“I quiT” – Episode @13

“Hmm” said Shamina giving a little serious kind of look towards Quadhar and went inside.

Quadhar is still not able to come out of that mode. He somehow managed to not to show that on his face and stepped inside.

(09:07 AM – Next day)

Quadhar reached office and started preparing deck (A power point presentation) for the Quarterly meeting. He reached early to the office to make sure that he starts early in the evening from the office to celebrate her Angel’s birthday.

After reaching in the morning, he assigned all the tasks to the team through mails and then started working on the deck.

At approximately 10:15 AM, Quadhar received a message through internal communicator from Thyagarajan asking Quadhar to come to his cabin. Quadhar immediately turned off the monitor and walked towards Thyagarajan’s cabin.

“Hi Thyagarajan Good Morning.”

“Good Morning Quadhar. Sit down. I was merely going through the project reports in detail which you have sent yesterday night. I called you to discuss on that.”

“Okay Thyagarajan.”

“I knew we already had a discussion on this. I want to know few more updates on that.”

“Sure Thyagarajan.”

“Did the team started working on that?”

“Not yet Thyagarajan.”

“What? I told you yesterday that we have to start working on that. We should not stop working on current task just because we got a new task.”

“Yes Thyagarajan. I updated you yesterday right. Considering the priority of this, I have kept that on hold.”

“No. I made it very clear yesterday to resume work on that.”

“Yes Thyagarajan. But, resources are occupied 100%.”

“100% you mean 8 hours?”

“Not just 8 hours, even more.”

“But I don’t see any productivity.”

“Thyagarajan, they are running more than 12 hours daily from last week.They are still working during weekends.”

“Yes I understand. But working for long duration doesn’t mean that the work is getting done.”

“I dint understand Thyagarajan.”

“Let me make it neat.Try assigning multiple projects to each person. Then only they will feel challenged.”

“Uthrani and Ishanth are already working on multiple projects Thyagarajan.”

“What about others?”

“Others are still juniors. They even dint complete 6 months in the project. And so we cannot assign them to multiple projects.”

“No, you have to. Then only they will start learning to manage and then only you can get 100% productivity from them.”

“Thyagarajan I still don’t understand this 100% productivity concept.”

“I want you to assign the other project to Uthrani and ask her to share the work with Meher. I want an update on that in next 24 hours.”

“Thyagarajan. Uthrani is on leave today.”

“What? You said she is in leave only till yesterday and today she will be returning back.”

“Yes. But I got a call from her yesterday morning. She stated that she was not able to go due to some personal emergency.”

“What? Personal emergency? This is the best excuse. This is why I don’t grant leaves in emergency situations. They drag it a day or two with excuses. Okay now leave that. For today start with Meher.”

“Thyagarajan. Meher has no idea regarding this project. We cannot assign him this project.”

“You have to Quadhar. We don’t have any other way now. We cannot keep that on hold. We have to keep it going. And Meher is our only choice.”

“Thyagarajan. Meher is still in learning stage.”

“Quadhar. We are not here to teach them or train them. We are here to give a task to them and it’s their duty to finish the task which we assign them.”

“Meher is from a different technology. He has no idea about this technology.”

“You cannot stick to one single technology. You have to put your fingers in all technologies and learn them. Assign him the work, he will learn and do.”

“Even for learning and doing, he needs time as he is already overloaded with the current project work.”

“Quadhar. Okay You manage it. But I want an update on that project in next 1 hour on how you are planning to complete and by when you will be completing it.”

Even though Quadhar wants to discuss further on this, he merely replied “Okay Thyagarajan” as he knew that Thyagarajan won’t listen to his words.After the discussion, Quadhar left from Thyagarajan’s cabin and reached his cabin.

(10:27 AM)

He started thinking what to do regarding what Thyagarajan told him. He cannot put more pressure on the team as they are already filled with heavy load of work.And also when coming to Meher, he joined project few months back and he cannot assign him multiple projects as he is still in the learning phase.

He is left with no choice but to assign the task to Meher. Uthrani is on leave and she will be joining next day morning. And even though if she comes back, she has to work on the QA and fixes and then integrate the module with Ishanth and make it ready for demo.”

Quadhar sent a mail to Meher on the project details and also the task which he needs to work on.

(11:00 AM)

Ishanth just stepped into the office and is walking to his desk. When he crossed Meher’s desk, he noticed Meher sitting at his desk and looked very dull.

“Good morning Meher, What’s up man? What are you working on so seriously in the early morning?”

“Nothing Ishanth” replied Meher with a very low voice.

“Hey, what happened Meher? Tell me?”

“Just look at this mail.”

“What’s in there?”

After reading the mail which Meher kept opened on his screen, Ishanth got little bit shocked.

“How can he assign you this project task Meher. You are from a different technology right.”

“Yes Ishanth. That’s what I am worrying about. Also he wants me to update on this by today EOD(End of Day).”

“Did you speak with him?”

“No. I just got this mail now. Not knowing what to do.”


Guess the story: Will Meher speak with Quadhar?.


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16 thoughts on ““I quiT” – Episode @13

  1. Ohh the exact office environment to see here. I feel stressed on seeing each one’s situation.. paavam ☹ First I Have to get relaxed to go back to my work ☺
    Hey shal I give it a name Office Serial?? Why so moody scenes from the last 3 episodes..? Yeah you r showing everyone’s situation n their struggle.. That’s really good but am not to bear it (crying) ;..(

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