“I quiT” – Episode @11

(11:11 AM)


“Hello Quadhar. Good Morning.”

“Good Morning. Who is this?”

“Quadhar. This is Uthrani.”

“Yes Uthrani. Where are you?”

“Quadhar. I am sorry to say that I will not be coming back by tomorrow. I am starting today evening. So, I will be coming to office from Wednesday.”

“What? Wednesday? You said you will be reaching by tomorrow morning.”

“Yes Quadhar. My original plan was that. But then due to some personal reasons I had to re-schedule.”

“Uthrani. This is not fair at all. I approved you leave just because you said you will be returned by tomorrow.”

“Quadhar…” Uthrani does not understand how to make Quadhar agree to this and so she stayed silent.

“This will be the last and final excuse. You know the whole team is working late nights and weekends. But still I spoke with Thyagarajan and granted leave. Now if you go for extra un-informed leave, I don’t think this is working well.”

“I am really sorry Quadhar. It was not intentional. I had to delay it by one day due to a personal emergency. I will not repeat this.”

“All right. Come and meet me once you step into the office on Wednesday.”

“Sure Quadhar. Thank you.”

After the call, Quadhar returned to his cabin and started thinking deep about the discussion happened with Thyagarajan.

(08:30 PM)

Quadhar is busy working at his system where in he received a call on his cell phone.

“Hello Shamina.”

“Quadhar. Are you still in office?”

“Yes dear. I will be departing in an hour.”

“Do you recall what special tonight?”

“What?” replying this word, Quadhar started thinking what might be so special tonight.

“What? You forgot?”

“I am thinking…”

“Your angel’s birthday.”

“Wow. I totally forgot that.”

“I will start as early as possible.”

“Come soon I will be waiting.”

During the conversation, Quadhar’s heard a beep from his mobile. When he looked at the screen, it is Mr. Thyagarajan who is trying to reach him.

“Hey Shamina. My manager is calling. Ok. Bye.”

He disconnected Shamina’s call and answered Thyagarajan’s call.

“Hello Thyagarajan.”

“Quadhar. Are you in office?”

“Yes Thyagarajan.”

“Good. I want you to send me the total projects status report now. Tomorrow we have quarterly audit. I totally forgot that.”

“What time is it Thyagarajan?”

“Morning at 10:00AM. I will send you meeting invite shortly. Please do send the report tonight. I need to go through that and make it ready for tomorrow.”

“Okay Thyagarajan.”

Quadhar started working on preparing all projects status report for the quarterly meet. It took nearly 2 hours for him to finish it and send it to Thyagarajan.

(10:46 PM)

He called Thyagarajan to inform him that he sent the report.

“Hello Thyagarajan.”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“I have sent the report.”

“Good. Just wait for some time. I will review and send it back if some changes are needed.”

“Thyagarajan. Can we make it tomorrow? It’s now almost 11:00 PM. I have to travel a long distance.”

“Quadhar. This is something very important. Once we are done, I have to send it to the on-site team now.”

Quadhar has nothing to reply. He has to go home early and now it’s almost 11:00 PM.

After 10 mins, he received call from Thyagarajan saying that the report is all fine and he can leave for the day.

(11:05 PM)

Quadhar quickly packed his bag and started from the office. On the way, he searched for various shops to buy chocolates and a gift for his angle as it is her birthday. But then he was not able to obtain any shop opened as it is almost close to midnight.

Luckily one shop was opened. He went there and purchased chocolates and ice cream and reached the billing counter.

“How much it costs?”

“973 Rs sir.”

“Okay.” Said Quadhar and gave him debit card for the transaction.

“Sorry sir. We cannot accept cards now.”

“But, you do have swipe machines right?”

“Yes sir. Our transaction time is only till 11:00 PM. Post to that we actually should not perform any transactions. But, as you have requested, we allowed you.”

Quadhar checked all his pockets and bag to find some cash. But, he dint find sufficient quantity. And besides there were no ATM’s nearby.

“This is very emergency. Please do something.”

“Sorry sir. We cannot do anything.”

Quadhar left from there with total disappointment. He arrived at his house and pressed the doorbell.

(11:45 PM)

Shamina opened the door and “Wow. I thought you will be late. You made exactly on time. Come inside.”

Quadhar dint speak out anything. He simply stepped inside and opened his shoes. Shamina went inside the bedroom.

After 2 minutes, darling come fast your angel is waiting here. You have just 10 more minute left. After waiting for 2 mins, Shamina came outside and saw Quadhar sitting on couch. He looked dull and tired.

“What happened darling?”

“I was not able to purchase anything, dear. I thought I would start by 09:00PM. But then at the last minute my manager called me and assigned me at work. And by the time I got down from the office, it was 11:00PM and there were no shops opened.”

“Darling. Don’t worry, my dear. You better just go on inside. I will come in 2mins.” Saying this, Shamina went inside the kitchen room.

“What are you doing Shami?”

“You go inside. I will come in exactly 2 minutes.”

Quadhar went inside the room.

After exactly 2 minutes, Shamina came inside with a bowl in her hand. “Darling. I am ready. Now don’t delay any more. You have just one more minute left.”


Guess the story: Who is that Angel?


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7 thoughts on ““I quiT” – Episode @11

  1. Ha ha ha ☺ Getting tones of smile while reading this episode.. Don’t mistake pls. This s bcoz normally when thinking of Manager, I know many with only the task oriented face.. Some may differ Hats off to them ☺ You are right, in this industry it’s difficult to take care of our family happiness even though we earn crores.. I feel this s happening purely because of us n we r responsible. We are bonded towards prestige and moving forward keeping an ambition of achieving the next top position..

    Eagerly waiting how Ishanth differs from common???

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