“I quiT” – Episode @15

“I already told him Ishanth. He said let him learn.”

“Then you have to give him sufficient time to learn.”

“Hey Ishanth. Can we discuss later on this?I am running out of time now. I have a conference to attend at 02:00 PM.”

“Okay Quadhar.”

(02:10 PM)

Quadhar, Thyagarajan and few others gathered in the video conference room for the Quarterly meet.It is a large room with lot of colored high quality paper posters on both sides of the wall. Those represent the current statistics, vision and mission with which the organization is running from many years.

Meeting started with update from Andrew who is the Sr. Vice Presidents of Mobile account of the company. He has been in this role from last 7 years. He takes care of all client interactions and travels around the world to meet upon various clients both to get new deals and also to update clients on the currently assigned deals. He is a guy who is always into business. If you say have an hour with you, for the first 10 minutes he talks about how to do business and in the next 50 minutes, he makes u do it. That doesn’t mean he is 24/7 and 365 days in business. He is the guy who takes one week vacation every quarter. And he schedules the Quarterly meeting once he is back from his vacation. Even though he looks serious outside, he is well known for his sense of humor.

(02:20 PM)

He finished his welcome speech in the first 10 minutes and gave window for each project manager from each division to give updates on their respective project. From every project, one senior manager and one senior employee will be invited to this meeting every time. Each manager will be given 15 minutes for their updates and then it is followed by questionnaire by Andrew. He takes 10 mins to shoot his questions and get answers from the managers.

The meeting went on for 90 mins. And now it’s Mr. Thyagarajan’s turn to speak out. Thyagarajan started his project updates by starting his presentation deck which Quadhar had prepared.

“Good evening every one. I will now start with the updates on the TNX mobile application which we started 6 months back. It is in healthy status as we are completing on time and as of today, the team is working on the 2nd release and hopefully we will go live by the end of next month. We have planned for a demo on the first week of next month. And if the clients give a green signal, we will launch it by month end.”

Thyagarajan gave a complete update on the project along with the number of resources who are working on that. He took about 5 minutes to complete the update on the first project.

“Wow. That’s wonderful.” One of the mangers replied clapping his hands and then few others joined him.

“Thank you. And now when it comes to our next project, it is in progress and going good. The progress is little slow when compared to the TNX mobile project because we are concentratingmore on the TNX first as we have demo next week. Once we will finish working on it, we will resume our work on that allocating 50% of our resource time.”

“Thyagarajan, wait. I guess we talked about this before I have been to vacation. Last time when I met them, they said that they are planning to launch the first version to their customers in the next month. And so maybe you have to speed that up. Don’t wait for the TNX to get completed. Resume this and try to finish it off as per the latest schedule. And also try to share the revised timelines by tomorrow noon.

“Okay Andrew. Sure” replied Thyagarajan and continued giving updates.“During the last quarterly meet, we discussed about the cross location team set up to manage the project by setting up teams at different locations. As of now we are dropping that plan due to the logistical and financial issues. We will be continuing our work on that project from Bangalore location.”

The moment Quadhar heard this; he felt surprised and ran into deep shock. He is requesting Thyagarajan regarding transfer to Hyderabad from almost a year. And Thyagarajan kept him silent saying that very soon he will be setting up a team in Hyderabad and Quadhar will be leading that team from that location. And so when he heard the news from Thyagarajan that they dropped the plan of setting up a team in Hyderabad, he is completely depressed.

(04:45 PM)

Meeting almost came to an end. The entire project managers finished giving updates about all the projects they are handling. And now it’s again Mr. Andrew’s turn to wind up the meeting.

“Thanks a lot guys for all the updates. I am so happy that almost all the projects are on GREEN. And here and there I have noticed some projects which are still in YELLOW. We have to push ourselves and try to bring them into GREEN. By the next quarterly meet, I have to see all the projects in GREEN. And the next most important thing I wanna discuss is regarding the 100% productivity. We have enough resources in all our projects. But, I don’t think we are making proper utilization of our resources. If you take a project X with 5 resources, each resource working for 8 hours for 5 days,and thenour productive hours should be 120 hours. Which is very well enough to complete a module? But I am not seeing that kind of stats in most of the projects. I guess hardly we are achieving 60 to 70% of that and the remaining 30% we are simply losing it. I don’t want these kinds of gaps anywhere. The world is growing so fast and the customers are demanding a faster delivery of their products. The competition is so high that each customer is so working their part to release their products with uniqueness and high quality.Apart from our regular project activities, we also need to work on the innovation. Customers are looking for an innovative solution these days. They are in greed for products that can be developed in little time innovatively. The days of traditional waterfall models and other models are gone. Software engineering is being redefined every day. Hope you are on track on what I am trying to say.Any questions?”

