“I quiT” – Episode @17

“I do not understand what to speak Mr. Thyagarajan.I don’t know whether I am taking it wrong or whether what you said is not correct.I am sincerely sorry for talking like this.To be frank I was doing things I don’t like to do with the trust on you that you are well experienced and if you say it will be correct. And that is the reason I was pushing the team to work late nights and also during weekends. Assigning them tasks which they are not trained under. Am I doing all this for transfer? No Thyagarajan. I am doing it because I am bound to the responsibility that was given to me and I have to make sure that I deliver the modules that are assigned to me.”

“Quadhar. I never expected this from you. You are a senior employee. You have to think from the organization level. These are all part of our work culture. Late nights, weekends, sometimes you have to do it to make sure that the deliverables run on time and that the projects are delivered on time. To grow up, you have to make these kinds of sacrifices. Life is not a flower bed every time.”

“Thyagarajan. I never said that I will not work if you don’t give transfer. I only requested you when I joined and then when you said that it will take a year, I never raised the topic till then. After one year, when I just asked you the status, you said it will take time. And three months back when I came to Pune for a conference, when we had a conversation regarding the same, you said that the talks were almost over in by next quarter we will have a team working from Hyderabad. After that I never talked about that. Even now, from last 10 days you are in Bengaluru. If I had to ask you, I would have asked you regarding that on the first day. My only problem now is that even after taking a decision, you dint inform me or you dint even had a discussion with me. Even now, I got to know about that only because I was in that meeting, or else I would not know that. When I asked you why you dint inform earlier, you were saying some kind of reasons and management theories. Thanks for at least letting me know now.”

“Quadhar. I hope you resumed the work on the other project” replied Thyagarajan. He wants to cut down the conversation as he has nothing more to say to convince Quadhar. And also he knew very well that the more they discuss about it, the more it will heat up.

“No Thyagarajan. As you said, I have assigned it to Meher. He came to me and said he is not comfortable with that. I told him to talk to you; I will send him to your cabin now.”

“What is this Quadhar? I told you to resume it yesterday. You said that Uthrani is on leave even today and when I told you to assign it to Meher; you are coming with this kind of explanation. This is not what I expected from you. You are a Team Leader and you have to be very specific to that role. ”

“I want the work to be resumed immediately. I gave them update that we are running things in parallel.”

“Thyagarajan. I will send Meher to your cabin. You talk to him once.”

“I have hundred odd things. I can’t take up these minor things. You have to manage Quadhar.”

“Okay Thyagarajan. Thank you” said Quadhar and left from Thyagarajan’s cabin and reached his cabin. As he is about to reach his cabin, he got a call from his wife.

“Hey Darling. Where are you?”

“I am still in office Shamina.”

“When are you starting?”

“In another 10 minutes.”

“Okay. Come soon. Your angel is ready for the party.”

“Sure Shamina. I will reach by time. I will not delay” said Quadhar with his wife and disconnected the call. Instead of reaching his cabin, he went directly to Meher’s desk.

“Hi Meher.”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“I spoke with Thyagarajan. He is still not convinced. You can try talking with him directly. May be that could help a little.”

“Sure Quadhar. Thank you.”

“It’s okay Meher” said Quadhar and walked away from Meher’s desk.

(06:19 PM)

Quadhar reached his home to his Angel’s birthday with her friends. By the time he reached, all the arrangements were made. As soon as he opened the door, his angel is standing right in front of his eyes looking much more beautiful in a light blue colored frock and a white colored birthday cap on hear head just like the thrown on a queen. The dress has feather like design near the legs and the hands just making her look like a real angel.

When she saw Quadhar opening the door, she came running to him calling “Daddy…”

Quadhar took her in his arms and lifted her up and kissed her saying “Happy birthday my sweet angel.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“Here is your ice cream and chocolates.”

“Wow. Thank you daddy” said Parveen and kissed her dad.

“Where is mom?”

“Mom is in the kitchen.”

Quadhar walked into kitchen along with his Angel.

“Hmm.Now no one can stop both of you. I have to bare you both till you sleep.”

Quadhar and Angel make so much of noise; they dance, sing and play. When they both combine, Shamina will not be having any one to support and they will tease and make fun of Shamina.

“Yeah.Angel. Let’s sing.”

