“Shadow of Truth” – Episode-8

March 25th 2013 08:49 Hrs:

“Tarun… Tarun… It’s almost 9:00. Get up and get ready.” – Amrutha started waking up Tarun as he said he has to go to office for an important meeting.
“Tarun… Tarun…” – she continued calling him from the kitchen room.
“Yes Amu. I am up.” – Tarun replied.

Tarun woke up and reached the bed side clock. It showed “08:52 Hrs.”

He shook his head, rubbing his eyes to see the time more closely. He was shocked to see that it’s almost 09:00 Hrs.

Tarun got ready so quickly and went to kitchen room. Seeing Tarun, Amrutha questioned.

“Where are you rushing to Tarun?”
“But, you said meeting is at 10:30 right.”
“Yes dear. But, I need to be early there. We have some formalities before the meeting commences.”
“Okay. Wait near the dining table. Breakfast is almost done. Have it and go.”
“No Amu. I am already so late.”
“Then why you dint get up early.”
“Amu. Pack it up. I will have it after reaching office.”

09:26 Hrs:

“Amu. I am leaving. Please lock the door. And also please call me before you start. I will come there directly.”
“Okay Tarun. Bye. Will call you.”

10:14 Hrs:

Tarun reached office by 10:15. He started his discussions with his colleagues regarding the meeting which was about to commence in 15 mins.

10:17 Hrs:

After Tarun left, Amrutha completed routine works and got ready to meet Sneha.

10:33 Hrs:

Tarun reached the meeting venue where all other officials were waiting. One of them started explaining about the situation. As the meeting was going on, Tarun mobile beeped. It was a message from Amrutha.

“Hey Tarun. I just started from home. Will reach the venue by 11:30. Call me once you are done with your meeting.”

That message took Tarun’s concentration off from the meeting for a few seconds.

11:27 Hrs:

Now, Tarun’s mobile beeped again.

“Tarun. I reached the venue.”

Tarun, even though was little bit distracted from the meeting whenever his mobile beeped, continued to hear the discussions of other people in the meeting.

11:43 Hrs:

Amrutha reached the venue where she planned to meet Sneha.

“Welcome madam.” – A good looking receptionist welcomed her with a smile.
“Hi. This is Amrutha. I am here to meet Sneha. I have an appointment at 11:30.” – replied Amrutha.
“Give me a moment madam. I will check it.”
“Ya sure.”

11:45 Hrs:

“Amrutha madam. Sneha mam is not yet in today. Will you wait for her or would you like to go with her replacement?”
“Oh. Do you know by what time she may come?”
“Will call her up and will inform you mam.”
“That’s fine. I will call her.”

Amrutha tried to reach Sneha. But, she was not picking up the call.

After trying for few minutes, Amrutha reached the reception desk.

“Hi. She is not picking up the call. This is my case sheet. She suggested some tests last time. Can you please help me? I would like to undergo these examinations by the time she arrives. Once she is in, she will do the analysis.”
“Okay mam. That’s perfect. Can I have the case sheet?”
“Ya sure.”
“Please wait for 2 mins mam. A nurse will come and assist you to the laboratory.”
“Thank you.” said Amrutha.

11:52 Hrs:

Discussions between the officials were happening so hot in the meeting room at Tarun’s office. He was involved so deep that he dint observes time.

11:55 Hrs:

Are you Amrutha?” – A white dressed girl questioned Amrutha.
“Yes. I am.”
“Can you please come with me to the laboratory? I will be performing the tests.”
“Sure.” said Amrutha and walked with her to the lab.

12:33 Hrs:

Meeting at Tarun’s office was ended after almost 2 hrs of discussions and arguments. After the meeting, the first thing he did is, he called to Amrutha.

But, Amrutha was not picking up the call as she was undergoing the tests in the lab.

13:07 Hrs:

Amrutha is done with her tests. The nurse asked her to wait in the longue till she is ready with reports.

Amrutha took her mobile and noticed the calls she missed from Tarun and dialed him back.

“Ya Amrutha. Where are you?”
“Ya Tarun. I am at hospital. Just now completed my tests and am waiting for the reports.”
“What? What tests?”
“The same tests which Sneha suggested last time. But, that day you said you had to go on emergency. And so now I have undergone those tests.”