All of them who are seated in the meeting room are just thinking about what Mr. Andrew just said. None of them had any questions.

(04:59 PM)

“Okay guys as you all don’t have any questions, and also the time is closing up, I am winding this meeting. Thank you guys. Thank you


Guess the story: Why is Quadhar shocked after hearing updates from Thyagarajan?


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“I quiT” – Episode @14

“Yes Ishanth. That’s what I am worried about. Also he wants me to update on this by today EOD(End of Day).”

“Did you speak with him?”

“No. I just got this mail now. Not knowing what to do.”

(11:12 AM)

“Don’t worry Meher. Go and speak with Quadhar and explain him that you have no idea of this project.”

“I don’t believe he will listen to me Ishanth.”

“Why don’t you first give a try Meher? If you remain silent then they will keep on overloading you with lost more tasks.”

“He know very well that I am not at all aware of this technology and particularly this project. Knowing this how could he assign me this task without even a direct discussion.”

“Open up your voice at him. Not me. I cannot do anything in this. You have to speak up with Quadhar and resolve this. Before it becomes too late, go and talk to him and ask him with what intentions he assigned this task to you.”

“Who is working on this right now?”

“I don’t know the complete details. But I know that Uthrani is taking care of this maintainance activity. May be because she is on leave he assigned this task to you. Whatever it may be first go and talk to him before it becomes an extra weight to you.”

“Okay Ishanth. I will ping him now itself and will go and talk to him.”

“That’s right. Make a clear point that you cannot work on that project as you have no idea about that and also you are from a different technology.”

“Sure Ishanth. Thank you.”

“Also make it very clear that you are already overloaded with work.”

“Ya definitely” said Meher and got up from his seat to talk to Quadhar. He reached Quadhar’s cabin and started conversing with him.

(11:37 AM)

Meher explained Quadhar that he is new to that technology and also he has no idea at all on that and so he cannot take up that task which Quadhar has assigned through mail. Meher made it very clear to him that, not only that he is new to that technology, but also that he is already overloaded with the projects that are currently attributed to him and so he cannot admit this new job.

After listening to the entire conversation, “Meher.To be very frank, I have nothing to do with this. Thyagarajan told me to assign this to you.”

“But, Quadhar you know that I am not trained in this technology.”

“Yes I understand Meher. But I have nothing in my hands right now. If you want to ask anything, you can talk to Thyagarajan.”

“But, you are my team leader. If I have any concerns, I will approach you. And also its you who assigned me that task and so I came to you to talk regarding that.”

“Yes, you are right. It’s me who assigned that task. But, it was Mr. Thyagarajan’s decision. Not just mine.And so if you experience any problems then go and talk to him.”

Meher looked very disappointing when Quadhar gave a reply like that. Quadhar is his team lead and so he is the one who is actually responsible for any concerns. But now he is asking him to go and talk to Thyagarajan. Meher is little scared to talk to Thyagarajan as he knew about him very well for the last 6 months.

Now if Meher goes and talks with Thyagarajan. He will either push it on to Quadhar or will somehow convince him.

Whatever it may be, he decided to go and talk to Thyagarajan. After the discussion with Quadhar, he sent a message through the internal communicator that he wants to talk to him. Thyagarajan replied to him stating that he is busy with Quarterly meeting works and so he cannot speak to him till evening 05:00 PM. And also gave him a suggestion that he can go and talk to Quadhar if at all it is something urgent.

He is more disappointed with the response from Thyagarajan. He is struck in between now.

(01:37 PM)

During lunch time, Ishanth raised the issue again with Meher.

“Hey Meher. What happened in the morning? Did you speak with Quadhar?”

“Ya Ishanth. I spoke with him.”

“Good. What did he say?”

“Don’t ask me that Ishanth. Both Quadhar and Thyagarajan are playing foot ball with me.”

“What happenedMeher?”