“Angel and Dad,

Go round and round,

Travel on the wings,

Reach the skies,

Touch the stars,

Hmmm.” Parveen started to think about the next lines.

“Play on the..”

“yaya wait dad. I will sing.”

“Play on the moon,

Dance on the toes,

And then sleep till sun rises. Yeah… yeah..yeah..”

Quadhar kissed her again when she said those few lines which they both will always sing.


Guess the story: Will Quadhar resign?


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“I quiT” – Episode @12


“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my dear Angel. Happy birthday to you.” Singing this beautiful birthday song, Quadhar took his Angel into his hands and kissed her on her forehead.

“Thank you daddy” replied 5 years old Parveen.

Parveen is the daughter of Quadhar and Shamina. She just completed her kinder garden and will be joining her schooling in a few weeks. Quadhar never calls her as Parveen. He has a very peculiar name for her. Angel.He loves her daughter so much that he never grew angry on her no matter how much naughty things she does.Shamina now and then controls her by showing a little bit of anger. But then Quadhar dint even do that till date. In the last five years there is no day where he got up from his bed without looking at Parveen and kissing her on her forehead immediately when he awoke.

Even though he wished her exactly on time, he had a slight pain in his heart that he was unable to purchase chocolates and even ice cream for her birthday.

After singing the birthday song, Shamina bought homemade cake and placed it before Parveen. Quadhar held the hands of Parveen and made her cut the cake. After the cake cutting, “Dad, where is my chocolates and ice cream?” asked Parveen.

Quadhar had no words. He does not know what to do when his loving angel asked him like that.

When Shamina noticed this, she immediately took Parveen into her hands from Quadhar and said “Daddy bought a bunch of chocolates and ice cream. But now it’s already midnight. Now you should not eat ice creams as you will catch cold.

“What about chocolates?” asked Parveen immediately?

“Hmm. Now if you eat chocolates, you should brush again Parveen.” Replied Shamina. She is trying to calm her down with some reasons as Quadhar was unable to buy chocolates and ice cream due to heavy work at the office.

“I will brush again mom. I want to eat chocolates. Please.” – said Parveen. Parveen is an intelligent girl who doesn’t give up so easily.

Quadhar, who heard all this conversation, came near to Shamina and took Parveen in his hands.

“My dear sweet angel. Mom will give you chocolates and ice cream first in the morning after getting ready. Okay.”

“No dad. I want to eat one now! Please please please.” Parveen pleases her dad for chocolates and ice cream.

“Ice cream and chocolates got melted while I was taking them. And so she kept them in the refrigerator. By morning they will be good and you can eat them.”

“Hmmm. Then show me one time. I will eat in the morning. But, once I want to see them. Just once I will open the fridge and will close again. Please daddy” asked Parveen so pleasingly.

Quadhar had no words for that query.All of a sudden he turned mute.For the next 2 minutes, he didn’t answer anything.

“Okay Okay. I won’t ask.” Said Parveen when she noticed that Quadhar is not talking anything.

“Hmm. That’s my sweet angel. Shall we go for a drive?”


“Shamina. Get ready. We are going for a ride now.” Shouted Quadhar with joy.


All three of them went for a short ride which lasted for 30 minutes and returned back to their house.On their way back, Parveen fell asleep.


Quadhar slowly placed her on bed and sat there with her and is looking at her. The environment is so silent that he is able to hear the breath of his angel.

In the mean time, Shamina just stepped inside the room, “Darling..”

“Shhhh. She is sleeping. Slowly.” Said Quadhar requesting Shamina to not to speak out loud as Parveen is sleeping and he does not want any kind of disturbance.


After that Quadhar and Shamina came out of the room by turning off the light and shutting the door very slowly to make sure not even a small noise should disturb Parveen.

After coming out, Shamina asked Quadhar to fresh up and come for dinner and went into the kitchen room.


Ten minutes later, Shamina came out of the kitchen room and “Darling. Dinner is waiting for you.”


She noticed that Quadhar is not coming out even after 3 minutes and so she went inside the room and checked. She couldn’t find him in the other bedroom. Then she started checking each room looking for Quadhar. After making sure that he is not inside, she opened the door to check outside. The minute she opened the door, she saw Quadhar standing out there. He looked very dull and thinking about something very deep.

