt that i am with pruthvi and venella :):)

    Keep Rocking and Keep Writing!!!

  7. i think it is too sad dat it is not love but!!!!! you have proven that relation is one kind that is important,, i agreed with pruthvi,and ur thoughts,realLy it is silent love!!!!.

  8. Excellent story Venky..The way u hav narrated is superb..Good writer..Dont stop with these two stories try to make more with different concept.U can write novels venky..All the best

  9. Hi Venky….. I know you are waiting for posts…. every one gives you good comments but I wanna give other side… I hope it will help you for the up coming stories…

    First, The HR name is Shreya and Prudvi’s friend name is also shreya… Littile bit confusion there.
    I know in real many have same names, but this is story, so need to take care of charecter names also.
    second, expected alot when prudvi saw Vennela for the first time.. You can explain the situation in a better way.
    third, Prudvi mentioned Suchi is as his Besty and after few episodes, He didnt even mention anything about Suchi till he flies to Australia..
    Fourth, You can make last restaurant scene little bit Romantic it is like Vennela sitting on the Roof and adding those five letters..

    I don’t know whether my view is correct…. But I felt those..

    And Coming to Positive side…

    Awesome quotes…………
    I like each and every one…
    And I am really PROUD of you…
    Will be with you always…………………. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Wowwww. I cannot thank u enough. I am expecting valuable suggestions like this. These kind of reviews will help me improve a lot. Thank u so much for the wonderful support. Keep reading. Will come back soon with next story

  10. Had a nice read. “Silent Love” nice title. I didn’t find the first half that interesting. Some technical jargon could ve been avoided. Later part was good. Found some pointers were repeated (like prudhvi is still not clear whether it’s love and also his fear how venella wud take it if..those stuff). I think such repetition cud ve been avoided. Quotes at end of each story were good and different. “SMILE” factor is new and like the way u ve described it. All the best for your forthcoming stories. Kudos to you 🙂

  11. Hi Venky, superb naration … loved reading all the episodes …. many of the statements in the story touch close to heart espically some happened in our real life where in I reacted oposite to the one you mentioned in the story …

  12. These lines”“Millions of rain drops fall from the sky… But only very few of them turns out to be a shining pearl. You are one such pearl like person in my life Vennela” are golden words venky..Super!!!!!!:)

  13. The way of your narration is playing characters in front of me…Each episode ending with a situation lines..simply awesome.. A Silent Prudhvi, A Special Vennela and a relation that’s not just LOVE—>Unique End..great 🙂

  14. “Silent love” superb story asalu..ika vennela ki telidemo silent love e le anukunna but finally happy ending:)
    Prudhvi’s character is very well narrated I loved dat nd ur story too;) keep rocking as always:)

  15. Unexpectedly I stumbled upon this story and couldn’t stop reading. You gave a new definition to the feelings we have towards that one special person. Beautiful narration!! I am off to read your next stories. 🙂

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