“When I spoke with Quadhar, he said its not his decision. Thyagarajan only told him to delegate the work.”


“When I pinged Thyagarajan. He said he is busy with some meeting works and so go and speak with Quadhar.”


“They are literally playing with me Ishanth. I am totally disgusted. We are already heavily loaded from the last few weeks and we came to office on many weekends in the last 4 months. I am okay no matter how much work they assign me as long as I can do it. But, what can I do when they assign me something which I am not aware of it at all and also with a fixed deadline. I am totally wexed up with them.”

“I understand Meher. Stay quiet. Let me talk to Quadhar once on this after the lunch.”

“No use Ishanth. He is saying only one thing. If you have any concerns go and talk to Thyagarajan. If we need to go and talk to Thyagarajan, then why is he working in the middle as a TL for us.”

“Cool Meher. Let me talk to him. May be Thyagarajan forced him and so he is left out with no choice. First let me talk to him and then you can think upon what to do further.”

“Okay Ishanth.”

(01:53 PM)

After the lunch, Ishanth went back to his desk and walked towards Quadhar’s cabin. As he is about to reach his cabin, he saw Quadhar coming out.


“Ya Ishanth.”

“I need to talk to you.”


“Regarding Meher.”

“What happened?”

“You have tagged him to the other maintainance project right. I want to speak to you on that.”

“Look Ishanth. I already told him that it is Thyagarajan’s decision. And I have nothing to do with it.”

“I understand Quadhar. Why don’t you make him understand that Meher is not from that technology background.”

“I already told him Ishanth. He said let him learn.”

“Then you have to give him sufficient time to learn.”

“Hey Ishanth. Can we discuss later on this.I am running out of time now. I have a conference to attend at 02:00 PM.”


Guess the story: What happens during the Quarterly meet?.


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“I quiT” – Episode @13

“Hmm” said Shamina giving a little serious kind of look towards Quadhar and went inside.

Quadhar is still not able to come out of that mode. He somehow managed to not to show that on his face and stepped inside.

(09:07 AM – Next day)

Quadhar reached office and started preparing deck (A power point presentation) for the Quarterly meeting. He reached early to the office to make sure that he starts early in the evening from the office to celebrate her Angel’s birthday.

After reaching in the morning, he assigned all the tasks to the team through mails and then started working on the deck.

At approximately 10:15 AM, Quadhar received a message through internal communicator from Thyagarajan asking Quadhar to come to his cabin. Quadhar immediately turned off the monitor and walked towards Thyagarajan’s cabin.

“Hi Thyagarajan Good Morning.”

“Good Morning Quadhar. Sit down. I was merely going through the project reports in detail which you have sent yesterday night. I called you to discuss on that.”

“Okay Thyagarajan.”

“I knew we already had a discussion on this. I want to know few more updates on that.”

“Sure Thyagarajan.”

“Did the team started working on that?”

“Not yet Thyagarajan.”

“What? I told you yesterday that we have to start working on that. We should not stop working on current task just because we got a new task.”

“Yes Thyagarajan. I updated you yesterday right. Considering the priority of this, I have kept that on hold.”

“No. I made it very clear yesterday to resume work on that.”

“Yes Thyagarajan. But, resources are occupied 100%.”

“100% you mean 8 hours?”

“Not just 8 hours, even more.”

“But I don’t see any productivity.”

“Thyagarajan, they are running more than 12 hours daily from last week.They are still working during weekends.”

“Yes I understand. But working for long duration doesn’t mean that the work is getting done.”

“I dint understand Thyagarajan.”

“Let me make it neat.Try assigning multiple projects to each person. Then only they will feel challenged.”

“Uthrani and Ishanth are already working on multiple projects Thyagarajan.”

“What about others?”

“Others are still juniors. They even dint complete 6 months in the project. And so we cannot assign them to multiple projects.”

“No, you have to. Then only they will start learning to manage and then only you can get 100% productivity from them.”

“Thyagarajan I still don’t understand this 100% productivity concept.”

“I want you to assign the other project to Uthrani and ask her to share the work with Meher. I want an update on that in next 24 hours.”

“Thyagarajan. Uthrani is on leave today.”

“What? You said she is in leave only till yesterday and today she will be returning back.”

“Yes. But I got a call from her yesterday morning. She stated that she was not able to go due to some personal emergency.”