“Quadhar. What happened dear? Why are you looking so dull?”

“Nothing Shami.”

“I know Quadhar. You are thinking what just happened an hour back. I recognize that you are feeling for not able to bring what Parveen wanted on her birthday.”

“Yes dear. Exactly. We are earning better than what we used to earn when we were in Hyderabad in that previous company. But what we are not having now is happiness. I thought if I get a better job then we can send Parveen to a better school and also we can live better. But, now look at what happened. Even though I have money, I was not able to buy a bunch of chocolates to my Angel on her birthday.I had to lie to her and amuse her.This never happened when we were in Hyderabad. ”

“Quadhar. Every time you cannot have the same path. It varies.”

“I understand that, dear. But, imagine what if she insists that she desires to eat icecream and chocolate now.Where can we go and get at this time?Actually it is really my own fault. I should have done it earlier.”

“Darling. Don’t try to blame yourself. Now stop thinking about all this.Tomorrow any way we will arrange a party by calling her kinder garden friends and nearby children. For now, go fresh up and come. Let us have dinner.”

“You dint have your dinner still?”

“No darling. I am feeling hungry.”

“Okay just wait for 5 minutes, I will fresh up and come. Sorry dear.”

“What? Sorry?”

“Nothing nothing.”


Guess the story: Can you guess the name of the third character? It starts with “I”.


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“Silent LOVE…” – $19

At exactly 12:00, I made a call to her mobile and as usual, it is busy. Then I sent her a message to call me back. She called me back at around 12.27. As soon as I attended her call, I dint even speak to her. I just started playing her the happy birthday tune. She felt so happy by the way I wished and thanked me a lot.

 Behind every single thanks she is telling me, I was able to feel her happiness and also the smile that came along with it. I don’t know whether she will remember this moments even till her next birthday or not. But, every moment is a memory to me that will be with me forever.

 (Next day)

 I woke up in the morning, got ready and reached office. I don’t know why, I was so happy that day. It seemed so new and so happy. My surrounding, atmosphere everything seemed bright and beautiful. Every day, I usually have breakfast and then will be walking to my station. But then that day I was so excited to see her. I was imagining how beautiful she will be looking and also how much more beauty her smile would add to her.

 Without even seeing her, I was getting some lines in my mind about her. I dint even turn on the system. My eyes were completely eager to look at her. Her usual time is crossed and she is not yet in the office. As the time is passing by, I started getting worried she will be coming or not. May be she has some birthday plans outside. I immediately took my mobile and messaged her where is she.

After 20 mins, I got reply from her saying that she will be coming a bit late to office. I dint ask where she is and all. But, out of curiosity, I asked her what color dress she bought.

“Hey Vennela. May I know the color of your new dress?”

“New dress?”

“Hmm. Your birthday dress Vennela.”

“I dint purchase new one. I am not much interested in this birthday celebrations Prudhvi.”

“So, you are now coming in regular dress?”


As soon as I got this reply from her, I got up from the desk and ran to Sam’s desk.

“Sam. Good morning.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Good morning man. Looking so bright what’s so special?”

“Hey Sam. You got bike right?”


“I need it for 10 mins. Please.”

“Ya. Take it Prudhvi.”

“Thanks Sam. Where is it parked?”

I just remembered what he said and left from there.

“Prudhvi. What’s the matter man? Why are you in so hurry?”

“I will just explain you once I am back.”

“Okay. Ride safe.”

“Ya sure.”

(After 30 mins)


I reached back to office and was walking towards my desk. I received a message from Vennela.

“Hey Prudhvi. Where are you? I reached office. You are not at your desk.”

“I just went out for a break Vennela. I am walking back.”

I went to Sam’s desk, handed over the keys to him and was walking back to my desk.

“Hey Hey Hey Prudhvi. Wait.”

I stopped and turned back towards him.

“Yes Sam.”

“Hey Prudhvi. Why did you change your dress?”

“There was some mark on that, I dint see while I was wearing it and so went and changed now.”

“But then that seemed like a new dress.”

“No, not new. It is old dress only.”


After settling at my desk, I just turned around at looked at every one to make sure that no one has noticed the change in my outfits. Few minutes later, I went to Vennela’s station and wished her Happy Birthday.

