“I quiT” – Episode @7

(11:42 PM)

She cannot tell her mother that she cannot accompany her as she would start getting tensed from now.

Thinking about all these things, she was not able to get sound sleep that night.

(11: 30 AM – Next morning)

Uthrani reached office early to the office that day and started working on the piece that was assigned to her the previous day. She is working hard continuously without even taking time outs.

(11: 47 AM)

Uthrani sent a message through office internal communicator to her TL Mr. Quadhar to talk to him regarding her leave which she had already planned and applied 4 weeks back. When she asked Quadhar that she wants to speak to him, he called her to come to his cabin.

(11:50 AM)

“Hi Quadhar.”

“Yes Uthrani. What is that you want to speak with me? Anything wrong in the module?”

“Yes Quadhar.”

“All right. Tell me.”

“Quadhar. The work that was assigned to me will be completed in 2 more days. And with that, my part of the work in this module will be discharged. I will send it for Quality Analysis by Thursday noon. And if there are minor turn around, I will be able to fix them by Thursday evening. So…”

“Oh that’s nice Uthrani. You were also so supportive of the team with quick response time.”

“Thank you Quadhar. So, as I will be done with my part,” Uthrani is about to remind him about the leave which she had applied to travel to home town along with her mom. And in the meantime, they were interrupted by the person who belongs to the Quality Analysis team.

A person just walked into Quadhar’s cabin. And when he saw Quadhar and Uthrani, he just gave up and said “Oh. Sorry Quadhar. I will come later.”

“Hey, that’s okay Ravi. Tell me. What happened?”

“Quadhar. Its regarding the module. We are seeing a lot of bugs in the module that we experienced last week. I want one among your team to sit with the Quality Analysis team and also first of all we need some walk through of the code and workflow as we were a little bit confused on that.”

“Very well. That’s fine Ravi. Uthrani from the development team will assist your team. Uthrani please take care of that activity” said Quadhar looking at Uthrani.

Uthrani cannot say no as it is not a bigger task. But, she also cannot say yes as it will kill some of her development time. As she had no other chance, she chose that task.

“Ok Quadhar. I will admit that” replied Uthrani.

“Thank you Quadhar. And Thank you Uthrani” said Ravi, who belongs to the QA team and left the cabin.

“Uthrani. If there is nothing to speak, can you go and start that right now. So that they don’t delay it any more. They were actually supposed to give us the results by yesterday evening and now they are coming and saying that they need another walk through on the work flow.”

“Okay Quadhar. I will take care of it immediately. Quadhar, I am actually here to speak regarding my leave.”

“What leave?”

“I have applied for leave 4 weeks back for this coming Friday and Monday.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry I forgot that.”

“Can I take that vacation Quadhar?”

“Uthrani. I am so sorry for this. But, I don’t think you can take that now in this crucial period. We have to deliver this in just 2 more weeks and now I cannot grant leave for you.”

“But Quadhar, this is very important for me. I applied it 4 weeks back and also I haven’t taken any leave in the last 4 months.”

“I understand Uthrani. But I cannot do anything in this situation.”

“Quadhar. I will make sure that I complete all the work that was assigned to me and then only I will go for vacation.”

“Let’s not waste both of our time discussing on this. First finish the chores and then we can discuss this. One thing I can say for sure. There are very less chances.”

“Okay Quadhar.

Uthrani left the cabin. Quadhar’s reply disappointed her very much. But then she dint lose her confidence. As he threw a little hope that he can approve leave if she can finish the tasks and so she decided to work even late nights and finish the job so that she can travel along with her mom

(08:10 PM)

Ishanth saw Uthrani working at her desk very seriously without even turning her head.

“Hey Uthrani. Today also you will stay late?”

“Yes Ishanth. I spoke with Quadhar regarding my leave.”

“Oh. What did he say?”

“He said he can approve if I can complete the task by Thursday.”

“Wow. That’s cool. Will you be able to complete?”

“Working on it.”

“What time you are planning to start?”

“I will be leaving late.”

“Okay then book cab today.”

“Sure Ishanth. Don’t worry. I won’t trouble you.”

“Not like that Uthrani.”

“Okay. Okay. I am just kidding. So, how is your work going?”

“It’s just going on and on.”

Ishanth and Uthrani had a little talk just to come out of that work mood as they are working tight for long hours at a stretch. This is actually common in that project from the last few months. But, this kind of work is new for Ishanth as he always comes to the office on time and leaves on time.

(10:48 PM)

Uthrani turned off her system and got ready to depart for the day. She informed Ishanth and started from there. After a few minutes, she turned over the cab area and waited for her cab. After 3 minutes, a person approached her and addressed her.

“Madam. Are you Uthrani?”


“You have booked for a cab to Mahadevapura right?”


“Sir is calling you inside. Please come with me.”

Uthrani walked inside the cab help desk room to meet the manager there.

“Madam. We have the cab ready for you. But.”