Tarun started getting worried. His voice became low.

“Tarun. Are you there?”
“Ya Amrutha. I am there. How much time it will take for the reports to come.”
“They said it may take an hour or so.”
“Okay. Where is Sneha? How is she?”
“She is not yet in today Tarun.”
“What? What are you talking? Without her then why did you undergo the tests?”
“I thought I could finish of the tests by the time she comes so that there will be no delay.”
“Okay. I will call you later. I had to go now.” said Tarun and disconnected the call.
“Tarun. Tarun. Helloo… Hello…”
“beep. Beep. “

Amrutha noticed that Tarun had disconnected the call.

13:11 Hrs:

After disconnecting Amrutha’s call, Tarun dialed some number.

But there is no response from the other end. He continued dialing the same number.

13:57 Hrs:

“Mam. Your test reports have come.”
“Oh. Thank you. Is Sneha in?”
“No mam. Not yet. We tried reaching her. But, she is not answering the call.”
“Ya. Even I was trying from last 1 hour.”
“Okay mam. Would you like to continue waiting for her?”
“Yes. Will wait for some time.”
“Okay mam. Meanwhile I will submit the reports to the duty doctor. ” Said the nurse and left the place.

14:02 Hrs:

“Doctor. Sneha mam has not yet arrived. One patient named Amrutha is waiting for her. And these are her reports. Can you just go through once?”
“Ya sure. Bring them here.”
“They are on your table.”
“Okay. Thank you.”

14:05 Hrs:

Doctor went to his room and opened the medical reports which were kept there by the nurse.

He observed something strange in those reports and so immediately called the nurse inside.

“Yes Sir. Why did you call me?”
“Whose reports were these?”
“A patient named Amrutha. She is doctor Sneha’s patient.”
“Okay. Did you go through them?”
“No sir. Why? Is there something wrong?”
“Yes. Can you see here?” said the doctor and showed the report to the nurse.

Nurse had a weird expression on her face. She was probably shocked by seeing something in the report.

“But, sir. How come she not knows about this?”
“Yes. That’s what even I was thinking.” Said the doctor and asked the nurse to call Amrutha.
“Okay sir. I will call her.”

14:10 Hrs:

Nurse stepped out of the room to call Amrutha. As she was walking towards Amrutha, she saw someone coming running inside.

“Sneha mam. Why are you so hurried?”
“Nothing. Where are the reports of patient named Amrutha?”
“Doctor is verifying them. He is inside.”
“Okay. Did you show the reports to the patient?”
“No. Not yet. I was about to call her.”
“Okay. Okay. Don’t say anything to her. After 5 mins ask her to come to my room.”

The nurse went to Amrutha and said her that Sneha was in and asked her to meet her in her room after 5 mins.”

14:13 Hrs:

Sneha went inside the doctor’s room.

“Doctor. I am so sorry. Please don’t ask me anything now. Will explain you everything in detail. Now, please give me the reports and let me go.”
“Okay Sneha. That’s fine. But, how can this happen?”
“Yes doctor. I know it’s strange. But, please try to understand me.”
“Okay Sneha. Here are the reports.”

14:15 Hrs:

Sneha went inside the room and dialed a number.

“Hello Tarun. I reached the hospital. If you didn’t call me then it would have become a serious problem. The nurse handed the reports to the duty doctor and they were about to call Amrutha inside.”
“Oh my god! Thanks a lot Sneha. I owe you a lot.”
“But, Tarun.”
“What Sneha?”
“I don’t think this is a right way. I mean. How many more years you think we can hide this from her? And also, whatever I am doing is against my profession values. I somehow feel that whatever we are doing is not good. ”
“I completely agree with you Sneha. But, you know what will be the consequences right.”
“Yes Tarun. That is the only thing which is stopping me from telling her the truth.”

14:19 Hrs:

“Sneha. Can I come in?” Amrutha asked Sneha standing at the door.
“Tarun. I will call you later. Amrutha came.”

???: What is in the report.
???: Why is Sneha supporting Tarun.
???: How long can they hide it from Amrutha.

#Secret report