I just wished her very simple. No much of poetic lines, no much of special spices. Just a plain happy birthday. I never thought this day will be this way. All my imaginations and dreams which I had filled with rainbow of colors seemed so simple in reality. Just to get all these things of my mind, I pulled out my task sheet. Even though I was trying so hard to take things of my mind and concentrate on my work, I was not able to do that. My eyes were not at my monitor and my mind is not on the task list. The reason is that, I imagined a whole new Vennela in a bright new dress with full of smiles on her face and lot of people gathering around her, wishing her. But then the situation right in front of my eyes is completely different. It is more than the usual regular day.

I was thinking about the same thing right from the morning. I was actually waiting for a perfect moment to gift her. I don’t know why, but the way she dressed and the way things are running before my eyes, and especially the reason she said that she doesn’t like celebrating birthdays much, I just lost the interest of doing what I have planned. I decided to keep the gift with me until I get a perfect moment.

While I was thinking about the amount I have spent, I was just questioning myself whether I have done the right thing or not. She doesn’t like birthday celebrations. That means, she either doesn’t want to spend the money for the celebrations or, there may be some other strong reason. Now, I don’t think she will accept the gift whole heartedly even if I decide to gift her.

The whole concept was running in my mind till the evening. Then, all of a sudden I just got an idea to gift her something really special on her birthday without actually gifting her. This way, I guess I will be happy on both the ways. As soon as I got that thought in my mind, I just pulled over the check book which is in my draw and prepared a leaf for 1000 Rs as a donation to an NGO under her name on behalf of her birthday. I don’t know how she will accept this if I tell her and so I decided to just keep this to myself.

That day night, after I returned home, I took out the gift from the bag and kept it in my rack. I was just thinking when I will be giving it to her. I just can’t give it to her on a normal day and so waiting for some special occasion to gift her.



“Good night. I failed to be the first person to wish you, at least, let me be the last person. Wishing you a very very Happy birthday once again. Keep smiling Vennela.”

I immediately got reply from her.

“Thank you Prudhvi.”

“Hey, you dint sleep yet?”

“Just now had dinner and getting ready to sleep.”

“Hmmm. Okay. So, how did the day go on?”

“Nothing much special Prudhvi. Yesterday night my brother came from Mumbai and today morning we went to temple and so I came late to office. That’s it”

“Hmmm. Okay. Fine.”

After some time, I sent her one more message which sounded stupid to her.

“You believe in GOD?”

“What’s that question Prudhvi?”

“Nothing. I am just asking.”

“Hmm ya.”

“How often you go to temple?”

“Not very often. But, whenever some occasion comes, then I will go.”

All these months, we were talking in office, conversing in messages. We never met outside. And I never asked her that we will meet somewhere outside as I never had that kind of thought in my mind. But, that day, I don’t know why I got such a thought in my mind even though I don’t believe in god, I asked her that I want to join with her to temple next time. And, to my luck, she immediately agreed to that. I cannot tell her that I don’t believe in god because she will ask the second question then why am I coming to temple. And for that question, I don’t have an answer and also if at all I do have, the answer is that I am coming for her. Just for her.

At that moment I decided to gift her when we both go to temple. But then the next big thing is that I just can ask her that we shall go to temple immediately. I just have to wait for a right time and a right situation. And that situation came exactly 6 weeks later.

@ “Your eyes arrested me, your silence relaxed me… And your smile attracted me.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $18

I suddenly woke up shouting out loud. I was looking around as I was still not able to believe what happened. I looked at the clock. It is 06:30 in the morning. I rubbed my eyes and started touching and feeling things around me to make sure it’s a dream.

“Prudhvi. What happened?” – Akshay.

“Nothing Akshay. Some bad dream.”

“Dream in the early morning? You have to be careful Prudhvi.”

“Why so?”

“It’s a belief that whatever dreams we get in the early morning, may become true.”

“What? Yes Prudhvi. I heard this from many people.”

“There is nothing like that. Just leave it.”

Even though I spoke like that, but somewhere his statement started making me worry about the dream. I never ever had such a bad dream in my life. Everything seemed out of control and all of sudden I broke out at Vennela with so much anger and pain. I never thought this kind of situation will come. But then it came as a dream. I am more worried now. This should never happen. I should never ever become angry on her. I should never ever bust out at her. Messaging her is my wish. But, replying me is her choice and I should not try to control her. I started getting more and more tensed on this. What if this really happens? I will lose her once and for all. And if that happens, I cannot live with it.