“But? What happened sir?”

“There is no one else, you have to go alone. Also today we are in short of security guards to accompany.”


“Sorry madam.”

“If you are okay then you can go in the cab.”


Guess the story: Will Uthrani prefer cab without security guard?


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“I quiT” – Episode @6

(09:44 PM)

Uthrani is still working at her desk without even looking at either side.

Ishanth noticed the time and walked towards her desk. After reaching there, he talked with her about how much work is pending and at what time she is planning to leave as it already crossed 09:30 PM. She has to travel a long way and also her mother will be waiting for her at her flat. The other thing is that she dint even had her dinner thinking that she might leave by dinner time.

“Uthrani, its almost 10:00. It’s time for you to leave. You can come back early in the morning and carry on your work.”

“No Ishanth. At any cost I have to finish this before Friday. I cannot skip my tour plan.”

“Tour plan? What tour plan?”

“I told you right, I applied for leave for this Friday. I planned to visit my hometown along with my mother.I cannot escape that.I really don’t want to leave her alone. She never travelled alone in a train till today. And also it has been 4 months I dint get a vacation.I badly need a vacation for a few days or else I will bust my brain one day.”

“Did you speak with Quadhar on this?”

“I dint speak yet. I thought I will finish this off and then talk to him. If I go and speak to him today, he won’t even talk regarding that.He will ask me about task updates and so I thought let me finish the assigned job and then talk about leave.”

“All right.How much more time it will take for you? You even dint have your dinner. Did you book cab??”

“Don’t know Ishanth. It may take an hour more. Mom will be waiting for me. I said I will come by dinner time at any cost. I dint even book for cab thinking that I will take off soon. Cab service will start only after 11:00 PM.”

“All right. I don’t want to waste your time anymore.Complete your work. We can talk after that” saying this line, Ishanth left her desk and went back to his system and continued his work.

(10:37 PM)

While Uthrani was busy working, she got a call from her mother asking her how much more time it will take for her to reach home. She lied to her mom that she is already on the way. She knows that her mom will start getting worried if she says that she is still in office. Her parents were always tensed about late night stay at the office, particularly her mother. Even though she used to work late nights at the office, she used to manage telling them she reached flat. Now, she doesn’t have that chance. She is more worried how her mother would react to these late hours at the office. This may also continue for the next few days and if she continues to stay late at the office, it would create a bigger problem for her.

The other side which is hurting Uthrani is that her mother travelled a long way to stay with her and spend some time with her. But, because of this sudden change in the delivery date, she had to cover her work hours which is forcing her to stay late at the office. Her mother is left alone in her flat and would be feeling lonely.

Thinking about all these things, she became distracted from work and therefore not able to concentrate anymore.So, she decided to go.Likewise, the more she delay, the more she will run into problems.She packed her bag, shut down the system and started moving from her desk.

(10:55 PM)

“Ishanth. I am leaving. See you tomorrow morning. Good night.”

“Hey Uthrani. Wait. How will you go?It’s11:00 PM now. You dint even book cab.”

“I will go and talk to admin people. I will request them to adjust me in some cab which is travelling in that route.”

“All right.Just wait 2 minutes. I will shut down my system and will join you. If they dint provide any cab, I will drop you.”

(11:07 PM)

Ishanth and Uthrani reached the cab area. Uthrani went inside the cab help desk room to request them for a cab. After making her wait for 10 mins, the admin people said that they cannot provide cab as she has not pre-booked for a cab. She requested them that she can adjust in any cab that is flying that route. They replied stating that it is not possible as there are no cab services booked for that route.As she is a girl, they cannot straightforwardly decline her request and so after looking at several alternatives, they said that cabs are available on her route during the 01:00 AM service. She declined that as she cannot delay any more minute.

(11:07 PM)

“Ishanth. Cabs are available only during 01:00 AM service.”

“That’s fine Uthrani. Don’t worry about it. I will drop you and go.”

“No Ishanth. I cannot trouble you. It will be too late for you.”

Ishanth finally managed to make her agree for the plan and they both started from office to Uthrani’s flat. As it is late night, they managed to reach her place in 30 mins. He dropped Uthraniat her flat and started from there.

(11:42 PM)

Uthrani stepped into her flat. Her mother is sitting in the lobby waiting for her. It was little tough time for Uthrani to explain her mother and convince her mother. But, she finally managed to do it. She got refreshed and had dinner along with her mother. They both had a little conversation during the dinner and then went to sleep soon as it is already too late.

Even though Uthrani is tired, she is not able to go into sleep quickly. There are some thoughts running in her mind. She is feeling really bad that she had to leave her mother alone in the flat and also she cannot turn back quickly from the spot. The other most important thing that is adding to her worry is how to send her mother as she knew very well that Quadhar will definitely not allow her to take leave.She cannot tell her mother that she cannot go with her as she would start getting tensed from now.


Guess the story: Will Uthrani travel along with her mother?


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