“What? Personal emergency? This is the best excuse. This is why I don’t grant leaves in emergency situations. They drag it a day or two with excuses. Okay now leave that. For today start with Meher.”

“Thyagarajan. Meher has no idea regarding this project. We cannot assign him this project.”

“You have to Quadhar. We don’t have any other way now. We cannot keep that on hold. We have to keep it going. And Meher is our only choice.”

“Thyagarajan. Meher is still in learning stage.”

“Quadhar. We are not here to teach them or train them. We are here to give a task to them and it’s their duty to finish the task which we assign them.”

“Meher is from a different technology. He has no idea about this technology.”

“You cannot stick to one single technology. You have to put your fingers in all technologies and learn them. Assign him the work, he will learn and do.”

“Even for learning and doing, he needs time as he is already overloaded with the current project work.”

“Quadhar. Okay You manage it. But I want an update on that project in next 1 hour on how you are planning to complete and by when you will be completing it.”

Even though Quadhar wants to discuss further on this, he merely replied “Okay Thyagarajan” as he knew that Thyagarajan won’t listen to his words.After the discussion, Quadhar left from Thyagarajan’s cabin and reached his cabin.

(10:27 AM)

He started thinking what to do regarding what Thyagarajan told him. He cannot put more pressure on the team as they are already filled with heavy load of work.And also when coming to Meher, he joined project few months back and he cannot assign him multiple projects as he is still in the learning phase.

He is left with no choice but to assign the task to Meher. Uthrani is on leave and she will be joining next day morning. And even though if she comes back, she has to work on the QA and fixes and then integrate the module with Ishanth and make it ready for demo.”

Quadhar sent a mail to Meher on the project details and also the task which he needs to work on.

(11:00 AM)

Ishanth just stepped into the office and is walking to his desk. When he crossed Meher’s desk, he noticed Meher sitting at his desk and looked very dull.

“Good morning Meher, What’s up man? What are you working on so seriously in the early morning?”

“Nothing Ishanth” replied Meher with a very low voice.

“Hey, what happened Meher? Tell me?”

“Just look at this mail.”

“What’s in there?”

After reading the mail which Meher kept opened on his screen, Ishanth got little bit shocked.

“How can he assign you this project task Meher. You are from a different technology right.”

“Yes Ishanth. That’s what I am worrying about. Also he wants me to update on this by today EOD(End of Day).”

“Did you speak with him?”

“No. I just got this mail now. Not knowing what to do.”


Guess the story: Will Meher speak with Quadhar?.


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“I quiT” – Episode @12


“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my dear Angel. Happy birthday to you.” Singing this beautiful birthday song, Quadhar took his Angel into his hands and kissed her on her forehead.

“Thank you daddy” replied 5 years old Parveen.

Parveen is the daughter of Quadhar and Shamina. She just completed her kinder garden and will be joining her schooling in a few weeks. Quadhar never calls her as Parveen. He has a very peculiar name for her. Angel.He loves her daughter so much that he never grew angry on her no matter how much naughty things she does.Shamina now and then controls her by showing a little bit of anger. But then Quadhar dint even do that till date. In the last five years there is no day where he got up from his bed without looking at Parveen and kissing her on her forehead immediately when he awoke.

Even though he wished her exactly on time, he had a slight pain in his heart that he was unable to purchase chocolates and even ice cream for her birthday.

After singing the birthday song, Shamina bought homemade cake and placed it before Parveen. Quadhar held the hands of Parveen and made her cut the cake. After the cake cutting, “Dad, where is my chocolates and ice cream?” asked Parveen.

Quadhar had no words. He does not know what to do when his loving angel asked him like that.

When Shamina noticed this, she immediately took Parveen into her hands from Quadhar and said “Daddy bought a bunch of chocolates and ice cream. But now it’s already midnight. Now you should not eat ice creams as you will catch cold.

“What about chocolates?” asked Parveen immediately?

“Hmm. Now if you eat chocolates, you should brush again Parveen.” Replied Shamina. She is trying to calm her down with some reasons as Quadhar was unable to buy chocolates and ice cream due to heavy work at the office.

“I will brush again mom. I want to eat chocolates. Please.” – said Parveen. Parveen is an intelligent girl who doesn’t give up so easily.