Whatever it may be thanks that it’s just a dream. If it’s real then I cannot imagine her reactions and I cannot be without her. I am worried that if she does this few more times, I may really bust out at her. I decided to not to message or talk until she does.

I got ready and started to office. I was crossing by her station but then dint look at her. I was able to control myself as that dream is making me more worried. I even stopped messaging her. I may not build a much more strong relation with her if I ignore her. But then I should not break this once and for all by showing my anger on her. As like in the dream, I dint reply to three of her messages which she sent in the last 2 weeks.

One day, I had to come across her unexpectedly.


“Yes Vennela.”

“What happened to you? No replies at all.”

“I have some problem with my mobile Vennela. I am not able to send messages.”

“Okay. Are you also occupied with heavy work at office?”

“Nothing much. Why are you asking like that?”

“Because you were also not talking to me at office and so I thought maybe you are loaded up with heavy work.”

“Nothing like that Vennela. Work is just fine.”

“Okay then will talk to you later.”

“Okay Vennela. Bye.”

I spoke to her quite normal way. I had to lie her that my mobile is not working. But then I was very cool and normal when she spoke with me. May be that dream helped me in predicting and controlling myself.

This continued for two more weeks. I dint message her and also I dint talk to her. This dint last too long. I cooled down myself because no matter how much pain I get when she don’t reply, it’s not more than the happiness I feel when she talks to me and when she smiles at me.

In a relation, there are times where we fight, hurt them or get hurt. But then after quite some time, we have to make things align back. That’s the whole meaning of affection in a relation.

After 2 days, I messaged her that my mobile is working fine. To my luck, she replied immediately and we had a conversation for some time.

(One fine evening)

Next day is her birthday. I planned many things but then I did not know how to execute them because I definitely need to take help of their roommates and if I do that way then I don’t know how she will take it and how her room mates are going to take it. Whatever it is, I decided to first of all buy a gift to her.

I left early from the office and reached nearby watch show room. I decided to buy her a watch. The reason is that I wanted to convey her one thing. Time is the most precious thing that one could give to someone. I wanted to express that to her. After reaching the show room, it took almost 1 hour 30 minutes for me to decide what to gift her. Usually I don’t think this much time for me to shop something. Probably this is the highest time I had to spend at a shop to buy something. I was looking at each model and color and visualizing how it will look on her hand. I don’t want to take any chance as this is the first gift I am gifting her.

After I decided which model to buy, I was breaking my head to decide on what color to buy. This time, I was taking extreme care because the color I choose should be of her liking and choice. I did not know what color to choose and so sent a message to Vennela itself asking for her favorite color.

“Vennela. Can you reply please? Fast.”

I waited for few minutes for her reply. This time she will be working at office and I knew that expecting reply from her will not work. But then I tried it. I have chosen blue, pink and white and was breaking my head on deciding one final color. I sent her a second message.

“Vennela. Please reply. Don’t ask me why and all. Just tell me whether you like blue, pink or white.”

To my luck, she replied for the second message.


“Hey. I told you not to ask questions. Please tell me what your favorite color is. Blue, Pink or White?”

“Hey Prudhvi. Please don’t plan anything for tomorrow.”

“Please tell Vennela.”

“White or Pink anything is fine.”

“Please tell me. White or Pink?”

This time I waited for 7 mins. But then I dint get reply from her.

I had to go with one of them as I am not getting reply from her. But then still I want to buy what she likes and not what I choose.”

I moved on till the billing section but still my eyes and ears are on my mobile waiting for her message. I was breaking a lot on deciding which one to go with.

“Sir, which one shall I pack sir?”

“Can you give me little time? Please.”

“Sir, can you please make it fast?”

As I don’t want to take any chance, I went ahead and bought both of them. After the billing is over, I stepped out and reached hostel. Then I got reply from her.


Thanks that at least she replied now. I had my dinner, got fresh up and was thinking how to surprise her. I was thinking so deep on what will surprise her. And then all of a sudden my eyes turned towards the Guitar that was lying at the corner of my room.

I took it out and started practicing the Happy Birthday tune. It took me almost an hour to get it perfect. It’s been long time that I haven’t opened it and so it was a little hard to do it.

