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Before I start writing about the journey of Silent Love, I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this success. It is because of your valuable time that you have taken out from you busy schedule,  I was able to achieve this.


After my first story Shadow of Truth, I thought of coming with a whole new different concept. And then I thought about writing a love story as people easily get connected when its love story. But then I decided not to come up a routine kind of love story. I wanted to write about not just love. I had thoughts of explaining how a relation should be especially between opposite gender of teenage group. I wanted to express various feelings of relation and also how tough is to maintain a relation. Every one speaks about love. But then I wanted to present a different kind of relation that is not just love but also has various other feelings embedded in it. Here if you see, in this story, you can see a relation between mom and son, father and daughter, two friends and especially Prudhvi who likes a girl but then he never answers himself that it is Love. Every relation has love in it that doesn’t mean that we name it as LOVE. And also one most important message I wanted to convey to girls is that if a boy is running back of them, it doesn’t mean that he is in love with her and marriage and all. May be he wanted to be a good friend, a special friend as like Prudhvi.

I hope I have clearly conveyed what I exactly felt. When ever I used to write a post and read it, I used to read it several times to make sure that the narration has liveliness in it and also it is connecting the readers and making them feel that they are not just reading story and that the characters are playing around them. I want to understand whether I have achieved it, in your words. Here are some most wonderful comments that I have received from readers.

1. In one post I have explained about relation between two people should be like a bird and a nest and not like a bird and a cage. One person from hyderabad replied to that saying that he did a mistake in his real life and now he learnt how to be in a realtion. I felt really amazing when I read that. People are not just reading, they are connecting it to their real life.

2. One reader sent me a mail as like this. “Hi Venky, I don’t know what is driving you to writing stories. But I wanted to request you to please write it for me. Narration in your stories is so good that it makes me forget myself.” You can imagine how high I would have flied when I read this.

3. Some readers said that they never read any story or book till now but then after reading two posts of my story, they started reading the story and waited very much eagerly for the next episodes.

4. For the climax episode, one reader said that she had tears in her eyes when she read the following lines. “Things that we want, things we feel we will be happy with, things we feel that are good to us, don’t come to us easily and immediately. All we have to do is to wait for them and when we are true in our heart, they will definitely come to us.”

5. “A very proud reader and a very proud friend. Just keep writing. The least I will say to you. what an explanation. Awesome. Simple superb. Please do start writing articles or blogs related to daily or important news.” This is one of the amazing mail I have received.

There are readers who wait eagerly for my post even in their work hours. There are readers who play trick with their team leads by converting the post into a pdf and reading it. There are readers who are first time readers of stories/novels. As like the above said 5 stories, I wanted to know what’s your take from this story and your experience. Please post it in the comment section.

All your feedbacks/comments encourage me a lot and add value to my writings. They help me a lot in improving my writings as they make me understand how well the writings are reaching the readers hearts. So, please please reply with a comment for every post you read. It may be a comment or a suggestion or anything. I am ready to accept it and work on it.

On this special occasion, I want to especially thank my reviewers Lakshmi Prasanna and Moorthy kritiga for taking time from their busy schedule and helping me in correcting the mistakes in the blog and also motivating me to write it in a better way. They also play a very important role in pushing me to write. Thank you guys.

If any one is interested in being part of my team, you are welcome. You can help me in many ways.

I will keep writing new kind of stories with new concepts that can invoke a changing thought in the society which is the base theme of my writing. Your valuable and true feedback will help me in improving my writings.

1. What’s your first impression?

2. Are the characters realistic?

3. Is the narration making u feel the story and characters lively?

4. What’s the unique thing u have noticed?

5. Is the relation between people explained clearly?

6. What is the one thing u suggest me to change in the writings?

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Please like this page and also do share it with your friends who are interested in reading novels/stories. Before I reach out a publisher, I want to build a strong base of readers so that the publishing becomes quick and easy.

Next Story: As I have already specified in my previous blog posts that I will come up with “I quiT”, I also have another plot which is titled “I Am Stupid.” Within a few days, I will come up with either one of them.

A heartfull thanks to each of you.

“To write is to express, to read is to feel.”

Author: Mr. Venky Bond


4 thoughts on ““Silent LOVE…” – $Journey & Beyond

  1. First of all I let me say…This is such a simple and awesome story. I loved the way of narration u have done in each and every episode. And the best thing which I felt, the story has liveliness in it.
    And one thing I should say is…you won to making us feel that we are not just reading the story, we can see the characters in front of us. I think that is the best thing the author can do. Anyway I’m wishing you a bright future … and we are expecting more than this form you… I hope you can bring lots and lots of people to this reading world by your own writings. Keep the spirit throughout the life and go ahead. Wish you all the success….Eagerly waiting for reading your upcoming stories.

  2. Good work Venky… Keep up the spirit and keep going.. Both of your stories are really heart touching and have an amazing storyline.. Readers tend to think they might be the main characters in your stories.. That feeling you can get only from some good stories.. We would like to see more such stories from you.. All the best for your upcoming writings!

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