“I quiT” – Episode @4

“We don’t have time to learn from their stories Ishanth” replied Thyagarajan trying to drop the conversation.

“Mr. Thyagarajan, please be seated. Don’t break this now.”

“Thyagarajan let him speak” a female voice added to Ishanth’s words.

“Who is that?” answered Thyagarajan looking at the monitor, trying to find out who is the person.

“Hi Thyagarajan, Good Morning, this is Zaina here.”

“Oh. Hi Zaina, Good Morning.”

Mrs. Zaina Begam holds the position ofDirector – Projects who manages the entire team from Mumbai office. She manages 5 teams with 3 Senior Managers reporting to her and about 120 employees totaling all the teams across locations. She also manages the onshore team of 4 people who are working from Germany office.

Zaina, who joined the conference from her personal conference room at Mumbai office, showed up and requested Mr. Thyagarajan to give room for Ishanth to continue. Thyagarajan who is trying to break down Ishanth from not telling out their stories, calmed all at once when he heard Zaina’s voice. He reports to her and he cannot go against her will.

“Ok Ishanth, continue.”

“Thank you Mr. Thyagarajan. Thank you Mrs. Zaina” Ishanth thanked both of them for giving him a chance to speak out what he meant to speak.He felt like he got some extra energy when Zaina allowed him to continue his conversation which Thyagarajan is forcing to stop.

He walked close to the microphone as he wants to make a point that his voice is loud and clear to everyone who is in the conference.

“Team, please do not disturb me when I am speaking.Let me finish what I have to say and then you can tear out your questions.I am sorry Thyagarajan and Zaina. This applies to even both of you. I am waiting for a moment like this and I want to speak everything that I intend to speak. And so I don’t want any interruption in the middle. Don’t worry I will make sure that I am not exceeding the time limit set for this conference.”

These lines made the conference room much more silent. Every one’s attention is only on Ishanth keeping their eyes and ears wide open.

(Few months back)

Uthrani is a beautiful looking North Indian girl with long-hair, aged around 24 years.Even though she is from Gurgaon, she stays in Bengaluru in a flat along with 3 other colleagues.Her mother visits every now and then and stays for a week with her. She joined this company a yearback.

(07:30 AM, Monday Morning)

“Uthrani, Uthrani… get up, it’s now 07:30. Come on get up and get ready”

“Mom. Let me sleep for some more time. It’s just 07:30.”

“Don’t forget that today is Monday, your weekend is over.Again, don’t say that I dint wake you up.”

The very next minute, Uthrani is up from bed and ran in her room to get ready to the office. In just 30 minutes, she got dressed up and appeared before the dining table for breakfast.

“Mom, where is my lunch pack. I got to go.”

“I am just packing it. Wait for 5 mins. Meanwhile have your bread.”

“Mom, I don’t have time, I will have after reaching the office. It’s 08:00 now. You don’t know about the traffic in Bengaluru.”

“Don’t begin your routine story.I know very well that once you reach your work desk, you will not even get up from it. Eat your bread and then go.”

“Mom. Please.”

“No. No. No. You have to eat and then leave.So, you will do the sameafter I go back to Gurgaon?”

“Oh. Thanks for remembering me mom. I have to remind my TL regarding my leave to accompany you. I almost forgot that.”

Her mother planned to return back to Gurgaon the coming Friday. Uthrani also booked tickets by applying leave for 2 days. They discussed about the plan on breakfast. Once she had her breakfast, she packed her bag and stepped out of the house to leave for office.

“Mom, I am leaving. If you need anything, just call me.”

“Hey Uthrani. When your allies will come?”

“They will directly reach office.”

“All right.Take care of yourselves. Go safely.”

(08:15 AM, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru)

Bengaluru roads are one of the heaviest traffic roads in the country. The city is highly populated with lakhs of people commuting to the office daily on those narrow roads. Even though BMTC has lots of buses from every point, you could see them packed up heavily in the morning and evening.

The single best thing people feel about BMTC are the AC Volvo buses.Even though they charge heavily, people prefer them during the peak hours. Only a few people, who manage to get a seat can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Uthrani reached the stop and after waiting for 15 mins, a bus came and she stepped into it and got seated. She plugged in her ear phones which you can see very commonly in almost every ones ears. Of course that is one of the best distractionsto this heavy traffic jams and noise.

(09:37 AM, Uthrani’s Desk, Office)

She settled at her desk and turned her system on and started going through her mails which is the first thing every employee generally does once they step into the office.

In just a few seconds, her communicator popped up. It is from her lead who sits a few blocks away from her desk.


“Hi Quadhar.”

“Can you come over here?”

She directly went to his desk without even replying to that conversation.

(09:40 AM, Quadhar’s Desk, Office)

“Uthrani. What’s the update on that TMR Project?”

“It’s still under development phase Quadhar. It takes 6 more weeks for us to complete the development phase.”

“We have to finish it off and send it for Quality Analysis by the end of this month.”

“But, month end is just 2 weeks only.”

“Yes, I know, we have to re-plan on that. I will schedule a meeting with the team today afternoon.”

“I don’t think so we could do it. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to complete 6 weeks task in just 2 weeks.”

“I know, but that is one important module which we should demo to the clients.We have to stretch ourselves during the weekdays and we may also need to add up during weekends for these 2 weeks.”


Guess the story: Will Quadhar grant leave to Uthrani?


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