Every minute the clock is ticking, my tension is increasing on whether I would be able to wish her perfectly.

At exactly 12:00, I made a call to her mobile and as usual, it is busy. Then I sent her a message to call me back. She called me back at around 12.27. As soon as I attended her call, I dint even speak to her. I just started playing her the happy birthday tune. She felt so happy by the way I wished and thanked me a lot.

@ “I don’t need to look at the sky for the moon, when I have U with me… I don’t need to search for the shining stars when I have two shining eyes to look at… I don’t need to wait for someone, when I have your hands to hold… To the Angel on earth, no matter whatever, I will be your friend forever.” – Mr. Venky Bond

“Silent LOVE…” – $17

As like sometimes, I dint get reply for that. It’s been almost past midnight and I am still waiting for her reply. Even thought I knew that this is common, but somewhere deep in my heart, I always have a small hope that she may reply me and that hope is what driving me forward.

I was not getting sleep for two reasons. On one side, my heart is waiting for her reply and on the other side, my mind is thinking on why she does like that. What might be the reasons behind this? Is it because she doesn’t want to reply purposefully or the situations turn her that way. If she couldn’t reply, then at least she can just send one single message saying that she cannot converse right now. If she does that, then I may not keep waiting for her message and will not get hurt. It really pains a lot when we don’t get something we need after waiting beyond a specific time. Every time when she does this way, I feel like asking her why is she doing this way. But then I will back off. It’s because, she don’t have a reason to reply. What if she just replies like “Why should I reply?” Even though I feel like asking her, I back off thinking about the post reactions.

(Next day morning)

I was in lot of pain that she dint reply and also little bit of anger raged in me on her. I decided to not to talk to her anymore and not to message her any more.

Everyday whenever I walk towards my station, automatically my eyes turn towards her station in search of her. But, that day I had to control a lot to not to look that side. Even though this is being very tough for me, I did it successfully for 2 continuous days. I was controlling myself a lot to not to turn towards her at all. I had to control lot of things that are running in me. I had to control my eyes to not to look at her. I had to control my hands to not to message her. I had to control my mind to not to think about her. But then I realized lately that my heart is not in my control and it is thinking more about her than usual.

I managed myself this way for 2 days. But then I was unable to do it anymore. I started taking a different route towards my station so that I don’t come across her station as I was unable to control them.

(4th day)

I was watching a movie in my hostel room at around 10:30 in the night and all of a sudden I heard a beep. It was my mobile. It received a new message.


It is a message from Vennela. Even though we never talked over a call, most of the times her message uses the word “Hello.”

I immediately started replying her back and then just saved in drafts without sending it to her. The same I had to repeat four days later when I received one more message from her. I did not know what I am doing and why I am doing this way. I used to wait a lot for her reply whenever I send her a message but then now I am purposefully not replying to her messages. I don’t know whether she purposefully do it whenever she don’t reply me. But, now I was doing it purposefully. I am not sure whether this is a right way or not. I don’t know whether its anger on her or on myself. I don’t know whether I am purposefully spoiling a good relation by testing it.

Many times, in a relation we do things to test others just to know how strong the relation is. Some of us do it for fun where as some of us do it in really serious way. As humans, it is quite natural that we want to know how much others trust us or like or love us. And to know that, we do various things. All these things may give us result what we wanted to know but then sometimes this may also do a serious damage to a very strong relation. It is fine to test the relation but then the fact is that. “A relation becomes weaker the more we try to test the strength of it.”

It’s been exactly two weeks that I haven’t talked with her, looked at her or had a conversation with her. This is the first time in the last 1 year. As it is Friday, I was as usual working on my N2N backup. I don’t know why but this is becoming a problem every week. It started troubling and the process is not running usual way. Today it is worse, it failed completely. I was working so hard to find out the reason but then I am not able to do so. It is irritating me a lot. I was receiving mails from my Team Lead asking me the status. After the usual time, he started calling me to my mobile to know the status. I dint attend it during the first 2 calls. But then I attended it third time.


“Hey Prudhvi. What’s happening?”

“I am working on it Raghav. I am not able to find out the issue.”

“What? You have to tell me this before. What should I update to the clients now?”

“Raghav. I am working on it.”

