“I quiT” – Episode @9

When she felt like somebody is watching her, she dint dare to turn back. She started placing longer steps so that she could reach faster. When she is almost a turn away from her flat, she saw a shadow just next to her’s. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that shadow.

(11:59 PM)

As she is about to take the last right turn to reach her flat, all of a sudden she felt like someone kept their hand on her shoulder? She screamed loud closing her eyes without even turning back to find out who it is. That person tried to get closer to Uthrani. When she realized that, she turned back. It was some drunken mid aged guy. Her heart beat doubled and she is in full fear. She repelled him and ran away from that place running as fast as she can.

After getting to her flat, she turned back to find out whether that guy is following or not. Even after confirming that he did not follow her, her heart continued beating fast and she got totally besotted with her sweat. She looked around to make sure her mom dint see her. And then when she felt comfortable, she wiped her face, started breathing slowly and starting getting relaxed. But the fear inside her still dint goes down.

Two months back one of her roommate faced the similar kind of situation when she was returning from office. Two drunken guys stopped her in the middle and completely misbehaved her. But, fortunately she escaped from there with the help of someone else. And from that day, they used to make sure that someone accompanied them if it used to go late.

She went inside, had dinner and went to bed. But even today she dint get proper sleep. Last night she was disturbed by the thoughts of leave and project timelines and this night that particular moment that occurred while she was walking to her flat disturbed her a lot. It created a great deal of fear in her.

(10:00 AM)

As usual, she reached office and started her work. And meanwhile, Quadhar called her and asked her about the work status. She said that she is almost at the end and by next day noon, she can complete the entire task. On hearing that, Quadhar appreciated her. She felt happy for the positive note from Quadhar and continued her work trying to finish as fast as she can.

Everyone in the team is contributing their best to make sure they completed their modules in time so that they need not occur during the weekends.

(08: 57 PM)

When the clock is nearing 09:00 PM, Ishanth reminded Uthrani about booking cab. She is in total dilemma. When Ishanth reminded her about the cab, she began to think about the last two nights. One night when Ishanth dropped her, a bit of discussion happened between her mom and Uthrani. And on the second day night, she almost felt lost with that incident.

She did not share about that incident with anyone. If she told her mother, then she will be worried a lot. And if she tells about this to their roommates or her colleagues at the office, then they won’t allow her to go unaccompanied. Especially Ishanth, who is her best colleague at the office. Ishanth will definitely not allow her to go unaccompanied. He will for sure accompany her till her flat. And if that happens, she cannot answer her mother’s questions.

Already she is in full pressure with her work load and now these thoughts added to that heating up her brain. She decided to call the cab admin people to make sure they have the security guards in full count so that the same thing will not repeat as last night.

She heard the happiest news of the last 3 days. Admin cab help desk said that the security guards are available and that they will not repeat it today.

That day she left by early hour’s 01:00 AM cab as she had to finish her task.

(06:33 AM – Next day)

The next day morning, Uthrani woke up early and got ready to office.

“Mom. Pack up everything and be ready, if my TL approves leave, we will go by the evening train.”

“What? You said you applied for leave long back.”

“Yes mom. But unexpectedly project timelines changed and so there may be a change in plan. Don’t worry. Max we will depart. I nearly filled in my module.”

“What if your leave is not approved? Do I need to travel alone?”

“No mom. Don’t start talking like that. I am sure that leave will get approved.”

“All right. Call your father and inform.”

“No Mom. He will start getting tensed. Let me go to the office and find out what the situation is. Then we will call him.”

(02:30 PM)

Uthrani worked much harder that day. The only thing that is running in her mind is to complete the task at any cost and make sure she travels with her mom. She dint take any breakouts and dint even had her lunch that day. Right from the moment she started her system, she is running continuously. At around 02:30 PM, she completed her task and submitted for the QA (Quality Analysis).

After that, she went to Quadhar’s cabin to talk to him regarding her leave as she need to leave by 07:00 PM train.

“Hi Quadhar. Good afternoon.”

“Yes Uthrani.”

“Quadhar. I completed my task and submitted for QA analysis.”

“Wow. That’s wonderful. What is the result?”

“I submitted just now.”

“Okay. Good.”

“Quadhar. I spoke to you regarding my leave right?”

“Yes Yes. I do remember. I spoke with our Senior Manager.”

“What did he say?”


Guess the story: Will Uthrani travel with her mother?


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