Quadhar, who heard all this conversation, came near to Shamina and took Parveen in his hands.

“My dear sweet angel. Mom will give you chocolates and ice cream first in the morning after getting ready. Okay.”

“No dad. I want to eat one now! Please please please.” Parveen pleases her dad for chocolates and ice cream.

“Ice cream and chocolates got melted while I was taking them. And so she kept them in the refrigerator. By morning they will be good and you can eat them.”

“Hmmm. Then show me one time. I will eat in the morning. But, once I want to see them. Just once I will open the fridge and will close again. Please daddy” asked Parveen so pleasingly.

Quadhar had no words for that query.All of a sudden he turned mute.For the next 2 minutes, he didn’t answer anything.

“Okay Okay. I won’t ask.” Said Parveen when she noticed that Quadhar is not talking anything.

“Hmm. That’s my sweet angel. Shall we go for a drive?”


“Shamina. Get ready. We are going for a ride now.” Shouted Quadhar with joy.


All three of them went for a short ride which lasted for 30 minutes and returned back to their house.On their way back, Parveen fell asleep.


Quadhar slowly placed her on bed and sat there with her and is looking at her. The environment is so silent that he is able to hear the breath of his angel.

In the mean time, Shamina just stepped inside the room, “Darling..”

“Shhhh. She is sleeping. Slowly.” Said Quadhar requesting Shamina to not to speak out loud as Parveen is sleeping and he does not want any kind of disturbance.


After that Quadhar and Shamina came out of the room by turning off the light and shutting the door very slowly to make sure not even a small noise should disturb Parveen.

After coming out, Shamina asked Quadhar to fresh up and come for dinner and went into the kitchen room.


Ten minutes later, Shamina came out of the kitchen room and “Darling. Dinner is waiting for you.”


She noticed that Quadhar is not coming out even after 3 minutes and so she went inside the room and checked. She couldn’t find him in the other bedroom. Then she started checking each room looking for Quadhar. After making sure that he is not inside, she opened the door to check outside. The minute she opened the door, she saw Quadhar standing out there. He looked very dull and thinking about something very deep.

“Quadhar. What happened dear? Why are you looking so dull?”

“Nothing Shami.”

“I know Quadhar. You are thinking what just happened an hour back. I recognize that you are feeling for not able to bring what Parveen wanted on her birthday.”

“Yes dear. Exactly. We are earning better than what we used to earn when we were in Hyderabad in that previous company. But what we are not having now is happiness. I thought if I get a better job then we can send Parveen to a better school and also we can live better. But, now look at what happened. Even though I have money, I was not able to buy a bunch of chocolates to my Angel on her birthday.I had to lie to her and amuse her.This never happened when we were in Hyderabad. ”

“Quadhar. Every time you cannot have the same path. It varies.”

“I understand that, dear. But, imagine what if she insists that she desires to eat icecream and chocolate now.Where can we go and get at this time?Actually it is really my own fault. I should have done it earlier.”

“Darling. Don’t try to blame yourself. Now stop thinking about all this.Tomorrow any way we will arrange a party by calling her kinder garden friends and nearby children. For now, go fresh up and come. Let us have dinner.”

“You dint have your dinner still?”

“No darling. I am feeling hungry.”

“Okay just wait for 5 minutes, I will fresh up and come. Sorry dear.”

“What? Sorry?”

“Nothing nothing.”


Guess the story: Can you guess the name of the third character? It starts with “I”.


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“I quiT” – Episode @11

(11:11 AM)


“Hello Quadhar. Good Morning.”

“Good Morning. Who is this?”

“Quadhar. This is Uthrani.”

“Yes Uthrani. Where are you?”

“Quadhar. I am sorry to say that I will not be coming back by tomorrow. I am starting today evening. So, I will be coming to office from Wednesday.”

“What? Wednesday? You said you will be reaching by tomorrow morning.”

“Yes Quadhar. My original plan was that. But then due to some personal reasons I had to re-schedule.”

“Uthrani. This is not fair at all. I approved you leave just because you said you will be returned by tomorrow.”

“Quadhar…” Uthrani does not understand how to make Quadhar agree to this and so she stayed silent.

“This will be the last and final excuse. You know the whole team is working late nights and weekends. But still I spoke with Thyagarajan and granted leave. Now if you go for extra un-informed leave, I don’t think this is working well.”