“No Prudhvi. Don’t tell me all this. I want the result in the next one hour. I will call you at 07:00 PM”

“Okay Raghav.”

All my attention is towards finding the issue. After 30 mins, I received a message from Raghav.

“Prudhvi. Send me a status mail in next 30 mins.”

I dint reply to that as fixing the issues is my first priority. As I was working towards it, I heard my mobile ring 3 times. I dint look at it as I am very much sure that it’s Raghav. During the 4th time, I just picked it up.

“Raghav. I told you I am working on it. Please give me some time.”

I dint hear any voice from the other side and so I just spoke again.


“Hello Prudhvi.”

“Nandini?” – I just said this word and looked at the mobile for caller ID and its Nandini.

“Nandini. Tell me. Sorry dear. I thought it was my TL and so just spoke like that.”

“Okay Prudhvi. That’s fine.”

“So, tell me. What’s up Nandini?”

“Prudhvi. I just heard that Shreya and Preetham decided to go for registered marriage sometime within a week.”


“I am not 100% sure Prudhvi. But then I just got his info.”

“Okay Okay. I will call you back once I am done with this Nandini.”

“Okay Prudhvi.”

That particular moment seemed so different than my regular Friday evenings. Backup issue, team lead calls and now Shreya’s information, everything started irritating me.

As I am trying to solve things, I heard a female voice calling me.



I just turned towards my left to see who that is calling me. Its Vennela.

“Why are you so late?”


“How much more time it will take?”

“Don’t know?”

“Are you fine?”


“I don’t think so.”

“Okay. What do you think then?”

“What happened to you? You were not talking from 2 weeks. No messages and also not replying to my messages?”

I was in such an irritated mood at that particular moment and then when Vennela came and talked that way as if I was the one who never replies and keeps her waiting, I got little more frustrated.

“Some problem with my mobile, I am not getting messages.”

To my luck, as soon as I said this to her, my mobile started beeping.

“One New Message.”

Vennela looked at the mobile that was lying on the desk. She looked at me very differently.

“Yes, its working. But then I am purposefully not replying you.”

“Why? What happened?”

“See Vennela. This is the first time I was doing like this in the last one year of our relation. But then you have done this many times. Many times you suddenly stop replying. Many times you made me keep waiting for your messages. Many times you ignored me. Did I ever ask you why are you doing like that?”


“Whenever I send some lines which I write with so much feel on you, you won’t reply. I had to keep waiting for hours and hours and hours. Whenever you go home, I woke up early and will message you asking where you are? Got into bus or not? Reached home or not? But then you won’t reply. And did I ever ask you why are you doing like that? I message you thinking that you will get bored travelling alone and so I will think to give you company through conversations. But then you suddenly won’t reply and I had to keep on waiting. Early morning when you will be returning Pune from Mumbai, I also will get up early and will message you whether you are coming or not, got into train or not. That time also you either won’t reply at all or you will suddenly stop replying. Did I ever ask reason for that? Not just that, many times you stop replying in the middle of conversation. Did I ever ask you that? Do you know how much it hurts and how much it pains? But then I have never asked you. I just used to bare that pain inside me. I am afraid that if I ask you what will be your reaction and also I am afraid that I may lose your relation. See Vennela. I have never forced you to do anything. I never asked you for anything also. Just one smile whenever I see you and just a reply whenever I message you. That’s it. I am not saying you have to keep on conversation with me or you have to give explanation to me whenever you are not replying. All I need is a message that says I will not be able to converse now. Will talk to you later or will text you later. Something like this is enough for me Vennela and then I won’t disturb you until I hear from you. Why don’t you understand this Vennela. I cannot bare the pain anymore. I cannot wait anymore.”

I don’t know why I got busted out that day. All these months I was keeping everything inside me and bearing the pain but then that day I just broke out. I was looking at her waiting for her reactions. I know I almost damaged the whole relation but then I cannot keep this in me anymore. After few seconds, I saw change in expressions in Vennela’s face. I started getting more worried about her reaction now. What if she will stop talking to me once and for all? What if she says who am I to explain things to me? What if she will leave me permanently?

These entire questions were running in mind and waiting for her reaction.


@ “The day you speak out your love, you may get a relation. But the day you speak out your anger, you will definitely lose it.” –Mr. Venky Bond