“I am really sorry Quadhar. It was not intentional. I had to delay it by one day due to a personal emergency. I will not repeat this.”

“All right. Come and meet me once you step into the office on Wednesday.”

“Sure Quadhar. Thank you.”

After the call, Quadhar returned to his cabin and started thinking deep about the discussion happened with Thyagarajan.

(08:30 PM)

Quadhar is busy working at his system where in he received a call on his cell phone.

“Hello Shamina.”

“Quadhar. Are you still in office?”

“Yes dear. I will be departing in an hour.”

“Do you recall what special tonight?”

“What?” replying this word, Quadhar started thinking what might be so special tonight.

“What? You forgot?”

“I am thinking…”

“Your angel’s birthday.”

“Wow. I totally forgot that.”

“I will start as early as possible.”

“Come soon I will be waiting.”

During the conversation, Quadhar’s heard a beep from his mobile. When he looked at the screen, it is Mr. Thyagarajan who is trying to reach him.

“Hey Shamina. My manager is calling. Ok. Bye.”

He disconnected Shamina’s call and answered Thyagarajan’s call.

“Hello Thyagarajan.”

“Quadhar. Are you in office?”

“Yes Thyagarajan.”

“Good. I want you to send me the total projects status report now. Tomorrow we have quarterly audit. I totally forgot that.”

“What time is it Thyagarajan?”

“Morning at 10:00AM. I will send you meeting invite shortly. Please do send the report tonight. I need to go through that and make it ready for tomorrow.”

“Okay Thyagarajan.”

Quadhar started working on preparing all projects status report for the quarterly meet. It took nearly 2 hours for him to finish it and send it to Thyagarajan.

(10:46 PM)

He called Thyagarajan to inform him that he sent the report.

“Hello Thyagarajan.”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“I have sent the report.”

“Good. Just wait for some time. I will review and send it back if some changes are needed.”

“Thyagarajan. Can we make it tomorrow? It’s now almost 11:00 PM. I have to travel a long distance.”

“Quadhar. This is something very important. Once we are done, I have to send it to the on-site team now.”

Quadhar has nothing to reply. He has to go home early and now it’s almost 11:00 PM.

After 10 mins, he received call from Thyagarajan saying that the report is all fine and he can leave for the day.

(11:05 PM)

Quadhar quickly packed his bag and started from the office. On the way, he searched for various shops to buy chocolates and a gift for his angle as it is her birthday. But then he was not able to obtain any shop opened as it is almost close to midnight.

Luckily one shop was opened. He went there and purchased chocolates and ice cream and reached the billing counter.

“How much it costs?”

“973 Rs sir.”

“Okay.” Said Quadhar and gave him debit card for the transaction.

“Sorry sir. We cannot accept cards now.”

“But, you do have swipe machines right?”

“Yes sir. Our transaction time is only till 11:00 PM. Post to that we actually should not perform any transactions. But, as you have requested, we allowed you.”

Quadhar checked all his pockets and bag to find some cash. But, he dint find sufficient quantity. And besides there were no ATM’s nearby.

“This is very emergency. Please do something.”

“Sorry sir. We cannot do anything.”

Quadhar left from there with total disappointment. He arrived at his house and pressed the doorbell.

(11:45 PM)

Shamina opened the door and “Wow. I thought you will be late. You made exactly on time. Come inside.”

Quadhar dint speak out anything. He simply stepped inside and opened his shoes. Shamina went inside the bedroom.

After 2 minutes, darling come fast your angel is waiting here. You have just 10 more minute left. After waiting for 2 mins, Shamina came outside and saw Quadhar sitting on couch. He looked dull and tired.

“What happened darling?”

“I was not able to purchase anything, dear. I thought I would start by 09:00PM. But then at the last minute my manager called me and assigned me at work. And by the time I got down from the office, it was 11:00PM and there were no shops opened.”

“Darling. Don’t worry, my dear. You better just go on inside. I will come in 2mins.” Saying this, Shamina went inside the kitchen room.

“What are you doing Shami?”

“You go inside. I will come in exactly 2 minutes.”

Quadhar went inside the room.

After exactly 2 minutes, Shamina came inside with a bowl in her hand. “Darling. I am ready. Now don’t delay any more. You have just one more minute left.”


Guess the story: Who is that Angel?


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